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2013 United Way Southern Institute Conference - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Leadership Giving …. And More How To Start, Grow and Sustain Leadership Giving and Tocqueville Programs in Smaller Cities. 2013 United Way Southern Institute Conference. Today’s Objectives. Participants Will Be Able To:

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2013 united way southern institute conference

Leadership Giving …. And MoreHow To Start, Grow and Sustain Leadership Giving and Tocqueville Programs in Smaller Cities

2013 United Way Southern Institute Conference

Today s objectives
Today’s Objectives

  • Participants Will Be Able To:

  • Articulate Two Key Strategies Essential To Successful Leadership and Tocqueville Programs In Smaller Cities

  • Describe Leadership and Tocqueville Best Practices

  • Know Where To Go For Tools And Resources

What is leadership giving
What Is Leadership Giving?

Individualized Donor Engagement

One-on-One Approach

Minimum Gift Level

Why is it important to united way
Why Is It Important To United Way

  • Builds individual relationships

  • “Ask” on Capacity notHistory

  • Proven effective

  • Builds friends for United Way

  • Leads to long-term, increasing gifts

Challenges smaller united ways face in building leadership and tocqueville programs
Challenges Smaller United Ways Face In Building Leadership and Tocqueville Programs

  • Limited Pool Of Prospects

2. Small Staff

3. No Resources

4. Lack Of Time

5. Competition

Strategies for smaller cities
Strategies For Smaller Cities

1. Manage Individual Donor Relationships Based Upon The 80/20 Rule

2. Focus On The Donor…It Is Not About United Way

1 manage by the 80 20 rule
1. Manage By The 80 / 20 Rule

20% of Donors

80% of Money

80% of


20% of


The tyranny of the urgent
The Tyranny Of The Urgent



Low Return High Return



Urgent Important

2 focus on the donor gift capacity areas of interest how influenced the 4 r s





Research: 25%

Romance: 60%

Request: 5%

Recognition: 10%

2. Focus On The DonorGift CapacityAreas of InterestHow InfluencedThe 4 “R’s”

What would happen if you fully implemented the following strategies
What Would Happen If You Fully Implemented The Following Strategies?

  • Managing Individual Giving By The 80/20 Rule

  • Focusing On The Donor First

2013 united way southern institute conference

Exercise Questions Strategies?

Strategy Groups

Managing Individual Giving Around The 80/20 Rule

Focusing On The Donor First

  • How Well is Your Assigned “Strategy” Being Implemented In Your United Way?

  • Where It Is Working The Best ….Tell Us One Reason Why?

  • What Is The Single Biggest Barrier To More Robust Implementation?

Leadership giving best practices
Leadership Giving Best Practices Strategies?

Individualized plan for top 20%

One-on-one approach

Minimum gift level

Quality effort on very best prospects

Campaign To Capacity not gift history

Best practice roles responsibilities
Best Practice Strategies?Roles & Responsibilities

  • Staff

  • Establish as priority in organization

  • Dedicate resources

  • Engage volunteers in planning cultivation and solicitation

  • Accompany volunteers on prospect cultivation and solicitation

  • Hold organization accountable for leadership/Tocqueville goals

  • Volunteers

  • Articulate to self and others the case for leadership/Tocqueville giving

  • Accept challenge

  • Engage in year-round cultivation and solicitation

  • Engage in strategy sessions

  • Be willing to ask

  • Articulate to themselves and others why they support United Way

Finding volunteer champions
Finding Volunteer Champions Strategies?

“Engage Them To Get Their Opinions Before Asking For Their Time and Their Money”

Existing Loyal Donors


Community Leaders

Corporate Leaders

Newcomers from Other Cities With Programs

Your leadership and tocqueville potential
Your Leadership and Tocqueville Potential Strategies?

Size of Annual Campaign: $_______________________

Leadership Giving Tocqueville


Actual _______________________________________________________



Potential ______________________________________________________

Where do you find your best leadership and tocqueville prospects
Where Do You Find Your Best Leadership and Tocqueville Prospects?

It Starts With You

Your Board/Volunteers

Existing Donors

Leads From One-On-One Meetings With Volunteers

Published Donor Lists Other Non-Profit Organizations

Purchased List

Friendly Companies Solicited By Management Level

Company based leadership and tocqueville programs ten steps to success
Company-Based Leadership and Tocqueville Programs Prospects?Ten Steps To Success

Support of CEO

80/20 Rule

Recruit a Company Leadership/Tocqueville Chair

Engage Them In Developing A Case and Plan

ID Prospects For Each Giving Level Based Upon Income

Recruit Additional Peers

Kick Off Separate But Coordinated Company Leadership/Tocqueville Campaign

One-on-one peer visits

Follow up on results

Say Thanks

Report Success

Live United

Probability triage allocating your time in the areas that will make the greatest difference
Probability Triage Prospects?“Allocating Your Time In The Areas That Will Make The Greatest Difference”

  • Priority One: Most Time With Those Individuals You Think Have The Highest Realistic Potential To Increase Their Gifts and You Have The Most Influence.

  • Priority Two: Those Individuals You Fear Might Not Give Again. Visit Them.

  • Priority Three: Least Time With Those Who Are Likely To Do What They Have Always Done

New dollars vs upgrading existing gifts
New Dollars vs. Upgrading Existing Gifts Prospects?

  • New Business Campaign Upgrade Strategy

  • 100 - $0 Donors 20 - $1,000 Donors

  • 10 Volunteers 2 Volunteers

  • Half Make Calls & Close 5 Gifts All Calls Made Upgrade 5

  • Average Gift $100 Average Upgrade $500

  • Total Dollars: $500 Total Dollars: $22,500

Major individual gift success
Major Individual Gift Success: Prospects?

  • Is Hard Work

  • Takes Time

  • Requires Focus

  • Needs Volunteer Champions

  • Produces Result

  • Is Incredibly Rewarding

Resources from united way worldwide
Resources From United Way Worldwide Prospects?

  • Retention Toolkits

  • http://online.unitedway.org/site/uwaservices/retention/

  • Leadership Giving Resources

  • http://online.unitedway.org/index2.cfm?aid=7220

  • Tocqueville and Mega Gift Toolkit

  • http://online.unitedway.org/file.cfm?fid=3113573

  • Calculating Your Leadership/Tocqueville Potential

  • http://online.unitedway.org/index2.cfm?aid=6888

  • Benchmarking Against Other United Ways

  • http://online.unitedway.org/index2.cfm?aid=6889

  • Contact Becky Bogle at (203) 883-6712

  • Becky.bogle@uww.unitedway.org