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Customization of Cool Trends 2.0 to Determine Rational Areas for Resource Allocation to Promote Energy System Alternatives. J.FLOCK. The Institute for Open Economic Networks. FUN with REEE REEE is Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.

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Customization of Cool Trends 2.0 to Determine Rational Areas for Resource Allocation to Promote Energy System Alternatives


The Institute for Open Economic Networks

fun with reee reee is renewable energy and energy efficiency
FUN with REEEREEE is Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Innovations in technology have accelerated with access to electricity
  • Current state of electricity in the ‘solastalgic’ conscious market
  • Concept to promote FUN for REEE, a Fun Universal Network
  • Role of Cool Trends 2.0 to expedite the diffusion of technology focused on REEE


diffusion of technology
Diffusion of Technology
  • Electricity ‘marks time’ for innovations in technology.
  • Pre or Post Electricity. (any difference in the time rate for diffusion?)
  • Innovations in generation of electricity? Any to note?

ESCAP (2010)


energy supply vs a market s consciousness
Energy Supply vs. A Market’s Consciousness?
  • Current condition in the US, fossil fuels consumed for energy vs. other sources.
  • Anny innovation in Energy generation at the production source?
  • Access to information has forced consumers to take a stand, (Solastagic or not), on electricity. Consumer’s must manage the battle between the environment and business as usual?

EIA (2008)


solution fun with reee
Solution? FUN with REEE

1.Semantic Video Index Interface via Mobile Phone (create games for competition, fair contest, for consumers in this market)

2.Cool Trends Mapping and locating ranked customization advice

3.Shared “Advice”, for REEE product installations


role for cool trends 2 0
Role for Cool Trends 2.0
  • Behavior of the consumers in the network will be influenced by FUN relational advice. i.e. Who can do the coolest installation or video? Measurements shown via UI on hand held device.
  • The objects in the ‘how to’ videos are mined for the their spatial and object oriented relationships in the 2-D image. Semantic text from this is the output into Cool Trends.
  • Cool Trends can be the application that links the consumer’s query to a result page.
  • Can become the linking tool for determining areas of investment in energy system technology.
  • Innovations in the technology of electricity will be fun. Then these innovations can occur at an accelerated pace!! Based on Wiki type usage and close consumer touch points which will drive customer centricity in the products for REEE.
  • Thank you for your Attention!