ehr systems use and quality in turkey n.
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EHR Systems Use and Quality in Turkey PowerPoint Presentation
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EHR Systems Use and Quality in Turkey

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EHR Systems Use and Quality in Turkey - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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EHR Systems Use and Quality in Turkey. Dr. Ali Kemal ÇAYLAN Ministry of Health, Turkey, Deputy Director 21-22 November 2011 Belgrad. Presentation plan. Basic information about Turkey. Trans formation Program and ehealth projects How data is collected Standards of the data Market

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ehr systems use and quality in turkey

EHR Systems Use and Quality in Turkey

Dr. Ali Kemal ÇAYLAN

Ministry of Health, Turkey, Deputy Director

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

presentation plan
Presentation plan
  • Basic information about Turkey.
  • Transformation Program and ehealth projects
  • How data is collected
  • Standards of the data
  • Market
  • Initiatives and plans

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

country details
Country details

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • Basic facts about Turkey:
    • Population: 73.7 million people (2010)
    • 814.578 km2
    • 81 Provinces
    • 1469 Hospitals
      • 893 Public hospitals
      • 496 Private and NPO
      • 125 University, Private and NPOrg.
    • 103 000 Physicians
    • 90 000 Nurses
health transformation programe
Health Transformation Programe

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • Initiated in 2003
  • Objectives
    • Restructuring of the ministry
        • Administrative
        • Functionally
    • Covering all the citizens by general health Insurance
    • Implementing Family Medicine
    • Promoting private sector to invest in health
    • Realizing the e-transformation in the field of health
  • Mission

is to lead innovation in the direction of current improvements, also to develop an active, rapid, trustworthy, accessible healthcare systems which is not only respectful to individual rights but also appropriate to international quality standards in order to provide various solutions to our citizens for better health care.

main e helth projects
Main e-helthprojects

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • After 2005
    • Family Medicine System(AHBS)
    • Health-Net(Sağlık-Net)
      • Public Health Centre(TSM)
    • Centered Hospital Appointment System(MHRS)
    • Drug Tracking System(İTS)
    • Tele-medicine
    • Health-Net, is a central repository for EHRs,
      • Operational since January, 2009
      • By December 2010, 98% of the public hospitals and 60% of the private and university hospitals are connected to Health-Net sending the EHRs of their patients on a daily basis
who sends data
Who sends data?


II. and III. Level Public Hospitals

University Hospitals

Private Hospitals












Malaria and/or Tuberculosis Control


Alcohol and drug addiction treatment institutions

taking a big step ehr system s integration
taking a big step…EHR systems: Integration

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • Family Physician System
    • 20.000 family physicians
    • 73 million population
    • 65 million patients data
    • Over 40 different vendors
    • Over 15 different functioning program
  • Health-Net with 1589 healthcare organization
ehr systems legal regulatory
EHR systems:legal/regulatory

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • Health data is collected MoH
    • MoH determines legislations and standards to collect data.
    • Integration to Health-Net is accepted as performance criteria for hospitals in a circular order since 2009.
    • Family Physicians has an obligatory to send EHR to Family Physicians Information System(AHBS) since 2005.
  • Sharing of health data
    • Health data is own by MoH
    • EHR of a citizen can not be shared unless given permission by the citizen
ehr systems standarts
EHR systems:standarts

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • The standards used in Health-Net:
    • The National Health Data Dictionary (USVS v2) determines the data elements, their data types and the sections in an EHR
        • 65 data sets
        • 413 data elements
        • 53 data packages
    • HL7 CDA for the EHR content structure
    • HL7 Web service profile for transportation
    • National Code System Server (SKRS) which includes ICD-10

*UlusalSağlıkBilgiSistemi/Sağlık-NET EntegrasyonuİleilgiliGenelge 2008/18,

ehr systems quality assessment
EHR systems: quality assessment

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • Health-Net
    • There is rapid increase in the amount of health institutions sending data to Health-Net.
    • The 81 provincial health directorates were included to the quality assessment and evaluation process to deal with this growing.
    • Health-Net Quality Assessment application is opened to them to make cross check between registered hospital records and Health-Net data. Comparison is done both quantitatively and qualitatively.
    • Every month, "province Health-Net quality assessment commission" compares registered hospital records and NHIS data.
    • A health institution receives a passing grade if registered hospital records match Health-Net records over 90 percent for every dataset
  • AHBS
    • Quality tests are performed at MoH
ehr systems quality assessment1
EHR systems: quality assessment

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

market history
Market history

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • Market penetration
    • The EHR system used in the primary care is the Family Medicine Information System(AHBS) available both from MoH as well as from vendors
    • For secondary care(HBYS), there are a number of local EHR system vendors (more than 80)
    • The top three vendors have about 60% of the market share
    • Almost all hospitals use locally developed EHR systems
ehr systems market testing
EHR systems: market testing

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • Current actions
    • The need for requiring the use of quality assessed EHR systems is well recognized
    • The EHRs received by Health-Net are checked at random intervals for quality and punitive actions are enforced
    • Before Health-Net became operational, the interoperability of the vendor EHR systems to Health-Net is tested with a testing tool, namely, TestBATN
    • TestBATN is also used for checking the capabilities of an EHR system
    • Using TestBATN for EHR certification is being considered
      • Turkish Standards Institute
ehr systems initiatives plans
EHR systems: initiatives, plans

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

  • To improve the interoperability of EHR systems to Health-Net, the following actions are considered:
    • Communicating with the Turkish Standards Institute to set the EHR standard for Turkey
    • Establishing the body for certification of EHR systems
    • Setting the certification mechanisms
thank you do you have questions
Thank you … Do you have questions?

21-22 November 2011 Belgrad

Ministry of Health, Turkey,

Deputy Director

Dr. Ali Kemal ÇAYLAN