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Brainstorming. Lesson 2. Agenda. Topics Review of Tutorial Concepts Activities Brainstorm app ideas. 1. Review Mole Mash 2. Loops Image sprites Timers. 2. Real Life Loops. Foreach dirty dish: Put in soapy water Scrub Rinse. While still raining: use umbrella.

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Brainstorming Lesson 2

    2. Agenda Topics • Review of Tutorial Concepts Activities • Brainstorm app ideas 1

    3. Review Mole Mash 2 Loops Image sprites Timers 2

    4. Real Life Loops • Foreachdirty dish: • Put in soapy water • Scrub • Rinse While still raining: use umbrella Can you think of some real-life loops that you do? • Washing the Dishes • Definite Loop • Using an umbrella • Indefinite Loop 3

    5. Loops • Tell the computer to do something many times • For Example: draw 100 circles • The code INSIDE the loop is repeated • For Example: the code to draw 1 circle • There must be a condition for the loop to end • For Example: when 100 circles have been drawn • Or when the user clicks the screen

    6. Definite Loops • You know when the loop is going to end because there is a definite number of things to do • Examples: • for (100 times) draw circle • foreach [dirty dish] wash it • foreach (class period): go to class • foreach (shopping list item): get it • Foreach (member of a list): do something

    7. Image Sprites Images that can be determined to have a speed and direction

    8. Lean Startup Source: Eric Ries –

    9. IDEAS Don’t be afraid to put any and all ideas out Start with a large list and trim down Start simple and then build BUILD your idea with code

    10. CODE - Resources App Inventor tutorials App Inventor Community Gallery Wellesley MEASURE your idea with DATA

    11. DATA Iterate quickly and usability testing Go from your initial idea an add on LEARN from your DATA to improve your IDEA

    12. Activity: Brainstorm App Ideas • 20 minutes • Rules of Engagement: • Stay positive and persistent • Keep and open mind • Ben Shapiro

    13. Steps • Index-cards • Tell a Story • Choose your 2 favorites • Design your box • Share!

    14. 4 Index Cards Per Person

    15. 4 Index Cards Record your answers in Pg. 6 of the workbook 1 User 1 Verb 1 Object 1 Noun, Adjective, Adverb, or Verb

    16. 4 Cards Grandma Women Needs Share Space Routes home Gardening Safe • 1 User • 1 Verb • 1 Object • 1 Noun, Adjective, Adverb, or Verb

    17. 4 Cards Go! You have 60 seconds. • 1 User • 1 Verb • 1 Object • 1 Noun, Adjective, Adverb, or Verb

    18. Shuffle your cards amongst your group.

    19. Take 4 Cards.Trading is OK. You have 90 seconds.

    20. Tell A Storyusing your NEW index cards Write your story in Pg. 6 of the workbook

    21. Write a two sentence story for how someone would use your app. EX: Sophie lives in an apartment now and misses gardening. She uses Pretty Plot to find a young couple who need help planting flowers for their new home. Write your story in Pg. 6 of the workbook

    22. Go around your group, telling your story. If you love someone’s story, give them one of your post-its.

    23. Design the Box

    24. Take your two most popular stories. Half of you go to one, half to the other.Design the box you would use tosell this app in (if apps came in boxes).

    25. What’s it called? Who’s it for? What’s its tagline/slogan? What are its most compelling features and benefits? What imagery would make it stand out? Write your answers in Pg. 6 of the workbook

    26. Present to the rest of us! You have 1 minute each

    27. Now it’s up to you to build it!

    28. Next Week: Finalize your app idea! Please come to class with an app idea– you will be making your first screen next week! If you have time, start sketching out some of the screens of your app.

    29. Before you leave today • Tweet us: @technovation #technovation • Like us on Facebook: Technovation Challenge • Post on the Technovation Forum: • Answer: What was the best part about the brainstorming process? • Or post your own question or comment!