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How to Plan an Event in 4 Easy Steps! PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Plan an Event in 4 Easy Steps!

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How to Plan an Event in 4 Easy Steps! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to Plan an Event in 4 Easy Steps!. Vanessa Emo Director of Sales Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center. Best Event Ever!. Looking forward to next year!. Great Job!. Well Done!. Review, Reflect and Move-On. Sales & Marketing. FOUR STEPS FOR PLANNING AN EVENT. Plan the Basics.

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how to plan an event in 4 easy steps

How to Plan an Event in 4 Easy Steps!

Vanessa Emo

Director of Sales

Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center


Best Event Ever!

Looking forward to next year!

Great Job!

Well Done!

four steps for planning an event

Review, Reflect and Move-On

Sales & Marketing


Plan the Basics

All Good Things…

review reflect and move on
Review, Reflect and Move-On

Take a look at any feedback received on your event.

What were attendees commenting about at the event?

What did your registration area, volunteers, bartenders, servers hear?

What tweets, posts, pics, pins…did you see on social media about your event?

What print or broadcast media coverage did you receive about the event?

What went smoothly? What hit a few bumps in the road?

Was timing an issue?

Presentations? Food Service?

Did the audiovisual equipment work?

How were ticket sales compared to the number attended?

What could we do differently next year? Is there a next year?

review reflect and move on1
Review, Reflect and Move-On

What’s the purpose of your event?

What is the scale of the event?

Does it involve a meal?

Will there be a speaker or a presentation?

Will there be any housing/transportation needs for your attendees or speaker?

Who do you need to make it a success?

Will a committee help organize it? Are you on your own for this one?

Who will be the members? Do they take direction well?

Are they willing to be delegated a task?

Is this an opportunity to get your Board/Staff involved?

Do you need outside assistance to plan this event?


Let’s Do It!

Plan the Basics

$$$$$$ BUDGET $$$$$$

What do you WANT vs. What do you NEED

Will there be a cost for Speakers/Entertainment (i.e. honorarium, fee, band, DJ, magician etc.)?

Do you need to provide a meal or just snacks?

What type of venue is best for the event?

Will Staff members be “on the clock” for the event?

Will you need to have a cash box/credit card processor on hand for the event?

plan the basics

Let’s Do It!

Plan the Basics



Where have you gone before? Is it convenient? Is it within your budget?

Can you get all inclusive pricing? Or will you have to rent every item used for the event?

Know what’s going on in the community before setting your date

Be flexible

Approach it like a business opportunity

plan the basics1

Let’s Do It!

Plan the Basics

Feed Me!

Meals vs. snacks

What type of venue is best for the event?

Do I have to serve chicken again?

Are we serving alcohol? What does your liability insurance policy cover?

What does “++” mean?

plan the basics2

Let’s Do It!

Plan the Basics

Entertain Me!

What’s your pleasure?

What will they need?

Does the room configuration need to be changed?

How could your meal service serve as entertainment?

Is there a raffle or live/silent auction?


Sales & Marketing

Sponsors/Underwriters for the Event

Ticket sales

What’s in your Media Tool Kit?

Who is the point person for questions about the event?

R.S.V.P - répondez, s'ilvousplaît


All Good Things…

Is a test run possible?

Diagram the room

Test AV equipment

Create an Event Script/Timeline

How early can you arrive at the venue to get set-up?

Do you have outside vendors that need access?