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Non Surgical Liposuction in Hyderabad

The process of losing the excess fat in certain areas of your body can be really hard with just workout. But imagine if you come across a painless, surgery free treatment that can help you shed the extra kilos and give you the body you always desired? The answer for this question is

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Non Surgical Liposuction in Hyderabad

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  1. WelcometoHealthyCurves If you are reading this, it means that you have decided to lose weight. There is a chance that you might have encountered health, social and self esteem problems due to you being overweight. Don’t worry; it is never too late to lose those extra kilos. You might have been conducting a research of your own about the various slimming centers in Hyderabad. During your search, you would have realized that the amount of data on losing weight is just too much to handle. You would have been confused about which plan will suit your lifestyle. Not anymore! At Healthy Curves we offer a wide range of services from Non-Surgical Liposuction to Anti Aging solutions. We offer unparallel Slimming and Dermatologic solutions that will make you look the way you want to. Our certified doctors using cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to provide you with the best results and help you get your confidence back. Healthy Curves, ensures that you get the best of service by being warm and welcoming. But, every one of you reading this will want to ask one simple question: Why choose Healthy Curves? We at Healthy Curves deliver measurable and durable results ranging from skin to weight loss. Our well-experienced team of doctors, cosmetic surgeons and support staff are committed to deliver the best treatment for all your cosmetic and slimming issues. At Healthy Curves, we pride ourselves on providing technologically advanced treatment, especially in relation to body contouring and skin related complications.

  2. Non-SurgicalLiposuction: Want to attainagreat bodyand look good without working out? No, this is not a flashy advertisement created just to fool you, but it’s an introduction to a scientifically advanced weight reduction process. Read on to know more! The process of losing the excess fat in certain areas of your body can be really hard with just workout. But imagine if you come across a painless, surgery free treatment that can help you shed the extra kilos and give you the body you always desired? The answer for this question is “non-surgical liposuction”. As the name suggests it’s surgery free, scar less process that burns excess fat at the area of concentration and drains it out, thus reducing the body weight with out any side effects. Howdoesitwork?

  3. Non-Surgical Liposuction is an ultra-sound treatment for burning the excess fat and reduces weight. It works on the principle of emitting ultrasound waves by the process of “cavitation” at all the area of concern which in turn breaks and melts the fat cells. These fat cells loose their viscosity and are drained out from the system. All these fluids are sent to the liver through interstitial fluids (or tissue fluid) and the lymphatic vessels where it gets processed to be excreted. During this period you will feel as if you just had a heavy meal. As a result the target area will then be shaped without any sag and scar. This method is applicable to both men and women to achieve the body shapes and curves that have been elusive until now. Needless to say that, as this method does not involve any medications or other complications. Hence, it is absolutely safe without any side effects. this benefits without any invasion or cuts like any other surgical method. Treatable Areas with Non-Surgical Liposuction

  4.  Stomach  Waistline & Abdomen  ‘Love handles’  Hips and thighs  Upper Arms  Face Post treatment “must knows”.  The treatment can extend to 6 to 18 sessions for attaining maximum results depending upon the body weight and area of concern  As the fat cells are burned and drained out the regeneration of such cells is impossible  This method does not have any “downtime”. You can resume normal duties after a session hassle free  It is necessary that the patient avoids alcohol, spicy and oily food and drink a lot of water as the burned fat cells from the treatment are accumulated by the waste management organ in our body, the liver Note: Every patient will consult our experts before the treatment for detailed counseling about the treatment and its results. The cost of the treatment will vary with the area being treated and the physical condition of the patient. HairTreatment

  5. It is common for every person to experience hair loss within their life time. Usually, hair loss is caused due to hereditary issues, lack of nourishment and vitality. These factors give rise to premature hair loss which is a prevalent issue around the world. Sadly, many people don’t know the exact reason for their hair loss. If detected, hair loss can be treated quite easily. So, how can“Healthy Curves” help? Healthy Curves, has been the cornerstone in providing safe and medical hair treatment in Hyderabad. Our team of specialists are well experienced and in providing safe and guaranteed hair growth. We provide solutions that are result oriented and safe. We specialize and highly recommend the use of these methods: StemCell Therapy Every human tissue has a stem cell that helps in its growth, so obviously if there is a lack of these stem cells there will be lack of growth. In a stem cell therapy, a collection of pre-cultured cells and infused in the problematic area using a microscopic needle. The induced new stem cells join the older cells and generate a multiplication process that results in natural hair generation. This type of hair treatment offers tangible improvements by stimulating a natural growth of new hair, this treatment works for both men and women. What isMesotherapy? Mesotherapy in general is a non-surgical and a quick procedure. In this procedure small micron sized injections are given to the scalp. These injections are loaded with essential poly-vitamins and other extracts that help in faster hair growth. An anesthetic cream is applied at the target area before injecting to make the process comfortable. This process is absolutely painless and will leave no scars or marks. You need to opt for a scientifically proven and result oriented option. Hair growth treatments can be employed for styling or improving the present hair conditions. However, hair loss could be rated as the most common phenomenon and it can happen due to various reasons

  6. Hereditary Lifestyle Stress Hygiene Improper Styling Techniques Drugs &Medication These have adverse effects by weakening the follicies and roots. This damage is impossible to be repaired naturally due to which various "safe" hair treatments have been developed to generate healthy growth. As these techniques do not use highly toxic chemicals, they do not generate side effects. We at Healthy Curves have devised a much better plan for hair-fall. With a diet plan combined with a revolutionary hair-fall treatment, we have been successful in treating many people with this condition. Our treatment is painless, without any side effects and we do not use any kind of toxic chemicals for regeneration of your hair.

  7. Skin Types and its effect on Skin Health Before we dig deep into our skin treatment process, how many of us know that there are different types of skin? Yes, humans have different skin types that are instrumental in determining their skin health. Do you know your skin type? It would shock you to bits, if you were told about the adverse effects a skin product can have on your skin, just because it was not for your type of skin. Everybody is born with a specific skin type determined genetically. However, quality and beauty of your skin invariably depends on your eating habits and how you take care of your skin. Depending on your skins reaction and appearance, it can be classified into five different categories: NormalSkin A skin that is healthy and also not too oily, not to dry while being smooth with a nice consistent glow can be called a normal skin. If you fall under this category, then you are really lucky as only a mere 20 % of people fall under this section. If you find your skin to be normal then it is imperative that you take care of it to avoid further complications. OilySkin This is probably the most common of skin types. Many people fall under this category and find it difficult to get rid of it. The skin looks oily (due to high content of natural oils) and has larger pores than usual which can lead to pimples and blackheads. Unlike other skin types, if touched, the oily skin feels sticky and coarse. Many models complain about their makeup not staying for long due to their oily skin. It is due to absorbent nature of oily skin that the makeup is wiped off easily in quick time. Therefore, make sure that you take utmost care of your whole body rather than just your face. It is a mandate that people with oily skin stay far from moisturizers and low quality soaps. DrySkin If you have a lack of natural oils in your skin and also feels very transparent then your skin is dry. The skin will look pale with dry patches and can easily develop wrinkles. Dry skin can be really flaky and

  8. fragile in cold climates due to lack of moisture. People with dry skin should take good care of their skins by constant moisturizers and skin therapies to keep their skin healthy. SensitiveSkin Nutritional deficiency, genetic disorder and carelessness are all factors of sensitive skin. Many people complain about developing rashes after a small walk in the park. Some develop red spots under their eyes and neck after a mild exposure to the sun. These are enough evidence to determine that the person has sensitive skin. People with this skin type should be very careful in choosing any kind of skin products like shaving cream, fairness cream, soaps and hand wash. Water with higher levels of chlorine is also dangerous for their skin. Combination Skin This occurs when you have a combination of two types of skin. Different sections of the skin will behave differently. Majorly, many complain that they have a dry skin type for their whole body and an oily skin on the face. Therefore, it is important to know the skin type and treat it accordingly to avoid ill effects. So, it is very important that you understand your skin type and choose suitable products wisely. A wrong choice of products or negligence towards your skin will give rise to allergies and bad looking skin. Cleansing and keeping your skin clean is compulsory for you to have a healthy and beautiful skin.

  9. SkinTreatment Who doesn’t like glowing skin? From centuries, there has been a relentless need to find the perfect way to maintain a glowing skin tone. Researchers and dermatologists have conducted years of research on the issue. But, why is there such a fascination about glowing skin? It is said that a book should not be rated by its cover, but a person’s health can be rated by their skin. This has made it an imperative study in the field of health care. And by its nature also, skin is the most volatile part of the human anatomy. It is the only layer of protection from heat and UV rays. As it is always exposed, it needs to be take care. Peels It is an ancient technique which started in the northern part of Africa. A chemical peel is a technique where the skin is carefully exfoliates the top most layer of the skin. During the process a chemical solution is applied to the affected area as a mask. Once dried, the peel is removed which causes the dead skin to peel off and makes way for the fresh layer. The regenerated area is much smoother and less wrinkled than the old layer. Microdermabrassion Microdermabrasion, also known as microderm, is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments available. It is a an advanced skin treatment process where the skin is smoothened to remove small scars, acne and moles from the epidermis. The other benefits of microderm are that it softens fine lines and wrinkles. Dermaroller Derma rollers are used for a process called micro needling or skin needling. It is a form of skin treatment that increases the collagen and elastin in your skin. This way the reduction of acne scars,

  10. stretch marks and wrinkles are achieved. The main advantage with Derma Rollers is that it does not damage or remove the epidermis layer, which might create other allergies or irritations. The result of Derma Roller would be smoother and firmer skin. Botox Botox treatments usually show a very drastic change in the before and after photos of few cases. However, Botox is a non- surgical and temporary beauty treatment that can eliminate the wrinkles, forehead lines, bunny lines etc. Botox has also been approved for usage in treating Excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis. Fillers Derma Fillers is a efficient process that can be used to treat folds and scars on the face coast due to loss of volume. Fillers are very similar in nature to Botox with regard to the injecting the skin. It has proved to yield results in reducing signs of aging on the face and hands caused by diminishing skin essentials.

  11. LaserTreatment Isunwantedhair spoilingthe way you look?Then, trash therazor and switch tolaser. Yes, Laser Treatmentisthesimplestpermanenttreatmentto get rid ofunwanted hair. Healthy Curves, a premier centre for Laser treatment in Hyderabad has been providing permanent solutions for the removal of unwanted hair. We use the most advanced laser systems which are FDA approved to safely remove unwanted hair from all types of skins. WhatexactlyisLaser Treatment? Laser is a high energy, amplified beam of light focused on the affected area so that it passes through the skin to reach a particular hair follicle. Follicle is the main reason for hair growth, so this intense beam of light damages the follicle and prevents further growth at the region.

  12. Whathappens duringthetreatment? At Healthy Curves, we follow all the safety measures according to the industrial standards. During the treatment, you will have to wear special glasses to avoid the laser beam affecting your eyes. Consequently, a “gel” will be applied to the target area and a hand-held laser beam will be applied. After the pass over of the laser beam over the treatment area for a specific time, the gel is carefully removed. Along with the gel, the hair is also wiped out. If there is any remaining hair in the area, it will have to be removed in the next two sessions. Is laser treatmenta goodchoice? Yes, laser treatment is regarded as safe and effective option for removal of hair when compared to other techniques. However, if it is done by amateurs, there might be a risk involved. At Healthy Curves, we have the best team of doctors and beauticians to help you get rid of your unwanted hair without any pain or side effects. Over the years of treating numerous people, we have become the most trusted centre for laser treatment in Hyderabad.

  13. Testimonials Srilatha Reddy, MNC Employee who fits intoall great outfits. Until I walked into Healthy Curves in February earlier this year, I weighed around 115kg. I was absolutely frustrated with myself. I was embarrassed at how I looked and could not bear to look at my whole body in the mirror and avoided photographs at any cost. But, the day I consulted the experts at Healthy Curves, I knew that something great was round the corner. After few sessions with them and few precautionary steps, now I weigh 37 kgs lighter! I have dropped from a clothing size of 46 to 36. I am well on my way to reaching my goal weight. Nidhi Chandra, Dancer, SocialWorker andnow a ConfidentWoman “I have been to Healthy Curves to get rid of my unwanted hair using their laser hair removal process. I see that the staff at Healthy Curves and their customer service goes above and beyond what I expect. For our first appointment, they discussed my health history and went into great detail to understand what my needs were. The team spent about 45 minutes getting to know me and my skin before even starting the procedure. They really made me feel extremely comfortable and they were very knowledgeable about laser hair removal. I have had at least 6 appointments with Healthy Curves, and can’t think of any other name. Their customer service is unparalleled.”

  14. OurPromise At Healthy Curves we offer a wide range of services from Non-Surgical Liposuction to Anti Aging solutions. We offer unparallel Slimming and Dermatologic solutions that will make you look the way you want to. Our certified doctors using cutting edge technology and advanced techniques to provide you with the best results and help you get your confidence back. Healthy Curves, ensures that you get the best of service by being warm and welcoming. We utilize well researched protocols that ensure absolutely no complications. Vision To be a trusted name for aesthetics and beauty treatments in the country. We take pride in serving our customers with the highest quality of slimming and cosmetic solutions. Mission Our mission is to provide affordable and excellent slimming and beauty treatments to our clients. We aim to achieve a heady mix of warm personal care and advanced technological expertise so that our customers leave us with happiness and confidence. Our Value To promulgate the highest ethical standards in everything we do; be honest, open and transparent while remain innovative; and to train and empower talented people in an optimistic environment. Our Principle To buildour business on trustandintegrity, andto be the employerofchoice. Our belief To cultivate the culture of self-loving to our clients, that beauty is a right and everyone is worth it.

  15. Contact us at Trimulgherry #3, Chandragiri Housing Colony, Adj, RTA office, Above Reebok Showroom, Tirmulgherry, Secunderabad Phone: +91-40-40027744 Mobile: +91-9705838383 Mail: info@healthycurves.in Jubilee Hills 2nd Floor, Plot no 701/A, Road no 36, Jubilee Hills, Opposite Jack and Jones Showroom, Hyderabad Phone: +91-40-65696565 Mobile: +91-9705828282 Mail: info@healthycurves.in

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