how to construct a swimming pool on an elevated n.
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How to Construct a Swimming Pool on an Elevated Floor PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Construct a Swimming Pool on an Elevated Floor

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How to Construct a Swimming Pool on an Elevated Floor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Renovation experts reveal that the transformation of residential and commercial spaces into multi-floor buildings has an additional parameter and it is suspended pools. It is legal to construct a pool into family living rooms, balcony or terraces of a multi-story luxury building.

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How to Construct a Swimming Pool on an Elevated Floor

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the quest for creativity and luxury has pushed

Thequestforcreativity andluxuryhaspushedswimmingpoolsto theterrace and

elevated floorsofbuildingsandhotels.Internationally,swimmingpoolsinleisure

parks,resorts,office towersandshoppingmallshavegotanew definition.


spacesinto multi-floorbuildingshasanadditionalparameterandit is suspended

pools.Itis legalto constructapoolinto family living rooms,balconyorterracesof

amulti-story luxurybuilding.

consider the following parameters before

Considerthefollowing parametersbeforeconstructingapoolonupperfloors:


onanelevated levelshouldbedetailed andaccurate.It shouldtakecareofthe

floorbeneaththepool'ssurfaceonhighprioritywhile fulfilling thebasic


vibrationsandresistanceto internalandexternalforces.Theexpertiseofawater

engineerwillhold equalimportanceto thatofanarchitect-engineer

support the structural support frame

Support-Thestructuralsupportframeofthebuilding shouldbeableto support

thebeamsofthepoolaccurately,beit cantilevered orsimplysupported.It is

crucialto connectthedecksofthepoolto thesebeamsbecausethepooldecks


Position-Awell-positioned poolfloorpromotesstructuralbalance.Tobalance

theweightofthepoolequally,its floorshouldbefixed properlyonits beams.

DampRoofing-Topreventmoisturefrom passinginto interiorspaces,consider



water tide control the structural

WaterTideControl-Thestructuralsetup if thepool'swaterpipesshouldbe

architecturallyunambiguous.Thesystem shouldbeableto controlwater

pressureandflow so thatwaterdoesnotspilloutandkeepsthestability ofthe


Insulation-Anefficiently designedpoolwillcontainadequateinsulationso that