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are you taking a high quality multiple vitamin n.
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Are you taking a high-quality multiple vitamin? PowerPoint Presentation
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Are you taking a high-quality multiple vitamin?

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Are you taking a high-quality multiple vitamin?
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Are you taking a high-quality multiple vitamin?

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  1. Are you taking a high-quality multiple vitamin? Ask about “Vita-Leu”, our multiple vitamin/mineral formula that utilizes “Albion” technology (the most bioavailable/absorbable formula)

  2. LeuOmega • We should all be on high quality fish oil for the following reasons: • Anti-inflammatory • Improves hair, skin, nails and tear production • Ours is screened for purity from mercury or pesticide residues • Every cell membrane utilizes omega 3 which provides optimal absorption of nutrients, removal of toxins, and cell receptor function (memory)

  3. B Complex • B Complex vitamins are utilized by the adrenal glands to help us deal with stress • Increase energy • Lowers damaging homocysteine therefore reducing plaque formation in arteries • Maintains healthy production of red and white blood cells

  4. Antioxidant Complete • Powerful antioxidants all in one capsule • Contains: • Beta carotene • Vitamins C & E • Selenium • N-acetyl Cysteine • Green Tea Extract • Lipoic Acid • Quercetin • Grapeseed Extract

  5. Antioxidant Complete • One capsule twice daily provides well-balanced free radical scavenging antioxidant activity • No need to take several different formulas from different bottles • Helps you make more Glutathione, our body’s most powerful antioxidant

  6. Want To Protect Your Liver? • Ask about “Liver Guard” • Contains nutrients to increase production of the body’s most powerful antioxidant “Glutathione: • Helps liver detoxify alcohol, chemicals, Tylenol, prescription drugs • Great to take whenever consume alcohol to decrease damage to liver

  7. Have You Checked Your Hormones Lately? • Salivary hormone testing is available for men and women • Salivary testing is very sensitive and measures hormone levels “bathing” the cells • Allows the doctor to utilize lower, safer doses to correct any imbalances

  8. Did You Know We Can Measure Your Serotonin and Dopamine Levels? • A unique urinary test very accurately can help us determine your brain chemistry balance • If serotonin is low, one can experience depression, insomnia, irritability, migraines and more • Low dopamine will decrease libido and overall drive and happiness level

  9. Low Serotonin & Dopamine Levels Can Be Corrected! • All of our brain chemicals are made from amino acids • Testing reveals which amino acid one needs to correct the imbalance • It works! It is biochemistry!

  10. Inflammation • Inflammation is your immune system trying to protect you from what it perceives is a foreign invader: • Bacterial, viral, yeast infections • Food allergies • Toxins

  11. Inflammation • Tests we can perform to rule out your cause(s) of inflammation: • Stool culture • Viral blood testing • Food allergy testing

  12. Have You Had Your Adrenal Function Tested? • Dr. Leu can order a Temporal Adrenal Panel for you • 4 saliva samples collected at specific times of the day to measure your cortisol levels • Will determine your adrenal health • If low can cause: • Fatigue, pain, mental cloudiness, allergy symptoms

  13. Vitamin C • Don’t forget to take your vitamin C • Great for immune function • Helps liver detoxify • Helps with constipation • Important for gum tissue health • Antioxidant activity • Key nutrient for adrenal function

  14. Vitamin D • Be sure to have your Vitamin D level tested every year • Important for immune system • Strengthens bones • Improves muscle coordination • Treats depression and mental health

  15. Family History of Heart Attack or Stroke? • Be sure to ask the doctor about the tests that need to be run to assess your risk: • Homocysteine • C-Reactive Protein (Cardiac) • Fibrinogen • Cholesterol

  16. Food Allergy Testing • Ask about the “Blood Spot” food allergy test • Tests for your IgG antibody reaction to 96 different foods • The IgG reaction is a delayed reaction to foods • A delayed reaction is one that occurs 2 to 3 days after eating the food

  17. Feel It’s Time For A “Detox”? • Ask about our detoxification formulas: • Ultra Clear • I5 • MedCap DPO • Liver Guard

  18. Are You Protecting Your Heart? • CoQ 10 is a critical antioxidant needed by your heart muscle to protect it from free radical damage • Lipoic Acid also provides protection to heart

  19. Fecal Microbiology Testing • Stool culture can help us determine if you have a bacterial, yeast or parasitic infection • Sensitivity part of testing tells us which prescription drug AND which natural agents are effective in eradicating the infection in YOU… • Takes out the “guess work”

  20. Salivary Hormone Testing for Women • Measures DHEA which builds muscle • Testosterone helps with muscle mass and libido • All 3 estrogens are tested • Estrone, Estradiol, and Estriol • Progesterone • Balances estrogens, and if low can cause PMS, weight gain, hot flashes

  21. Salivary Hormone Testing for Men • Men go through “andropause” like women go through menopause • Low DHEA &/or testosterone can decrease muscle mass, libido and sense of well being • High Estrogens in men increase fat mass and risk of strokes and heart attacks • High DHT and Estrogens cause prostate issues in men

  22. Hemorrhoids? • Ask about VasQMax • Herbal formula which helps shrink swollen vessels

  23. Why Take Our Formulas? • Simply put: they are the best! • Pharmaceutical grade • No impurities, heavy metal contaminants or mold • All are standardized to consistently have the label claim ingredients

  24. Allergies? • Ask about “QNB” • Standardized formula of ingredients which stabilize the mast cells from releasing histamine • Quercetin, Nettles, Bromelain, Vit C • Works great without drowsiness!!

  25. Need Help Digesting? • Digest-20 • Unique formula put together to help digest not only proteins, but those bothersome carbohydrates, wheat, etc