elizabeth wyn wood alternate program site n.
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Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Program Site PowerPoint Presentation
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Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Program Site

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Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Program Site - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Program Site
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  1. Elizabeth Wyn Wood Alternate Program Site 20 Rossland Avenue Nepean, Ontario

  2. Mission Statement

  3. Healthy environment No soft drinks in vending machine Tracy with the breakfast cart

  4. The basic needs of the students are attended as the first priority. Only after the students have eaten can they function as a learning individual. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs lists sleep, shelter, and regular food as the most important physiological need. Once these needs are met, the next step in the hierarchy is to consider safety. Elizabeth Wyn Wood creates a safe environment in various ways.

  5. Safety

  6. Lit hallways, security mirrors, murals that promote equality and most importantly open, welcoming classroom doors are the first signs of safety. The eastern wing with open classroom doors The western wing with murals

  7. Anti-racist mural

  8. Once safety is addressed, the student learning can begin. One of the most important ingredients of a successful school is the recognition of student achievement. Elizabeth Wyn Wood displays success with pride.

  9. Student Achievement Honour Roll Dragon Graduation Wall

  10. More student achievement Trophies Post-secondary acceptance

  11. Another way to show student achievement is to display fantastic works produced by members of the community.

  12. Displays of student greatness Photography project Another photography project

  13. Student greatness Even more photography Drug and Addiction assignment

  14. Elizabeth Wyn Wood is proud to place students in successful co-operative education Co-op success stories

  15. Focus on co-operative education Success in the work field… … Is a step in success in life.

  16. Once the students feel their accomplishments recognized, a higher level of learning takes place. The next step is to provide care and support when a moment of conflict of crisis may seem to overcome the individual.

  17. Care at Elizabeth Wyn Wood begins with an easily accessible list of phone numbers.

  18. Continues with professional support. The door to the most amazing social worker. Recognition for overcoming nicotine addiction

  19. And culminates in creating pride for the members of the community. Outdoor education Tree planting

  20. Once a healthy, caring and safe learning community is provided, it’s time to give back to the surroundings.

  21. The classrooms are also arranged with the teacher’s desk in the back to increase the comfort level of the student. View from the teacher’s desk Entering the classroom

  22. Elizabeth Wyn Wood is an establishment that could be a symbol for healthy, caring, supportive and safe learning community. College preparation Example of the point system

  23. Elizabeth Wyn Wood is the place for all students that want to experience a comfortable learning environment.

  24. The End