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The Crucible

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The Crucible. Elizabeth in the court Act 3. Elizabeth in lead up to Act 3. It is known to the reader and Elizabeth that John Proctor, Elizabeth’s husband had an affair with Abigail Williams

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The Crucible

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the crucible

The Crucible

Elizabeth in the court

Act 3

elizabeth in lead up to act 3
Elizabeth in lead up to Act 3
  • It is known to the reader and Elizabeth that John Proctor, Elizabeth’s husband had an affair with Abigail Williams
  • It is clear that there is a lack of trust within the couple, which seems to have weakened the relationship
  • There are awkward conversations between the couple, when Proctor comes home late.
quotes in lead up to act 3
Quotes in Lead up to Act 3
  • “ But I wilted like a Christian, I confessed. Confessed!” – John Proctor
  • “ John you are not open with me.” - Elizabeth
  • “ Her back is turned to him. He turns to her and watches her. A sense of separation arises.” – stage direction
explanation of quotes
Explanation of Quotes
  • Shows that John Proctor senses Elizabeth’s distrust and confronts her about it. Distance in their relationship caused by Elizabeth.
  • Despite what John has confessed she still feels a lack of trust toward him.
  • John wishes to make up for what he has done but she is making it difficult.
elizabeth s arrest
Elizabeth’s Arrest
  • Due to the accusations of practicing witchcraft, people in the village are being arrested.
  • Cheever comes to arrest Elizabeth but John is reluctant to let her be taken.
  • “ You’ll leave her out of sight and out of mind.” – John Proctor
  • It is clear that John is still protective of her.
court scene
Court Scene
  • Judges and the accused gather in court to discuss the charges against those accused of witchcraft.
  • John admits to having an affair with Abigail and that being the cause for Abigail accusing Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth is brought into the court and asked if she thinks her husband cheated on her.
  • She says that he didn’t cheat on her even although she knows he did.
  • “Aye, sir, she [Elizabeth] knew her [Abigail] for a harlot” – John Proctor
  • “I have known her, sir. I have known her.” – John Proctor
  • “Is your husband a lecher!” [Danforth] “No sir.” [Elizabeth]
explanation of quotes1
Explanation of Quotes
  • John admits to the court, which is blackening his name, so would take a lot of commitment to his wife. He might be doing this to make up to his wife and show that it is over between him and Abigail
  • Elizabeth lies about not knowing about the affair between John and Abigail because she doesn’t know that John confessed. This shows she forgives her husband as she is protecting him by lying to stop him being humiliated in front of the court.
the effect of the court scene on the relationship between elizabeth and john
The effect of the court scene on the relationship between Elizabeth and John
  • Before the court scene Elizabeth is bitter towards John, then after she claims that John’s affair was partly her fault
  • It is in this scene (after the court scene), where John and Elizabeth realise how much they love each other, when they see each other for the first time in three months.
  • They are now both blaming themselves for what has happened (the affair)
  • John is going to confess to witchcraft after speaking with Elizabeth
  • “I have my own sins to count. It takes a cold wife to prompt lechery” – Elizabeth
  • “You take my sins upon you, John – (Elizabeth)

“No I take my own, my own! (John)

  • “I want my life” - John
explanation of quotes2
Explanation of Quotes
  • Elizabeth claims that it is her fault that John cheated on her, because she was cold towards him and didn’t show him her love
  • John tells Elizabeth that it is his fault, and they both feel guilt for what has happened in the past
  • John says he will admit to witchcraft, this might be because he realises how much he loves Elizabeth and how she is sorry for what has happened, and it is more than what his pride is worth