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Impact Assessment for Cross-Border Cooperation: PowerPoint Presentation
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Impact Assessment for Cross-Border Cooperation:

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Impact Assessment for Cross-Border Cooperation: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Impact Assessment for Cross-Border Cooperation: an integrated method for capturing the social, economic, environmental and cooperation impacts of cross-border projects and programmes.

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Impact Assessment for Cross-Border Cooperation:

an integrated method for capturing the social, economic, environmental and cooperation impacts of cross-border projects and programmes

Presentation to CWC seminar 21 October 2011 Has Cross Border Co-operation and Partnership enhanced the work of Peacebuilding?Ruth TaillonDeputy Director, Centre for Cross Border Studies



EU 5th Cohesion Report

EU Impact Assessment System

EU Sustainable Development Policy

EU Territorial Co-operation Programmes


Good Friday/Belfast Agreement

european cohesion policy

“Cohesion policy is the EU’s main instrument for pursuing harmonious development across the Union. It is based on a broad vision, which encompasses not just the economic development of lagging regions and support for vulnerable social groups, but also environmental sustainability and respect for territorial and cultural features of different parts of the EU. This breadth of vision is reflected in the variety of programmes, projects and partners that are supported under the policy.”

Investing in Europe’s Future: Fifth report on economic, social and territorial cohesion, November 2010

European Cohesion Policy

project objectives

Project objectives

A practical Cross Border Impact Assessment Toolkit

To identify and consider the impacts of cross border

co-operation within the island of Ireland

based on transparent criteria

Provide stronger conceptual framework based on an

integrated territorial approach

Supported by a training course and mentoring

for actors at the programme and project level



Guidance Questions



Practical Examples

impact assessment for cross border cooperation training course
Impact Assessment for Cross-Border CooperationTraining Course


17.18 January 2012

  • The first training course will be targeted at projects that expect to be submitting proposals to the next round of ETCs (INTERREG and Peace).
  • Six projects will be invited to participate, on the criteria that there will be:
  • 2 projects working primarily in each of the 3 pillars: Social, Economic and Environmental;
  • 3 people from each project who are committed to attending for the full 2-day session;
  • Project personnel should all have cross-border project experience at a management level (i.e. senior project staff or management), who will be involved in the development and implementation of their project;
  • There will be three working groups (Social, Economic and Environmental) and one person from each project will be in each of the working groups.

The Centre for Cross Border Studies

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Tel. +44 (0)28 3751/1550

Fax. +44 (0)28 3751/1721


The Euro Institut –

Institute for cross border co-operation

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