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Modeling: Status & Plans

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Modeling: Status & Plans. Jeff Nelson 4/6/05 Tracking Support Meeting. Other than Bdot, What’s Up?. Field modeling FEA work plan Iterated with feedback from Bob Please check this to see if we are missing data to be extracted from the models.

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modeling status plans

Modeling: Status & Plans

Jeff Nelson


Tracking Support Meeting

other than bdot what s up
Other than Bdot, What’s Up?
  • Field modeling
    • FEA work plan
      • Iterated with feedback from Bob
      • Please check this to see if we are missing data to be extracted from the models
please check this to see if we are missing data to be extracted from the models
Please check this to see if we are missing data to be extracted from the models
  • Far detector:
  • I'd like it if you could extract the field at the nodes and the node points from the FD model like you were doing in 2000.  This should come from the last "360" B-H run you did a few weeks ago if you still have the solution.  Can you do it for the slices in z where you have layers of nodes?
  • I think we will want to make a two more single plane models with mixed heats.  This is like the things you did in 2001.  We'd like to use the two heats that are quite off from each other (e.g. 360 and LDJ) in different plates in the planes.     i) just one inner plate changed to LDJ     ii) Just one outer plate change to LDJ We'd extract the field vectors from in two slices as normal. c) As shown in page 13 of the talk I gave, Francisco has compared the results for the inner-most plane of the coarse model used for the end-effects model and compared that to the field from the single plane model.  Mostly things look pretty reasonable but we see two differences.     i) First the overall level of the fields is a little lower (0.1T) for most of the plane.   This is easy enough to handle.     ii) The difference that parallel the slots.  These in the nodes along the slots at the edges furthest away from the slots.  I assume this is just where such issues would be expected. Note that the big difference on the vertical and horizontal edges is just our interpolation method and expected. Is it possible to change the elements in the model to thin the set of elements closest to slots by either adding a new set of by changing the size of the current ones? d) Mid detector gap model.  Take the current end-effects model and making it look like 6planes+gap with coils + 6 planes?  We'd like the field in the planes in two layers.  We'd also like the field in the air in between in a number of slices (e.g. every 6 cm).  We'll try to make a model of that too. e) This summer we'll have new B-H curves and would like to run the single plane model, 12plan end model, and detector gap model again with the updated B-H curve and get extracted data. 2) Near Detector: a) Single plane (2D) with return in right place for the "360" B-H curve.  Would like to put in the steel collar and the as-built conductor locations. b) 12 plane end-effects model with two different spacing of the return legs off of the face of the detector (one for the upstream and one for the down stream end). From this model we'd like the field in a slice in the center of the plane (0.5" in).  We'd also like a slice in the air between planes between the two inner-most planes in the model.  We want to get the field in the collar and in the air between the planes. c) rerun this later this summer with the update B-H curves.
fea modeling notes correction
FEA Modeling Notes(Correction)
  • The end is in sight
    • … at least as far as we can get with the limitations of ANSYS
    • ~300k elements limited by memory
    • Number of days per iteration & days to extract the data
    • Run on engineering group’s machines on weekends
end effects model used a coarse mesh
End-Effects Model Used a Coarse Mesh
  • Over all level and slot effects
  • Bob says he’ll be able to throw more nodes along the slots
    • Should fix the problem!
fea work list
FEA work list
  • Current work order
    • ND plane
      • Data extracted – still need to make a map
      • No collars yet
      • Try few heats
    • Mixed heat planes
      • Make a couple different mixes
      • Working on this now
    • Can we make the gaps look better in coarse model ?
    • SM gap model
    • ND 3D with end effects
  • Bob’s expectation is to have it all done by end of May
    • Also working on ILC detectors (esp. SiD) & PD in NuMI
  • Later
    • Repeat with few representative B-H’s from test samples
    • Spring (end of April to start runs, hoped)
b h curves
B-H Curves
  • B-H crew
    • Francisco, Keith Bechtol (ug), & Dan Damiani (ug)
    • Dan working with us this summer and next year
    • Has learned most of the code from Keith
    • Working on final absolute calibration of system with know torus
    • Then try other coils
    • Hope for some heat data in April
    • Rest this summer
nd bdot
ND Bdot
  • Trying to get this work done next week while the target is out
  • Code should be the same
  • Need to test the reversing switch interface with the Bdot
model approximation validation
Model Approximation & Validation
  • No progress on the W&M end yet (too much Bdot)
  • Could get some this summer
  • Others?