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Problem Solution Approach

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Problem Solution Approach. A Strategy for Solve a Technical Problem. Problem Solution Approach. Assumption: the invention is a solution to a technical problem. This information and much more is located at: A Step Process.

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problem solution approach

Problem Solution Approach

A Strategy for Solve a Technical Problem

problem solution approach1
Problem Solution Approach

Assumption: the invention is a solution to a technical problem.

This information and much more is located at:

a step process
A Step Process
  • Identify the technical area in which the invention
  • would be used.
  • Determine if there are existing products or
  • services that already exist, or something that may
  • perform similar tasks.
  • 3. Define the specific problem that you are trying to
  • solve.
  • 4. Find technical solution(s) to the problem that are
  • different from what others are already doing.
reflection is a key to success
Reflection is a Key to Success
  • How has my object evolved?
  • Is progress being made?
  • Does my journal reflect any dead ends?
  • What are the stumbling blocks?
learn from evaluation
Learn From Evaluation

Evaluating your work and process is a learning experience. Over time you will learn which strategies work for you and within given situations. Be brave and try different strategies.

learn how to learn
Learn How to Learn
  • Know what you don’t know
  • Talk about your thinking process
  • Create entries in your journal
  • Plan and implement a program
  • Self-evaluation
  • Practice
other strategies
Other Strategies
  • Use study teams
  • Brainstorming
  • Apply Inventive Principles
  • The 7-Step Inventing Strategy
  • Use Mind Maps
  • The Problem-Solution Approach
steps to becoming an inventor
Steps to Becoming an Inventor
  • 1.Keep a Journal
  • 2.Transform Your Idea
  • 3.Have an Inventive Mind
  • 4.Understand the Inventing Process
  • 5.Think Like an Inventor
  • 6.Develop a Strategy for Inventing
  • 7.Learn How to Learn
  • 8.Create a Framework for Inventing