jaya sukumar r n bsc in nursing aust l.
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Jaya Sukumar R.N.,BSc In Nursing ( Aust ) PowerPoint Presentation
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Jaya Sukumar R.N.,BSc In Nursing ( Aust )

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Jaya Sukumar R.N.,BSc In Nursing ( Aust ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Jaya Sukumar R.N.,BSc In Nursing ( Aust ) . NEW STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. What Is Strategic Management?. Is not a task, but rather a set of managerial skills, responsibilities that should be used throughout the organization, in a wide variety of functions. Strategic management.

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jaya sukumar r n bsc in nursing aust
Jaya Sukumar

R.N.,BSc In Nursing ( Aust )


what is strategic management
What Is Strategic Management?
  • Is not a task, but rather a set of managerial skills, responsibilities that should be used throughout the organization, in a wide variety of functions.
strategic management
Strategic management
  • It is the process of specifying the organization's mission, vision and objectives.
  • developing policies and plans, (which are designed to achieve these objectives)
  • allocating resources to implement the policies and plans, projects and programs
strategic management4
Strategic management

Strategic management is crucial for individual and organizational success in today's challenging global environment.

steps in strategic management
Steps in strategic management
  • enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives
    • Planning
    • Implementation
    • Evaluation
strategy formulation planning
Strategy formulation/planning
  • Perform a situation analysis
  • Set the objectives
  • Do the planning
strategy implementation
Strategy implementation
  • Allocation and management of sufficient resources
  • Establishing a chain of command or some alternative structure
  • Assigning responsibility of specific tasks or processes to specific individuals or groups
strategy implementation8
Strategy implementation
  • manage the process.
    • monitoring results
    • comparing to benchmarks and best practices
    • evaluating the efficacy and efficiency of the process
strategy implementation9
Strategy implementation
  • Involves
    • acquiring the requisite resources,
    • developing the process,
    • training,
    • documentation,
    • integration with current practices
strategy evaluation
Strategy evaluation
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
strategy evaluation11
Strategy evaluation
  • Suitability (would it work?)
  • Feasibility (can it be made to work?)
  • Acceptability (will they work it?)
relevance to nursing
Relevance to nursing
  • How relevant is this in nursing?
  • Of course it is relevant in nursing since we are also working in organizations
  • To be put into practice – we must have leadership skills since the planners of strategic management are all managers / leaders
what is leadership
What is leadership?

Leadership is a process by which a person influences others to accomplish an objective and directs the organization in a way that makes it more coherent and cohesive

leadership current theory
Leadership – current theory

process in which leaders are not seen as individuals in charge of followers, but as members of a community of practice

it makes the followers want to achieve high goals rather than simply bossing people around.

leadership in relation to nursing
Leadership in relation to nursing

nursing requires strong, consistent and knowledgeable leaders, who are visible, inspire others and support professional nursing practice..

leadership plays a pivotal role in the lives of nurses.

[The Canadian Nurses Association Position Statement (2002)]

tips for expert leadership
Tips for expert leadership

Identify one’s core values

Must stay true to one’s values and lead in a consistent way

Incorporating the American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE) competencies, Shirey 2001)

tips for expert leadership17
Tips for expert leadership

Create a vision and engage others in the vision

leaders should identify a clear vision of a desired future and guide leadership practice


leader must focus on building solid relationships that require effective communication skills and investment in people


Be a change agent and advocate for innovation


Build community and create joy in the work place – leaders should create organizational cultures of caring, respect and dignity for all.

To sustain a positive workplace for all, leaders should personally model a sense of balance between work and play and humour and seriousness


Invest in the growth and development of people

create an environment that supports coaching and lifelong learning nurtures the growth and development of individuals, enhances the value of organizations and raises the bar of performance


Lead with passion, determination, sense of discovery and commitment to self-discipline

a leader with passion can energize others to achieve results that others might not think of being possible


Hire the right people

leaders must hire and the best and the brightest to build an effective team.

Once hired the leader must let them do their jobs to the best of their abilities


Share power and decision-making

a leader’s most important character traits are humility, the ability to listen to others and the willingness to give up power (empowerment)


Ensure accountability

accountability also involves the generosity to reward and recognize those who contribute towards achieving the expected outcomes

being a role model
Being a role model

leaders must be good role models for their employees

leaders who expect dedication from their staff but are unwilling to commit at an equal or greater level will yield negative consequences and achievement will be significantly impaired.


good communication ensures that tasks are understood, supervised and accomplished

communicate not only with his/her workers but also his/her seniors and other key people

Employees have to be kept informed, informed not just of a particular decision, but also of the reasons why that decision has been made


heads of different units co-operate and collaborate for effective functioning

interpersonal relationship
Interpersonal relationship

good interpersonal relationship - better quality of work and productivity

knowledge of the work process
Knowledge of the work process

leader should be technically proficient.

He/she must know his job as well as have a solid familiarity with the employees’ tasks

non interfering

hospital personnel had the highest rate of job satisfaction when managers applied the non-interference method

fairness towards staff
Fairness towards staff

Unfair assessments and unjust rewards would contribute to unhappiness among the staff

one of the factors influencing employee commitment was fairness at work (including pay). (Fletcher 2001)

development of personnel
Development of personnel

The development of the skills and knowledge, which the staff need, is an important aspect of the functions of the clinical nurse manager


The employee should be encouraged by the manager and attention drawn to successes, however small.

Let us not take things for granted

Give appreciation where it is due


if the staff are empowered by their leaders to make decisions, the staff may be more motivated and committed in their work due to the trust held by their leader.


at the heart of good management and goes beyond praise for good work

Important to create the conditions in which team members are motivated