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  1. Loading this My World movie... `

  2. A My World, My Rules productions Anything is possible, in My World

  3. Nothing is ever that simple episode 8

  4. last time when the group was attacked by the king of the titans, they run into a cave and meat the king of the wraths. The king and his followers helped to beat the king and explain the reason for the sudden destruction.

  5. We were led by the only person who could have stood up against the evil queen. A shifting wraith. They can take different forms. But prefer human forms. Were you the one who had created the resistance to the queens plans?

  6. Her actually. She was locked away separate from us and held in stasis. She was basically frozen. What became of it?

  7. There is. You must free her from her hidden prison. Is there a way to help her to freedom?

  8. We recently gained intelligence about the location of this prison. But if you were trapped how did you get this information?

  9. Before she was incarcerated she set up a group to continue her efforts. Does this group have a name?

  10. Its actually more of a duo. They are called the elementals because of their powers. Is there a way to get in communication with this group?

  11. They are already aware of our standings. What!! But how!!

  12. Yes and they will lead you to the dungeon that holds our leader. So you are the team that was created to stop the evil queen?

  13. Well only blaze will lead you and he will help you. Marissa is needed elsewhere. but she might be able to help in some ways. All the way to the dungeon? Yet they wont help us free her?

  14. There are 2 items you will need to steal to open the dungeon. What are these items we will need to get her out?

  15. They are a key and you will need to kill the dungeons warden to gain his password. Sounds like we need to split up to do this faster.

  16. Yes you should and you will each get one of the team members to assist you. Ok lets get going. Jared and the titan will go after the key. me and Dan can go after the warden

  17. And Marissa you can go with Kyle and Dan. Blaze you can come with us

  18. This will not do Cyphern. Make sure they don’t make it to their goal. Send an immortal assassin after them. Yes my queen. It will be as you wish.

  19. As you wish. Leave me.

  20. Come to me

  21. Good. Now listen carefully. I want you to kill the travelers who are trying to release our enemy. So go.

  22. So what makes you so special to be in this team? Do you have and special powers or abilities? Yea I can summon a beast and power it up to massive levels.

  23. Ok hold on. Can you show us so we know what we have for help?

  24. Very and it can become even more so. Hmm. Interesting. Is it powerful?

  25. And why do you say that? Well good we may need it.

  26. WHAT!!! Because something is coming right at us!!!!!

  27. Ok this is really not good. If they sent an immortal assassin after you they must be desperate. Or crazy. Who knows.

  28. At least its only on power level 1. although it isn’t possible to tell if it is winged or a regular.

  29. Definitely winged level 2.

  30. Zagros! Level 6!!!

  31. Guess that scared it off. But not for long. As its level increases so will its confidence and its power

  32. Actually its called immortal because it HAS died. It is the soul of a mortal of great power who died but was banished to a dark abyss. They can only leave if somebody release it and gives it a job to accomplish. If it doesn’t do the job its right back in the abyss. If its immortal why was it scared? It couldn’t die right?

  33. MEANWHILE!!!!

  34. Ok I think you should know why I was chosen for this team. It might help us. Ok so what is it some kind of power?

  35. Of a sort yea. I can summon a beast and increase its power. Really? Is it like this titan?

  36. A bit yes but I can show you if you want. Ok show us

  37. This is the creature I can summon. It can increase its power exponentially!

  38. So far nothing I’ve come across can beat it. Well that I know of anyway.

  39. Not even close. but I did say that I came across. I haven’t come across him. Could it beat the titan king?

  40. Hmm never mind then. Ok good.

  41. So where are we going to find the key? Umm… well I’m not exactly sure.