3gpp2 input mms chairs meeting september 5 2003 n.
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3GPP2 Input MMS Chairs Meeting September 5, 2003 PowerPoint Presentation
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3GPP2 Input MMS Chairs Meeting September 5, 2003

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3GPP2 Input MMS Chairs Meeting September 5, 2003 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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3GPP2 Input MMS Chairs Meeting September 5, 2003. Nadia Bishai Chair, 3GPP2 TSG-X PSN MMS Ad Hoc. 3GPP2 MMS Current Status.

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Presentation Transcript
3gpp2 input mms chairs meeting september 5 2003

3GPP2 InputMMS Chairs MeetingSeptember 5, 2003

Nadia Bishai

Chair, 3GPP2 TSG-X PSN MMS Ad Hoc

3gpp2 mms current status

3GPP2 MMS Current Status

3GPP2 has currently developed and published a series of specifications defining the Multimedia Messaging Service. These specifications consist of the X.S0016 series, C.P0045, and C.P0050; and currently comprise the following:

X.S0016-000-A MMS Specification Overview

S.R0064 Multimedia Messaging Service (Stage 1 Requirements)

X.S0016-200 MMS Stage 2 (Functional Specification)

X.S0016-310 MMS MM1 Stage 3 Using OMA/WAP

X.S0016-311 MMS MM1 Stage 3 Using M-IMAP for Message Submission and Retrieval

X.S0016-340 MMS MM4 Stage 3 Inter-Carrier Interworking

X.S0016-370 MMS MM7 Stage 3 VASP Interworking

C.P0045 Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) Media Format and Codecs forcdma2000 Spread Spectrum Systems (in development)

C.P0050 File Formats for MMS (in public review)

3gpp2 mms current status1

3GPP2 MMS Current Status

These specifications provide a service definition generally compatible with the MMS specifications produced by 3GPP in Release 5 (through TS 23.140 v5.3.0) and the OMA MMS Enabler Release v1_1. In addition to this functionality, an alternate MM1 specification, based on IMAP4 is included.

In addition, the following specifications are in development, with an expected public review beginning in September:

X.S0016-312 MMS MM1 Stage 3 Using SIP

X.S0016-330 MMS MM3 Stage 3 for Internet Mail Exchange

3gpp2 mms near term plans

3GPP2 MMS Near Term Plans

3GPP2 plans on updating parts 200, 310, 340, and 370 to align with the latest version of 3GPP TS 23.140 (v5.7.0) and the OMA MMS Enabler Release v1_2.

In addition, 3GPP2 also plans on developing a revision compatible with the Release 6 version of 3GPP TS 23.140 (currently v6.2.0).

3gpp2 mms transfer activities

3GPP2 MMS Transfer Activities

The MMS stage 1 requirements are developed in TSG-S.

The MMS Media Type and File Format specification are developed in TSG-C.

The MMS stage 2 and 3 specifications are developed in the 3GPP2 TSG-X PSN WG MMS Ad Hoc.

Within the MMS Ad Hoc, the majority of the membership supports the overall proposal to transfer the MMS specification development to the Open Mobile Alliance, from both 3GPP2 and 3GPP, believing that this course provides the best opportunity for the global wireless industry to maintain consistent and interoperable specifications for MMS.

There is ongoing discussion within the MMS Ad Hoc regarding the appropriate parameters for an ultimate transfer of the MMS specifications.

3gpp2 mms transfer activities1

3GPP2 MMS Transfer Activities

In a broader activity within 3GPP2:

The Steering Committee and the TSG-S OMA Ad Hoc are assessing the overall risks and benefits that may accrue to 3GPP2 should MMS (or other features) development transfer to OMA.

In addition, the TSG-S PMT WG is developing appropriate procedures that would govern how 3GPP2 would manage any work items transferred to OMA.

These activities will likely require some time to complete.