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Start. Quatro MPN - Introduction. Save with profit. Money is our business. Quatro MPN Ltd. Multi Profit Network. Four opportunities. Four opportunities for profit and bonuses. Quatro Invest 4 x your Investments. Quatro 444 N etwork Bonuses.

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Quatro MPN - Introduction

Save with profit

Money is our business
Money is our business

Quatro MPN Ltd.Multi Profit Network

Four opportunities
Four opportunities

Four opportunitiesfor profit and bonuses

Quatro Invest4 x your Investments

Quatro 444Network Bonuses

Quatro Products & Services80% of total sales profit

VGC- Quatro Profit Sharing Program

Four areas
Four areas

Quatro InvestProfessional Investments

Drifting, developing, franchising and trading

Day trading, private equity, currency trading and raw material market

Investing in female entrepreneur’s first start businesses in developing countries

Active ownership in technology companies and in developing ideas in to production and international distribution

Active market
Active market

Finance & Markets

Investing with professionals

Active markets create profit potentials even if the tendencies of the market are negative.


Accumulated interests

Reinvest get 80
Reinvest – get 80%

Let the money keep working

With accumulated interests your total values can increase with an 80% profit a year, or even more

This is based on the average profit of 5% a month

Product services
Product & Services

Products & servicesA total of 28 companies or business ideas is planned introduced in to the Quatro MPN business portfolio the next 14 years, one every 6 month

Quatro Medicare

Products and services for healthcare and life quality, Health improving products, vitamins and minerals, diet and weight control, sports and physical training.

Quatro Phone

National and International cell phone subscriptions, cash card, cell phones - all brands new phones and several second hands, VOIP and Wi-Fi products, Wireless Internet.

Product services 2
Product & Services 2

Products & servicesA total of 28 companies or business ideas is planned introduced in to the Quatro MPN business portfolio the next 14 years, one every 6 month

Quatro Card

Credit Card, Debit Card, Travel Card and other payment services through Quatro MPN´s own card systems, or development of our customer’s cards and payment services.

Quatro Bank & Finance

International Banking and payment services, finance and cost control, debit and Credit cards, Internet bank accounts and payment systems, invoicing and transaction services.

80 for you
80% for you

Whatever you do, you get the biggest part


Pool of value

Virtual Gold Chip

444 bonus plan
444 Bonus Plan

Quatro 444

Quatro 444 

Bonus Plan

Member ship

MemberFivelevels to choose from

Fee allocation
Fee allocation

Quatro 444


  • There are no membership costs, only direct costs in establishing your Quatro business center, such as:

  •  The Quatro Card

  • Financial costs

  •  The annual fee for your own secure web site and back office


Membershipfee - allocations

Investment account
Investment account

Quatro MPN

Investments - allocations

Your investments is divided, by you, with the following accounts

VGC 20-90% (Min 20%)

Stock Exchange0-70%

SBV 10-80%(Min 10%)

Industrial Venture 0-70%

Always a risk
Always a risk

Any type of business and investments is always connected with a risk

If you cannot afford to lose do not invest

We give no guaranty or warrants you ever will have any profits, bonuses or you will not lose your money.

Any investments or membership is on your risk entirely

Membership requirements: Minimum 18 years of age and valid ID-documents