every woman needs an ob gyn n.
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Every woman needs an OB-GYN. Have you found Yours?

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Every woman needs an OB-GYN. Have you found Yours? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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every woman needs an ob gyn

Every woman needs an OB-GYN.

Have you found Yours?

Source - https://bestwomenshealthdoctors.wordpress.com/2016/08/17/every-woman-needs-an-ob-gyn-have-you-found-yours/


Beginning when a girl hits puberty and then journeying through physical maturity, pregnancy, and menopause, the changes a woman’s body goes through are substantial; and you need a trained professional to be there through those stages - sometimes you need a gynecologist, others you need an obstetrician. And sometimes (more frequently today), the same doctor is both - an OB-GYN.

what s the difference between a gynecologist and an obstetrician
What’s the difference between a Gynecologist and an Obstetrician?
  • A gynecologist focuses on a woman’s reproductive care; you go to him/her for routine checkups of your reproductive system (vagina, ovaries and uterus), infections and fertility-related issues, mammograms and pap-smears, consultations on birth control ann. menopause, etc. Women ideally start seeing a gynecologist from 13-15 years or once they become sexually active.
  • An obstetrician’s focus is on pregnant women and the fetus itself. They take care of the pre-, during, and post-natal care of the mother and baby.
  • The most essential difference is that gynecologists treat diseases in reproductive organs while obstetricians do not. In most cases however, training in gynecology and obstetrics go together, resulting in a combined specialization - an OB-GYN.
what can you expect in an ob gyn appointment
What can you expect in an OB-GYN appointment?

For a first appointment, the nurse/doctor will take your basic medical history and conduct a general health check for their records. This will be followed by a physical exterior and interior examination of your reproductive system for overall health, abnormalities, and indications of any diseases, infections and cancers. Any routine appointment will include these checks, along with a pap-smear, breast check and mammogram, at the required intervals.

If you’re pregnant, your appointment will vary to include sonograms, etc. to keep track of your and your baby’s health and development.

find your ob gyn
Find your OB-GYN

For such a personal (and long-term) doctor, you don’t want to just pick a name out of a book...you want someone you know is good and reliable.

Take personal and professional recommendations into account while choosing. Another point to consider when choosing is whether your OB-GYN offers both services or sticks with one speciality.

ob gyn in san antonio
OB-GYN in San Antonio

The largest OB-GYN practice in the San Antonio area, the Institute for Women’s Health is every woman’s answer to health care. With a comprehensive list of services and a staff of fully qualified professionals, they work to keep every woman in the best health through every stage of their lives.

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