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Agents ... . a message from the Agents Working Group An agent is. an entity that acts typically on behalf of an owner not an object but can be built from objects already busy with its own agenda invoking a method of an agent makes no sense

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Agents ...

a message from the Agents Working Group

an agent is
An agent is...
  • an entity that acts
    • typically on behalf of an owner
  • not an object
    • but can be built from objects
  • already busy with its own agenda
    • invoking a method of an agent makes no sense
  • a vehicle for capturing intention
    • allowing computers take some of the load out of life
  • Shopping bots, market making
  • Process monitoring, control
  • Business management, workflow
    • the active document that makes sure it is fulfilled
  • Contact management
    • my friend is in the neighborhood,...
  • Brokering higher-order services
    • A holiday is a package of flights + hotel room +...
agents and objects
Agents and objects
  • Depends on the formalism used to define each
    • Are Java objects agents?
    • Are Java threads agents?
  • Objects are typically passive
    • the server in the client-server relationship
    • method invocation is procedure call
  • Agents are typically active
    • the client in the client-server relationship
    • both message send AND message receive are active steps performed by the agent
agents relate to each other
Agents relate to each other...
  • by exchanging messages
    • the style is closer to inter-process email than RMI
  • in terms of a communications language
    • typically has a logical semantics
  • by sharing explicitly referenced common ontologies
    • ontologies themselves need not be explicit
agents need
Agents need...
  • a secure persistent global identity
    • to reason across extended interactions
    • to allow people to transact business via agents
  • a method for exchanging messages
    • message receipt is an action performed by the agent
    • agents may not always be available
    • not the same as IIOP
      • closer to event notification
  • a method for discovering each other
agents and omg
Agents and OMG
  • CORBA represents an opportunity
    • deploying scalable agent applications
  • Many agent system will be built on CORBA
  • Current services do not quite meet our needs
  • Contributions:
    • UML for agents
    • Ontology
    • Security
the agents working group
The Agents Working Group
  • Parents are Internet SIG and EC DTF
  • 9 meetings
  • A lot of discussion about what agents are
  • A lot of discussion about how to move forward
  • Green paper about agent technology
  • Strong relationship with FIPA (Foundation for Intelligent Physical Agents
possible rfp roadmap
Possible RFP roadmap
  • Agent identity
  • Reliable aMail (agent equiv of e-mail) service
  • Agent discovery service
  • Agent Communication Language
  • Content language
  • Ontology
  • Agent trust model
  • NO mobility
future directions
Future directions
  • Upgrade to Agent Platform SIG (APSIG)
  • Flesh out framework for RFPs
    • A White Paper
  • Education
    • Within the APSIG
    • Presentation and outreach to other OMG groups
    • Other non-OMG groups
  • Forum for agent issues