seo is dead long live seo n.
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SEO IS DEAD. Long live seo . PowerPoint Presentation
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SEO IS DEAD. Long live seo .

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SEO IS DEAD. Long live seo . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SEO IS DEAD. Long live seo . A Presentation by Chris Gaskill. Today’s Webinar. Part 1: The Changing Nature of SEO Part 2 : Building Authority Part 3: Resources Part 4: Q & A. The Changing Nature of SEO. Now more than ever before, Google is changing the way it ranks pages.

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SEO IS DEAD. Long live seo .

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seo is dead long live seo
SEO IS DEAD.Long live seo.

A Presentation by Chris Gaskill

today s webinar
Today’s Webinar

Part 1: The Changing Nature of SEO

Part 2: Building Authority

Part 3: Resources

Part 4: Q & A

the changing nature of seo
The Changing Nature of SEO

Now more than ever before, Google is changing the way it ranks pages.

This is due to the emergence of social networks, user profiling, and artificial intelligence technology.

the changing nature of seo1
The Changing Nature of SEO

In other words, Google and the SEO world are in the middle of a major paradigm shift.

ranking in the past
Ranking In The Past:

In the past, a website would rank highly primarily from:

  • Number and quality of in-bound links
  • Amount and quality of content related to the keyword
  • On-site optimization (Keyword in Title, etc.)
ranking now
Ranking Now:

Google now ranks based on everything in the past, PLUS:

  • The number of high-quality, contextual in-bound links.
  • The authority of the entire domain or person (Google+)
  • People you follow in G+, or the result is local to you
  • If Google thinks you will be interested based on other searches or sites you have visited in the past
in other words
In Other Words…

Rankings are no longer only about a well-optimized site

and lots of backlinks from high-ranking websites.

Google now cares more about you having authentic

authority on the internet in your specific niche.

authority is now the goal
Authority Is Now The Goal:

The more authority you have in Google’s eyes, the more your pages will rank naturally and easily across the board.

As a bonus, the more time you spend becoming an authority,

the less time you have to spend tinkering with your website.

This does not mean you can forego on-page optimization and trying to get backlinks. Authority is powerful because it is a force multiplier.

seo authority is internet marketing
SEO Authority Is Internet Marketing

Building authority means selling yourself as someone to

be sought after across the internet. This means:

  • Becoming widely followed in social media (ESPECIALLY G+)
  • Providing ultimate resource pages on your site that are heavily linked to
  • Create informational videos for YouTube
  • To a lesser extent, being involved around the internet on sites or forums related to your niche
good internet marketing is good seo
Good Internet Marketing Is Good SEO

SEO on its own is dead because it has been eaten

up by internet & content marketing in general.

The good news is that not only does internet marketing bring you better SEO results, it also can help your business more than just search engine rankings by themselves.

what to write on your page blog
What To Write On Your Page/Blog

In a broad sense, every page on your site should be high-quality and useful. This means lots of original, well-written content that can be considered the ultimate resource on a given topic.

This does not mean you can’t write smaller blog posts from time to time. Rather, chasing long-tail keywords with smaller blog posts should be supplementary to your highly informative and useful pages.

what to write on your page blog1
What To Write On Your Page/Blog

Put plainly, it is better to spend 15 hours writing a gigantic 5,000-word post filled with images and examples and only post once every month or two.

In comparison, 5 posts that you spend 3 hours each on that contain only 1,000 words with one or two images is much less effective.

Create content that is world-class; it makes it easier to hustle for links.

on page resources
On-Page Resources
  • W3C Total Cache + CloudFlare
  • Wordpress SEO by Joost de Valk (Yoast)
  • SEO Friendly Images
  • Shareaholic, DiggDigg, etc. – Social media sharing plugins
  • - Setup G+ authorship
tools on the web
Tools On The Web
  • – Audit your website SEO
  • – Find sites you can comment on
  • – See your competition’s backlinks
classic seo learning resources
“Classic” SEO Learning Resources – Learn how to get tons of backlinks. Start with “On-Page SEO: Anatomy of a Perfectly Optimized Page” and “Google’s 200 Ranking Factors: The Complete List”

“QuickSprout Advanced Guide” –

Google this and go to the top 3 results – Tons of Video Training

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