6 ways you can stay hydrated for summer 16
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6 Ways You Can Stay Hydrated for Summer ‘16 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Summer is here. There’s nothing better than relaxing in a pool and enjoying a cooled beverage. Even though we look forward to the sunny days during the summer, you can’t forget about the heat that comes along with the bright weather.

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6 ways you can stay hydrated for summer 16

6 Ways You Can Stay Hydrated for Summer ‘16

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The first thing to come to mind is drinking water, of course! Water is probably the most reliable why to remain hydrated throughout a hot summer day. If you didn’t know already, water is non-caloric, it plumps up your skin, and it hydrates your muscles.

2 sodas and caffeine energy drinks
2 Sodas and Caffeine & Energy Drinks

If water isn’t your first choice that comes to mind, beverages such as sodas, iced tea, coffee, and other drinks that contain caffeine are second best to good old-fashioned water. Caffeine drinks and flavored water act as diuretics, even though you’re getting water, you’re also pulling a little extra fluid from your body because of the caffeine.

3 fruit
3 Fruit

Let’s not forget about fruit! It’s hard to resist it since they contain a significant amount of sugar and flavor. You might want to consider eating fruit the next time you spend majority of the day doing outdoor labor work because of how much water it contains.

4 soup
4 Soup

Sometimes you may become the unfortunate one of getting sick during the summer time which can be challenging due to how dehydrated you can become. Usually when you’re sick, you’re limited to eating and drinking certain things. Believe it or not, you can benefit from eating soup because of how much water it contains

5 meat
5 Meat

The summertime is a good excuse for everyone to grill their own hamburgers, chicken breasts, steaks, and brisket. Is there a certain amount of meat you need to eat in order to stay hydrated? If you happen to be a meat lover, then you’re in luck! Amazingly, meat contains a high percentage of water, as much as 60 percent.

6 smoothies
6 Smoothies

There’s many combinations of fruit and flavors that are incorporated into a single smoothie. The great thing about smoothies is you don’t always need to pay someone to make it for you. However, when you create your own smoothie at home, you are given the chance to put as many things as you’d like in order to stay hydrated.

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