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Transformation in the Workforce System

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Transformation in the Workforce System. International Association of Workforce Professionals Richmond, Virginia June 8-12, 2008.

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transformation in the workforce system
Transformation in the Workforce System

International Association of Workforce Professionals

Richmond, VirginiaJune 8-12, 2008

The US Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration is seeking to transform the workforce system into a talent development system that has as its goal an educated and prepared workforce.
presentation goals
Presentation Goals
  • What does ETA mean by talent development system?
  • In what ways is ETA supporting workforce system transformation?
  • What tools and technical assistance is ETA developing to support you?
  • We want to hear from you: what are your experiences of transformation?
a call for transformation
A Call for Transformation
  • Changing economies call for changing approaches to workforce development.
  • Our global competitors have more honors kids than we have kids!
  • Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to innovate.
  • Supporting an innovation economy requires new thinking about education and training.
high growth job training initiative
High Growth Job Training Initiative
  • Targeted investment
  • Increased integration
  • Career enhancing opportunities
  • Opportunities for employers to use apprenticeship training
community based job training grants
Community-Based Job Training Grants
  • Third round awarded $125 million to 69 community colleges in 36 states to:
    • Develop new training curricula
    • Build partnerships with local industry
    • Hire of additional faculty
    • Coordinate on-the-job learning experiences
    • Modernize equipment
three key areas
Three Key Areas…

…for a winning strategy at the regional economic level

Capital Investment &



Talent Development

talent development
Talent Development

A comprehensive strategy to develop regional talent

development systems that drive regional economic competitiveness,

job growth and new opportunities for American workers.









Lifelong Learning

Pre-School, K - 12

job training vs talent development
Job Training vs. Talent Development

Job Training



Jobs that exist NOW

Immediate results

Workforce System operates more independently

Talent Development:


Sector focused

Designed to CREATE jobs

Longer-term, sustainable results

WIS operates with and through partners

Transformative in nature

transformation explored
Transformation Explored

Vertically Transform – From National to State, regional and local policy-makers to service delivery (boardroom to mailroom), we re-think and align our business to strategic initiatives.

Horizontally Transform – We align our strategic vision and priorities across “silos” to form dynamic regional alliances – bringing education, employers, economic and workforce development together to plan and execute shared priorities for the benefit of regional growth and security.

driving transformation
Driving Transformation
  • Regional Innovation Grants
  • Unemployment Insurance as an asset in regional economies
  • Registered Apprenticeship
  • Shared Youth Vision
  • Prisoner Reentry Initiative
  • Disadvantaged Populations
  • Supporting Workforce System Transformation
regional innovation grants
Regional Innovation Grants

To bring together and actively engage all key players

To leverage collective assets of an economic region

Invest in innovative strategies focused on infrastructure, talent development, and investment

To foster transformation of regional economies

unemployment insurance and wired
Unemployment Insurance and WIRED
  • UI Beneficiaries
    • Talent Development Pool
    • All with work experience and many skills
    • Should be part of regional economic development plan
  • Profiling/REAs/AutoCoder - Targeting tools for connecting UI beneficiaries to the workforce & WIRED
autocoder the new cool tool
AutoCoder – The New Cool Tool
  • Assigns accurate occupational codes to individuals or jobs
  • Provides valuable skills inventory information
  • Supports strategic planning
    • Identifies skills gaps
    • Guides investment of scarce training resources
reemployment and eligibility assessments rea
Reemployment and Eligibility Assessments (REA)
  • Initiative began in 2005
  • It is voluntary and is designed to:
    • enhance UI program integrity
    • help speed UI beneficiaries’ return to suitable employment.
  • 19 states currently operate REA programs
registered apprenticeship 21 st century innovations
Registered Apprenticeship: 21st Century Innovations
  • Expansion into High Growth Industries
  • Industry competency-based models with interim credentials that validate the acquired skill levels 
  • Apprenticeship programs with two- and four-year colleges that allow apprentices to earn Associate and Bachelor degrees
  • Linkages with the workforce system, community colleges, universities, and One-Stop Career Centers
high growth industries with registered apprenticeship programs







Financial Services


Health Care

Homeland Security




Retail Trade


High Growth Industrieswith Registered Apprenticeship Programs

Strategies for Apprenticeship Integration

  • Involvement of Registered Apprenticeship in State and Local Strategic WIA Planning Processes
  • Marketing of Apprenticeship as a workforce solution for business (Business Services)
  • Expanding WIA’s Eligible Training Providers to Include Apprenticeship
  • One-Stop Career Center operations
    • Referral, co-location, coordination, outplacement
shared youth vision
Shared Youth Vision
  • Shared Youth Vision Federal Collaborative Partnership
  • National Shared Youth Vision Forums
  • Promoting the Shared Youth Vision--Technical Assistance (TA)
  • Pilot Strategy
  • Mentor/Mentee States
prisoner reentry initiative
Prisoner Reentry Initiative
  • DOL/DOJ joint initiative
    • DOJ provides pre-release services to risk-assessed soon-to-be-released prisoners
    • Referrals to DOL faith-based and community organization grantees upon release.
  • 30 initial grants funded for three years
  • Second generation of 23 additional grants
serving disadvantaged populations
Serving Disadvantaged Populations
  • WIRED Academy meeting
  • Focus within Dislocated Worker SGA
  • Workforce Innovationssessions
system wide technical assistance and tools
System-Wide Technical Assistance and Tools
  • Driving Transformation Initiative
  • One Stop 2.0
  • and other

Electronic Tools

  • Workforce Innovations Conference
transformational forums
Transformational Forums
  • 3 Forums, 55 teams, over 40 states
    • Explored critical challenges and opportunities
    • Received customized coaching
    • Developed concrete action steps
    • Contributed to shared national vision
  • Technical Assistance Plan
one stop 2 0
One Stop 2.0

A Technical Assistance Initiative to identify and share models of a transformed One-Stop Career Center.


  • Increasing access to post-secondary education and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Developing an efficient customer service experience
  • Assessing dislocated workers and developing career guidance plans that identify how their skills and education levels align with the needs of the current and projected regional economy.
  • Cross-training One-Stop Career Center staff to offer dislocated workers seamless service delivery, organized by function and not program.   
www careeronestop org

competency model clearinghouse
Competency Model Clearinghouse

join your colleagues at


Workforce Innovations 2008: Success Decoded

July 15 – 17, 2008

New Orleans, Louisiana

THE premier annual workforce conference bringing together thousands of leaders from workforce, education, business, economic development, community-based organizations and philanthropy

THE place to discover talent development solutions needed in today’s global economy


Co-hosted by The U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration and ASTD

discussion questions
Discussion Questions
  • What does workforce system transformation look like to you?
  • What changes to workforce development are you observing from your position?
  • What information and tools would help you do your job?
Gina King

Policy Coordinator

Office of Workforce Investment

Employment and Training Administration