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Nutrition. Ms. Trombley’s Block 2 Linden Middle School. How we chose our issue:. We learned what Community Service Learning is We identified our community through mapping our community Then, we identified problems and how we could fix them

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Ms. Trombley’s

Block 2

Linden Middle School

How we chose our issue
How we chose our issue:

  • We learned what Community Service Learning is

  • We identified our community through mapping our community

  • Then, we identified problems and how we could fix them

  • We each lobbied for the project we felt most connected to

  • Finally, we chose NUTRITION as our topic

Types of action
Types of Action

We learned we could take different approaches to our issues-

  • Direct- Taking Action!

  • Policy- Contacting public officials!

  • Educate- Teaching other people about the issue!

Now that we have our topic
Now that we have our topic…

  • We formed action groups:

    • The Mighty Mangoes

    • Food For the Future (FFTF)

    • Chocolate Rain

    • Two Man Army

Team mighty mangoes
Team Mighty Mangoes

  • Team Mighty Mangoes coordinated an assembly for grades K and 2 with the purpose of teaching these students about healthy food choices, obesity, and physical fitness.

Team food for the future fftf
Team Food For The Future (FFTF)

  • Food for the Future researched the medieval diet. They created a tri-fold presentation comparing the medieval diet to contemporary diet. They will create a video to teach future 8th graders during their Social Studies Medieval unit!

Team chocolate rain
Team Chocolate Rain

  • Team Chocolate Rainfocused on increasing diabetes awareness. They created an informational flyer educating students about the causes and effects of diabetes. They will sell diabetes awareness bracelets during lunch and give out the flyers along with the bracelets. The proceeds from the bracelets will benefit the American Diabetes Association.

Two man army
Two Man Army

Team Two Man Armyfelt that there was enough marketing and media out there for unhealthy foods and believe that there should be more for healthy options. They wrote and recorded a healthy foods commercial to be aired throughout the Linden School.

(work in progress)

Community partners
Community Partners

  • When starting our research, we reached out to community partners to help us. We wrote them emails and waited patiently for a response. We prepared interview questions and wrote them thank you notes.

    • Mr. Matthew Gillis

    • Ms. Mary Jo Kiozumi

    • Ms. Kimberly Talbot, RD LDN

Mr matthew gillis
Mr. Matthew Gillis

  • Is a Physical Education Instructor. He informed us about the importance of physical fitness.

Ms mary jo kiozumi
Ms. Mary Jo Kiozumi

  • Is a Linden School Teacher who spoke about Diabetes, causes of Type II diabetes, and about living with Diabetes.

Ms kimberly talbot rd ldn
Ms. Kimberly Talbot, RD LDN

  • Is a Clinical Nutrition Manager, at Hallmark Health System

  • She helped us understand the components of a healthy diet and how to present this information to elementary school students. “Eat the Rainbow”

What we ve learned
What we’ve learned:

  • Responsibility: meeting deadlines, being accountable for our parts.

  • Networking: Contacting community partners/possible resources.

  • Planning: planning ahead, setting long-term and short-term goals.

  • Researching: via internet/resources, via interviews with community partners (preparing thoughtful questions for the guests).

  • Public Speaking/Persuasive speaking: Lobbying lesson.

  • Manners/Courtesy: Thank you notes/understanding that our visitor's time is valuable.

  • Oh yeah, and knowledge about healthy eating, fitness, and diabetes!