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Prepared. For Life.

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2014 Sale Details. Prepared. For Life. Why Do We Sell Popcorn?. 2010 Consumer Spending. To raise the most money for our time & effort spent! Because it is: Safe for Scouts and no risk to the Units Delivers more back to Scouting than any other fundraiser

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Prepared. For Life.

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2014 Sale Details

Prepared. For Life.

2010 consumer spending

Why Do We Sell Popcorn?

2010 Consumer Spending
  • To raise the most money for our time & effort spent!
  • Because it is:
  • Safe for Scouts and no risk to the Units
  • Delivers more back to Scouting than any other fundraiser
  • Scouts can wear their uniform when participating
  • The council provides forms, training, prizes & incentives
  • The community has come to know popcorn as a way to support Scouting
  • 6 in 10 will buy, and 9 in 10 that do, will buy again
  • Popcorn is growing as a snack food

Our Commitment

We protect the Scouting brand

from a 60 Minutes moment.

We protect your Scouts, leaders and consumers

  • Only popcorn company with 0g trans fat in ALL of our products
  • World-Class manufacturing with a fully automated facility
  • SQF Level III Certified (only 2% U.S. food producers qualify)
  • is PCI compliant, which is required to prevent fraudand keep consumer credit card numbers safe
  • is 100% COPPA compliant (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998)

Ideal Year of Scouting

Prepared. For Life.

2010 consumer spending2

Why Do We Sell Popcorn?

Why Do We Sell Popcorn?

2010 Consumer Spending


a Great, Robust, Rewarding and…

FUN Scouting Program Year!


Why Do We Sell Popcorn?




Assumes 35% Unit Commission & 4% Prize

Current Sales per Scout = $ 136

Sales Needed to meet budget = $389


Ideal Year of Scouting Steps

  • Planning – March through June
  • Budgeting – June / July
  • Goal Setting – July / August
  • Communicating the Plan to Parents & Scouts – August / September
  • Earning the Money – September / October
  • Executing the Program Plan – Rest of Year

Ideal Year of Scouting Purpose

How Can We Help?

  • How Can the Ideal Year of Scouting Help You?
  • Stop having to ask your parents to do fundraiser or for more money all the time
  • Retain your registered youth and attract new youth into Scouting
  • Improve the overall quality of program and health of your Unit
  • Make sure that a HIGHER number of interested potential Scouts / parents join Scouting vs. walk out of sign-up night
  • Have the ability to send more Scouts to different camping opportunities
  • Allow your Scouts to experience things they otherwise would never do
2010 consumer spending3

Dream BIG for Your Program!

2010 Consumer Spending

Pack 328 Example

What will YOUR Unit do this year? Where will YOUR Unit go?


Tips for Success in 2014

Prepared. For Life.

2010 consumer spending4

PLAN Things Out

2010 Consumer Spending

Planning out these items will make you much more successful:

The Program Plan: Scouts and parents want to know HOW their participation will directly benefit them

The Popcorn Kickoff: Ask some parents to help, to make the event the most fun it’s ever been!

Your Sales Goals: Everyone does better when they have a goal

Sales Area: Make sure everyone in your community is asked to support Scouting. They will if asked!

2010 consumer spending5

Importance of Setting Goals

2010 Consumer Spending

The Unit’s goal for their fundraiser should be calculated so that

your Scouts’ Program costs are FREE.

Goals should be broken down to the Scout level:

Only 44% of parents say their

Scout set a sales goal.

Scouts who set goals averaged $626 in sales.

Scouts with no goal averaged $304 in sales.


Scout’s Plan to $600 and BEYOND!


I work at least two booths and I should get about $100.00 each time I work at least 1 hour. I signed up for the following: ____________ & ___________


By going around in my neighborhood & knocking on doors I should be able to get this amount. BUT I need my parent’s help as I know even as an older scout it’s unsafe for me to sell by myself.




By talking to my family & friends AND with my parents talking to their friends at work I should get at least the amount. But I have to ask in order to get the sale.



This is only the start! Imagine what happens when I keep selling? I could pay for my own Summer Camp!

2010 consumer spending6

The Kickoff is Crucial

2010 Consumer Spending

The kickoff is the single most important factor for

you to have a successful sale

Have a 30-minutefun-filled Popcorn Kickoff:

PLAN it out in advance

Make it FUN and FESTIVE!

Show parents what’s in it for them

Have giveaways and prizes

Prepare your Scouts

Have role plays and practice the sales script

Help your Scouts gain the confidence to sell!

2010 consumer spending7

Teaching Scouts How to Sell

2010 Consumer Spending

Want to close sales, improve confidence? Teach your Scouts to use the following approach:

Hi, my name is _____ and I’m a Cub Scout with Pack ___.

I’m selling popcorn so I can earn my way to camp.

My goal is $____.

Will you help support me and Scouting?

“What are you selling?” –Answer: “The world’s best popcorn!”

More effective than asking, “Want to buy some popcorn?”

2010 consumer spending8

Communicate to Parents

2010 Consumer Spending

No one put their Son into Scouting to sell something. But funding comes from somewhere. Ask the community to support Scouting!

ALSO, it’s important to follow up after your kickoff andthroughout the sale with important sale information.

  • Use email, Facebook, and meetings to remind families about:
  • Sales goal for each Scout
  • Key sale dates
  • Scout rewards available
  • Online selling
  • I like handing my Pack’s parents a letter
  • Lists our Scouting program details
  • Has incentives, goals, tips
  • May consider having a “sale calendar” on it
2010 consumer spending9

Other Tips & Strategies

2010 Consumer Spending

“Organize” your selling area

Get Scouts out in neighborhoods the first week

Leave any site sales for after that first week

Keep your order forms for future years

Have “Unit Incentives” for your Scouts

Simple, easy items

Three big-ticket items shown to boys entire time

Visit Den Meetings during the sale

Hold a fun event after sale ends - prizes


Case Study: Pack 119

Farmington, Minnesota

Prepared. For Life.

under 5 000 in sales increased to 80 000
Under $5,000 in SalesIncreased to $80,000

Registered Scouts: 40 Scouts: 40

Registered Scouts: 35 Scouts: 40

Registered Scouts: 25 Scouts: 35

Registered Scouts: 40 Scouts: 40

Scouts: 50

Scouts: 60

Registered Scouts: 60

Registered Scouts: 70

break down scout sales goals to be less intimidating
Break Down Scout SalesGoals to be Less Intimidating

Example: Fall Trails End Popcorn Sale Using 5 Weeks of Sales


Example of Bonus Credits For Scout When Higher Sales Are Reached

If Scouts Sales Total

$0 - $999

If Scouts Sales Total


If Scouts Sales Total

$1750 and Up

2010 consumer spending10


2010 Consumer Spending

PLAN things out

Get your Unit’s Program Plan for upcoming year

Write your “Letter to the Parents”

Plan your Unit’s Popcorn Kickoff

Organize your sales area

Discuss w/Committee a revenue-sharing plan

Use the Online Selling Card

Have “Unit Incentives” for your Scouts

Get Scouts out in neighborhoods the first week

Keep momentum going, stay enthusiastic!

Have a “celebration” event in January!


Questions, Comments?

Prepared. For Life.