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10 Common Myths About Aging PowerPoint Presentation
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10 Common Myths About Aging

10 Common Myths About Aging

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10 Common Myths About Aging

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  1. There are several myths about aging, and most of the depictions of senior citizens in movies and TV shows revolve around and reinforce these myths. On an average, seniors tend to be much different than what most people think of them. Jefferson County home care experts discuss some of the most common misconceptions about aging.

  2. Seniors, today, care more about the world than their younger counterparts. They have access to a variety of online resources and support groups. Many seniors are signing up for college courses or volunteer work in an effort to give back to their communities. Even after retirement, many seniors continue working, campaign for social causes, and participate in local events.

  3. With several years of professional expertise and valuable skills, older adults have a lot to contribute toward their communities. Senior Corps currently has more than 50,000 senior employees who contribute toward the society by mentoring, placing foster children, helping small businesses, and offering other services. Seniors often have strong work ethics and they can be great mentors for their younger counterparts.

  4. Contrary to popular belief, seniors also need social connections and close relationships. Many seniors who are single prefer dating people their age. Building lasting relationships allows seniors to stave off loneliness, boredom, and depression.

  5. Jefferson county live-in care providers and medical experts agree that seniors may not necessarily experience physical and cognitive decline. Older adults who remain fit and active tend to live longer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

  6. Though seniors are mentally resilient, they may not be that rigid. Older adults are often willing to share their knowledge with their younger counterparts and learn new skills along the way. They are also adept at technology and are quick to learn social media tools and smartphones.

  7. Since seniors need emotional support and companionship, they are less likely to become less intimate in their golden years. According to survey, senior women often have difficulty finding partners because older men have shorter lifespan than women.

  8. Between 1999 and 2009, the number of seniors living below the poverty line reduced substantially. Nowadays, more seniors continue working in their retirement years. Older adults also work as consultants for large companies, and some of them even start their own businesses. Thanks to technology, freelancing has become fairly common among older adults.

  9. While some seniors are prepared for death, others are not. Many seniors prefer to enjoy their lives, develop new hobbies, and explore the world in their retirement years, rather than worry about the inevitable.

  10. Despite the rapid development in technology, scientists know very little about aging. Every individual ages differently in different countries and across different cultures, which makes it difficult to predict common behavioral patterns among seniors.

  11. With age comes wisdom. Seniors have a whole lifetime of experiences and lessons to learn from. They are more informed and aware about their surroundings. This makes them good at decision-making and problem- solving.

  12. Seniors need to enjoy and live their Golden Age independently. However, they may need assistance and encouragement. Home care Jefferson County ensures your senior loved one receives the help they need in the comfort of their homes while maintaining their independence which boosts health and longevity. We also offer efficient dementia, Alzheimer’s, post-stroke and Parkinson’s care. For more information or to schedule a free consultation, call one of our experienced and reliable Care Managers at 303-987-5992, our representative will be glad to provide the information you need.  Phone : (303) 987-5992 Url: Address: 12792 West Alameda Parkway, F