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Friends for Life Joyce Brothers

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Friends for Life Joyce Brothers
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Friends for Life Joyce Brothers

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  1. Unit 5 Friends for Life Joyce Brothers

  2. Overview • Warming-up • New words and expression • About the author • A global picture

  3. A Survey • Do you like making friends with others? A. Yes. B. No. • How many friends do you have? A. 5 ≤ B. 5 ~ 10 C. 10 ~ 20 D. ≥ 20

  4. A Survey • Which of the following best describe your friends? A. They are mostly males. B. They are mostly females. C. They are mostly introvert. D. They are mostly extrovert. E. They are of various sex and ages. F. They are mostly optimists. G. They are mostly pessimists. H. They are of various origin and background

  5. A Survey • Which of the following do you look for in a friend? A. Intelligence B. Diligence E. Honesty C. Perseverance D. Enthusiasm F. Courtesy G. Maturity H. Humor I. Confidence J. Sincerity K. Tolerance L. Patience M. Responsibility N. Loyalty O. Bravery P. Thoughtfulness Q. Generosity R. Sympathy

  6. A Survey • Which of the following do you think are important for your friend? A. Rich knowledge or experience B. Wide interest or hobbies C. Similar origin or background with you D. Similar or good level of education E. Good economic condition F. Decent job or social status

  7. A Survey • Which of the following do you think are important for your friend? G. Common interests with you H. Expert or talented in a certain field I. Proper behavior or good manner in life J. Pleasant or lively personality K. Complementary in certain aspect with you L. Others

  8. A Survey • What in your opinion is an ideal friend or friendship? • If you are to give a one-sentence definition for either "friend" or "friendship”, what will that be? (You may use a simile or metaphor)

  9. Quotes Albert Camus (French writer) Don’t walk in front of me I may not follow Don’t walk behind me I may not lead Walk beside me And jus be my friend.

  10. Quotes English proverb Make new friends and keep the old; one is silver and the other gold. Everyone’s friend is no one’s friend. Italian proverb

  11. Word Study • Reading aloud (page 62) • Meaning and use • Synonyms & antonyms • Word derivation • Word differentiation

  12. Meaning and Use • endear: • endear sb to sb: to cause to be loved/liked • His habit of playing loud music at night didn't ~ him to the neighbours. • He was whispering endearments to her. • Term: • The ~ “acid rain” was coined in the 19th century.

  13. Meaning and Use • transient: • The city has a large ~ population. • Her feeling of depression was ~. • A glass of whisky has only a ~ warming effect. • Cf: transitory: stress the characteristic; one-time-use短暂的;昙花一现的 • Cf: transitive: 及物的;过渡的

  14. Meaning and Use • kinship: • The ~ system in that tribe is very complicated. (=family relationship) • I feel a certain ~ withhim. (=likeness in character, understanding) • His next of kin were told of his death. (=a person's closest relative) • Many elderly people have no kin to turn to for assistance.

  15. Meaning and Use • affirm: • The suspect ~ed (that) he had been at home all evening. • The government has ~ed its commitment to equal rights. • Cf: assert: oftn based on one's subjective feeling or judgment • He ~ed that it could be done in an hour.

  16. Meaning and Use • vow: • All the men took/made a ~ of loyalty to their leader. • He ~ed to look after his mother when his father died. • We ~ed to God that we will never part. • The members of this religious community are under a ~ ofsilence. (=have promised to God they won't speak)

  17. Meaning and Use • rank: • Students ~ed the samples in order of preference. • She is ~ed number four in the world. • vigilance: • Thanks to their constant ~, a crisis was averted. • The police said the public should remain vigilant. • His security duties demand long hours of ~.

  18. Meaning and Use • inclination: a special liking for sth • I have no ~ to be a doctor. • I shall indulge the ~ so natural in old men, to be talking of themselves. • Cf: be inclined to: have a tendency to do… • I’m ~d to agree with you. • She’s ~d to gossip with complete strangers.

  19. Meaning and Use • Disclosure • Any public ~ of this information would be very damaging to the company. • The newspaper made damaging ~ of management incompetence. • Cf: they disclosed her name to the press. • Cf: Do you promise not to reveal my secret? • The curtain opened, to reveal a darkened stage.

  20. Meaning and Use • Sibling: <fml.> a brother or sister • The younger children were badly treated by older ~s. • Tom had fallen out with ~s over an inheritance. • Rivalry: <+ with/between> competition; (a case of) being rivals • There was fierce/intense rivalry between the two companies to get the contract.

  21. endearment neglect vigilance vow disclosure mingle intimacy straighten out revelation oath closeness sweet nothings put right mix disregard watchfulness Matching: Synonyms

  22. transient desperate neglect affirm blossom disclosure intimacy worthwhile cherish concealment permanent worthless estrangement fade composed deny Matching: Antonyms

  23. Word Derivation transience vigilant intimate family instinct desperation finance intense

  24. Word Derivation complain endear rank ranking endearing complaining affirmation neglect incline neglectful inclined affirmative

  25. Word Derivation shrug disclose term rival patron vow assemble blossom revelation heal

  26. Word Differentiation bloom • Bloom vs. Blossom • His poetic genius was in full _______ when he was in his early twenties. • The peach tree has an excellent ________ this year. • Since their first meeting, their friendship has ______________. blossom blossomed

  27. Word Differentiation worth • Worth; worthy; worthwhile • I think this matter is ________ our attention. • If you are a young, inexperienced driver, it is ________ having comprehensive insurance. • Two points in this report are especially __________ of notice. • Every year she makes a large donation to a ____________ cause. • She considers teaching a _________ career. worth worthy worthy worthwhile

  28. Word Differentiation finance • Financial vs. Commercial • The ___________ committee controls the school’s budget. • The local authority has refused to _______ the scheme. • The marketplace was where _________ was traditionally carried on. • His new record is much too ___________. finance commerce commercial

  29. Word Differentiation genders • Gender vs. Sex • I think both _________ are capable of looking after children. • The government is working on tackling ________ inequalities in employment. • There is a lot of ______ and violence in this film. • She accused her employer of ______ discrimination. gender sex sex

  30. Word Differentiation intimacies • Intimacy vs. Privacy • It was obvious from their witty _________ that they had been good friends for many years. • His claims to (an) _________ with/to be on terms of ________ with the President are somewhat exaggerated. • There’s not much ________ in these flats because of the large windows and thin walls. intimacy intimacy privacy

  31. Word Differentiation desperate • Desperate vs. Despair • This man is _________ and should not be approached as he may have a gun. • He was __________ to tell someone his good news. • They’re in (the depths of) ________ over/about the money they’ve lost. • Their fourth year without rain drove many farmers to_________. desperate despair despair

  32. Word Differentiation instinctual • Instinctual vs. Intuitive • Her ___________ reaction at the sight of the spider was to scream loudly. • Most people have an __________ sense of right and wrong. • Some animals have an __________ prescience of earthquakes. • It came upon him in a flash of __________. intuitive instinctive intuition

  33. Word Differentiation • Neglect vs. Ignore • The animals were thin and ill because the farmer had __________ them. • She has ___________ her studies. • You can't ________ the fact that we are still a poor country. • Safety regulations are being _________ by company managers in the drive to increase profits. neglected neglected ignore ignored

  34. About the Author • Joyce Brothers (1927-) an American psychologist and advice columnist, publishing a daily syndicated newspaper column since 1960. • She is professionally known as Dr. Joyce Brothers. publish simultaneously in a number of newspapers

  35. Joyce Brothers • Brothers is a prolific writer. • She had a monthly column in Good Housekeeping magazine for almost four decades, and a syndicated newspaper column that she began writing in the 1970s, and which at its height was printed in more than 300 newspapers.

  36. Joyce Brothers • Her best-sellingbooks: • What Every Woman Should Know About Men (1982) • Widowed (1992) (inspired by the loss of her husband, the book offered practical advice for widows and widowers, helping them to cope with their grief and create a new life for themselves)

  37. Joyce Brothers • As a psychologist, Joyce Brothers has been licensed in New York since 1958. • Today, Brothers continues to do guest appearances on television and radio talk shows for her expertise in psychology. • She has also done comediccameo appearances on some TV and game shows. a small character part in a play or film, played by a distinguished person

  38. Dr. Joyce Brothers is still active. • In June, 2010,Joyce Brothers was still appearing on television; currently in commercials endorsing a home alert monitor

  39. A Global Picture Exposition • What type of writing is this text? • What is the text mainly about? • How is the word “friend” defined? • How many types of friendship have been discussed in the text? • How many parts does the text fall into? • Do you find any topic sentence contributing to the main idea of each part?

  40. Purpose of Writing • To give her insights into friendship and give suggestions on making friends.

  41. Structure of the Text • Part 1 (para.1-2): a psychological as well as personal understanding of friendship • Part 2 (para.3-4): friendship within familial ties • Part 3 (para.5-8): significance of friendship outside kinship ties and suggestions on friend-making

  42. Structure of the Text • Part 4 (para.9-11): friendship between opposite sexes • Part 5 (para.12-13): how to fix a broken friendship • Part 6 (para.14-15): the author’s friendship with her grandchildren

  43. Thank you! To be continued.

  44. Lesson 2: Overview • Word review • Text analysis • Comprehension • Language points • Sentences

  45. transient Word Review vow • We stayed at the inn as t_________ guests. • She made a v_____ never to lend money to anyone again. • He was whispering e______________ to his girl friend. • Anxiety has some k_________ with eagerness. • Thanks to the v_________ of a neighbor that the fire was discovered before it could be spread. endearments kinship vigilance

  46. Word Review disclosure • Any public d__________ of this information would be very damaging to the company. • From my own experience, I confidently a_______ what he said is true. • All the orchards b________ in spring. • I am i_________ to her for her help in indexing my book. • Fanny showed little i____________ to talk about anything serious. affirmed blossom indebted inclination

  47. neglectful Word Derivation • He is being ___________ (neglect) of his guests. • The family is usually a source of encouragement from which ___________ (affirm) influence come. • The burglar was spotted by _____________ (vigilance) neighbours. • They __________ (complaint) at being excluded from the meeting. affirmative vigilant complained

  48. endeared Word Derivation • Flora’s spirit and character __________ (endearment) her to everyone who met her. • He has a poor ___________ (rank) in his class. • The information is confidential and must not be ___________ (disclosure) to anyone. • I’m rather __________ (inclination) to wait a few days before deciding. • The stores __________ (rivalry) each other in beautiful window displays. ranking disclosed inclined rival

  49. Detailed Study • Comprehension • Language points • Sentence highlights

  50. Language Points • for life (title) • There’s no such thing as a job for life. • She thought marriage should be for life. • He was running for dear life toward town. 他逃命似地向城里飞跑。 • She can’t for the life of her remember where she left her bag. 她怎么也想不起来把手提包丢在哪儿了。