Could stem cell therapy be the next best thing
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Could Stem Cell Therapy Be The Next Best Thing? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Not many people want to think about what will they have to endure in order to save themselves from knee osteoarthritis.

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Could stem cell therapy be the next best thing

Could Stem Cell Therapy Be The Next Best Thing?


  • For those who may not know what stem cell therapy is, it is a treatment where the patient is given months of rehabilitation after their surgery on the affected knee is completed.

  • As a matter of fact the Stem Cell Orthopedic Institute of Texas in San Antonio, TX, offers multiple treatments such as stem cell therapy, physical therapy, steroid injections to the knee, surgery, and more. Not to mention, the therapy is supposed to alleviate knee pain, improve the patient's’ quality of life, and increased knee cartilage growth

  • Typically, what doctors or physicians hope for is the treatments to work effectively to where the patients can prevent themselves from going through chronic pain and other serious injuries.

  • What more would someone want than to see their struggle of dealing with chronic knee pains reduced?

  • The stem cell injection is a one day injection treatment encouraged by doctors and physicians for patients to use after surgery.

  • Stem cell therapy could very well be the most recommended treatment for people to benefit from.

  • Imagine how many financial issues, time, and health insurance struggles you may face from traditional knee surgery procedures.