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Big Ben. By Madalyn Gathright. My Main Points. Big Ben was built by Sir Benjamin Hall in 1858. The Queen requested a tower in the middle of the houses of parliament.

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by madalyn gathright

Big Ben

By Madalyn Gathright

my main points
My Main Points
  • Big Ben was built by Sir Benjamin Hall in 1858.
  • The Queen requested a tower in the middle of the houses of parliament.
  • Big Ben’s maintenance consists of cleaning and polishing of all faces , hands and gears and oiling and tuning of all the gears.
my focus sentence
My Focus Sentence
  • Why is Big Ben here?

Think About It!


Facts About Big Ben

  • Big Ben weighs over 15 tons.
  • Big Ben is 320 feet high.
  • Each clock face is over 7 meters in diameter.
  • Big Ben keeps time to the nearest second.
  • Big Ben was named after a large bell casted in the same year.
who built big ben and why
Who built Big Ben and Why?
  • The builder and engineer of Big Ben was Sir. Benjamin Hall in 1858. His original plan was to make a lookout tower by the Queen’s request, but the workers made a suggestion to make it a clock tower, and so it was.
big ben s maintenance
Big Ben’s Maintenance
  • Big Ben’s maintenance consists of weekly cleaning and polishing of all four clock faces, cleaning of all hands, cleaning and tuning of all chimes, and cleaning and oiling of all gears. After all that Big Ben is finally squeaky clean!




  • If you think about it, Big Ben is really here because the Queen of England asked for it. I mean why didn’t she just buy a watch!  But, even though the Queen JUST asked for it, Sir Benjamin Hall did a really good job on it. And today, it is still standing.
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