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The Drug Trade in Mexico

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The Drug Trade in Mexico - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Adrien A. Lopez & Esby Rosas Economics 465 Professor Castillo. The Drug Trade in Mexico. En 23 Segundos, In 23 Seconds. Mexican Drug Cartels. The Sinaloa Cartel The Juarez Cartel The Tijuana Cartel The Gulf Cartel

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en 23 segundos in 23 seconds
En 23 Segundos, In 23 Seconds

mexican drug cartels
Mexican Drug Cartels

The Sinaloa Cartel

The Juarez Cartel

The Tijuana Cartel

The Gulf Cartel

Los Zetas-an informal paramilitary regime that battles the above cartels for their own drug smuggling.

Their tactics include:



Money Washing/ Laundering

Drug and Human Trafficking/ Smuggling

the arellano felix cartel
The Arellano Felix Cartel

Also known as the Tijuana Cartel

Located in Baja California

Founding leader is Ramon Arellano Felix died February 10, 2002 in a gunfight with Mexican Authorities


cartels and pop culture
Cartels and Pop-Culture




Laura Zuniga, Miss Sinaloa 2008 was arrested in the state of Jalisco, with illegal possession of firearms.

Former School Teacher

current drug history
Current Drug History

90% of cocaine entering the United States passes through Mexico

Mexican Cartels launder between $18 Billion to $39 Billion Dollars Annually

20% of Sinaloa’s GDP is drug related

mexican drug informality
Mexican Drug Informality

60,000 suspicious transactions in a 12-month period…

Only 300 of these transactions go through litigation

Banking controls are laxed

Inefficient Legal System due to the consequential life threatening fear

drug related deaths january 1 2007 december 19 2008
Drug Related DeathsJanuary 1, 2007- December 19, 2008

Chihuahua- 1,725

Sinaloa- 989

Baja California- 741

Districto Federal- 461

Jalisco- 224

Nayarit- 6

Campeche- 5

Greater deaths coincide with close proximity to United States/Mexico Border

reasons for drug trade
Reasons for Drug Trade

Illegal immigration continually dropping

reasons continued
Reasons Continued

Decrease in remittances

18% of population live in poverty

Income distribution

reasons continued11
Reasons Continued

Higher wages then formal jobs

Year Unemployment rate (%)

2000 2.5

2004 3.3

2005 3.2

2006 3.6

2007 3.2

2008 3.7

reasons continued12
Reasons Continued

Crimes viewed as local and not Federal

High corruption within legal system

reactions to increased drug trade and violence
Reactions to Increased Drug Trade and Violence

U.S has issued a travel warning

Canada has also issued a travel warning

Tourism brought in $13.29 billion in 2008

reactions to increased drug trade and violence cont
Reactions to Increased Drug Trade and Violence Cont.

President Calderon dispatched 5,000 additional soldiers to most violent areas

Cleaning offices

Business owners, journalists, other potential targets seeking U.S asylum

currently in mexico
Currently in Mexico

Legal reform

Price of drugs have doubled

Battle still ongoing...