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Modeling a Successful Digital Application

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Modeling a Successful Digital Application - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Modeling a Successful Digital Application. Boston Community Change – A Case Study. Who Am I…. Technology Strategist Boston Main Streets City of Boston Current Managed Projects Main Streets WiFi Boston Community Change Our Partners .

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modeling a successful digital application

Modeling a Successful Digital Application

Boston Community Change – A Case Study

who am i
Who Am I…
  • Technology Strategist
    • Boston Main Streets
    • City of Boston
  • Current Managed Projects
    • Main Streets WiFi
    • Boston Community Change
our partners
Our Partners
  • The Interra Project (
    • NonProfit based in Seattle
    • Founded by Greg Steltenpohl (Odwalla Juices), Jon Ramer and Dee Hock (Visa International)
    • National and International Scope
  • Nietech
    • Provides Proprietary Exchange
speaking objectives
Speaking Objectives
  • Boston Community Change Overview
  • Key Considerations in Design
  • Share Future Plans

“What the world needs now are integrated communities of empowered people”—Bill Clinton, Global Philanthropy Forum 2007

the elevator pitch
The Elevator Pitch

Boston Community Change is changing the way people shop, and the way merchants do business, by providing a simple-to-use identification card that rewards customers and benefits the community when cardholders shop at participating local businesses.

operations logistics
Operations & Logistics

How a transaction works…

  • Consumer shows the Community Card at Purchase
  • Salesperson types the total value into the credit card terminal
  • Salesperson swipes the Community Card through the terminal
operations logistics1
Operations & Logistics
  • Terminal communicates the value of the purchase through the Mastercard Exchange
  • Terminal creates a “Decline” message on the terminal
  • Customer proceeds to pay in any form desired (Cash, Check or Credit Card)
operations logistics2











Operations & Logistics

How the money flows…

Example rebate plan: 5% off purchases over $30

  • Consumer purchases a $35 item
  • 5% is collected from the Merchant
  • A 26 cents transaction fee is deducted
  • 60% is credited to the consumer
  • 10% is credited to the BMS district
  • 10% is credited to a non-profit
  • 20% is used to support the program


context of change
Context of Change

The Technology Future that drive Application Adoption

principle strategy pursued
Principle Strategy Pursued
  • Reality: “Organizations can isolate and keep us apart as much as they bring us together” – John Ramer
  • Organizations often operate in silos, opportunity exists in the adaptive space between these silos
general trends
General Trends
  • Emerging Youth Culture
  • Emerging Consciousness
  • Ubiquitous Internet Shifts Power Structures
  • Networked People
  • Bottom up Context Awareness
  • Self Interest & Collective Good
how the internet is used
How the Internet is Used
  • Collaboration
  • Ad Hoc Institutions
  • Ad Hoc or Distributed Solutions
  • E-Commerce and V-Commerce
  • Portal to:
    • Information
    • Networks
    • Commerce
  • Backbone for “Meshed” Hardware
technology that empowers
Technology that empowers

The Emerging Technical Ecosystem

technology that empowers1
Technology that Empowers
  • Open Source Structure
  • Freebase | WiserEarth
  • Sensor Tools | SmartCards, RFID
  • Metaverse | SecondLife, Open Metaverse Project
  • Higgins, InfoCards
  • "Always Online“ and Ubiquitous is Essential
bridging technology
“Bridging” Technology

The Necessary Link between Virtual and Physical

real world internet world bridge
Real World / Internet World Bridge
  • Recycling
    • Recycle Bank | Linking Recycling & Local Shopping
  • Public Transportation
    • Incentivized use of Subways and Buses
  • Regenerative Commerce
    • Incentivized Local Shopping and Cooperative Support
  • Transparent Community Consciousness
    • WiserEarth informing Boston Community Change
  • Multidimensional Community Collaboration & Design
    • SecondLife Metaverse Community Expression
the future of boston community change
The Future of Boston Community Change

The Vision and Strategy for Tomorrow

road map for boston community change
Through a series of “meshups” that include both hardware and software integration, we plan to extend the reach of Boston Community Change beyond Regenerative Commerce to Regenerative Community and a Regenerative City





Road Map for Boston Community Change