understanding transmission repair n.
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Understanding Transmission Repair PowerPoint Presentation
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Understanding Transmission Repair

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Understanding Transmission Repair - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Over the last two decades, the longevity of cars has improved. Twenty years ago, cars were built to last for about 100,000 miles on average. Today, cars typically can last on U.S. roads for an average of 122,500 miles or about 11.6 years thanks to a variety of vehicle improvements, including lubricants, powertrain technology and rust prevention.

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Understanding Transmission Repair

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identify any signs of trouble with

Identify anysignsoftroublewiththetransmissionandstay up-to-datewithcar

caremaintenanceto avoid anydamageto thevehicle’sengine.

check the lights


Payingattentionto thislight isoneofthequickestandeasiestwaysto know if

thereis somethingwrongwiththevehicle’stransmission.

listen to the transmission and watch out for leaks

Listento theTransmissionandWatchOutforLeaks

If redliquid is leaking from themiddleofthevehicle,thatmeansthetransmission

is havingproblemsandneedsto befixed immediately.

pay attention to how the transmission fluid feels

PayAttentionto HowtheTransmissionFluid FeelsandSmells

Thesmellandtextureofthetransmissionfluid canbesignsofdamagethat’s

happeningontheinsideofthecar,whetherit’s acarwithanautomaticormanual


get the right transmission fluid and change

GettheRightTransmission Fluid andChangeIt

Stay ConsistentWithMaintenance

transform the transmission with a trusted team

Transform theTransmission WithaTrustedTeam

It’s essentialto takecareofvehicletransmission issuesrightaway.

Startbygetting in touchwithatrusted expertteam ofprofessionals

whohaveexperiencewithtransmission repair,suchasSan Antonio-

based CambridgeAuto.