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Announcements. Updated Schedule: Proposal pushed to Feb 24 Rough drafts due March 3 rd Final: March 17 th . Research strategies. Bring laptops! Attendance/ in-class assignments Late journals. Proposal.

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  • Updated Schedule:
  • Proposal pushed to Feb 24
  • Rough drafts due March 3rd
  • Final: March 17th.
  • Research strategies. Bring laptops!
  • Attendance/ in-class assignments
  • Late journals
  • A short proposal, including a 150-word statement of intent and a list of at least three possible sources

Each source should be accompanied by a one- or two-sentence statement of its relevance to the essay, but it is not required that these sources be used in the final draft.

The sources for your proposal should not just be about your specific text; rather, they should be sources that explore the cultural and historical context of your text.

What was going on around the time that this text was written? How about when it was published? What were people thinking about in the society that this text was written in? What political, social, religious, etc. debates were going on?

cultural context
Cultural Context
  • What has changed?
  • What kind of attitudes, beliefs, values, interests are reflected during a certain time period?
  • How is this reflected in art, theater, music, advertising, politics?
captions 1965 cover
Captions (1965 Cover)

Choose the father and the sex of your baby

Want a new nose?

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf

Try Long—Where sing girls can swing!

captions 1975 cover
Captions (1975 Cover)

How you can become a more likeable secure and les jittery person and how to change your life.

Try separation first. It could save your marriage

You can rise in a Man’s World (and not from you back) We tell how exactly

For girls with enormous bosoms—how to reduce them to sexy size. Before and after photos.

captions 2011 cover
Captions (2011 Cover)

60 sex tips

Look leaner naked(14 day workout)

Orgasm virgins

2 Things that mess with your birth control

political campaigns
Political Campaigns
  • Mother and child
  • The first civil right
  • What kinds of issues are being exposed, anxieties, interests? Where specifically do you see this?
getting started
Getting Started
  • Google

Use a search engine, such as Google, to locate Web sites of organizations and companies. Most commercial and non-profit organizations, large and small, provide useful background (mission statement, annual reports, publications, news, etc.) on their Web sites.

  • Wikipedia

This is a free encyclopedia that is built by volunteers who write articles on various topics, which can then be edited and/or discussed by other readers. It contains more than 1 million articles on a wide variety of topics. Because there is no professional monitoring of this content, you should try to verify information found here in other sources.

  • Yahoo! Directory Use a large Web directory like Yahoo! to locate specialized, topical Web sources that will provide background information on your research topic. For example, a search for keywords "philosophy encyclopedia" in Yahoo! found the source shown in the illustration below.
library research
Library Research
  • Library tutorial next class!
  • In the mean time check out: Library Services and Resources for ENG112 upload to Course Blogs under “Readings”
in class activit y
In-class activity
  • Review your lists of questions from Tuesday.
  • Identify how you will begin researching their cultural/historical context and begin free writing on the following questions: What more do you need to know about the topic? Where will you for sources? What would be helpful to know about research specific to this paper?
  • Organize a list of questions about research strategies and post to BB forum.