end of course exams
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End of Course Exams

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End of Course Exams. A Review of Spring 2014 Guide Middle School Principals, Assistant Principals and School Testing Coordinators. Guide Developed on Best Information. The guide is designed to cover the following areas: Courses and Content Suggested Course Numbers Participants

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end of course exams

End of Course Exams

A Review of Spring 2014 Guide

Middle School Principals, Assistant Principals and

School Testing Coordinators

guide developed on best information
Guide Developed on Best Information
  • The guide is designed to cover the following areas:
    • Courses and Content
    • Suggested Course Numbers
    • Participants
      • Students with Disabilities
      • ELL Students
      • Students with 504
      • All others
    • Opt Out
    • Administration times and schedules
    • Accommodations
    • Test Materials
    • Scoring
    • Passing Scores
    • Using the EoC as a Grade
eocs available from ped eocs administered in aps
EoCs Available from PED EoCs Administered in APS
  • PED has developed EoCs that are listed on their site as designed for grades 6-12 and for 9-12:
    • Algebra I and Algebra II
    • Biology and Chemistry
    • Health
    • Art and Music
    • NM History, Economics, Government, US History, World History
    • English Language Arts Writing and Reading 11 and 12 (III, IV)
    • PE
    • General Computer Applications
    • Spanish I
    • Spanish Language Arts
  • EoCs are designed for all students who are enrolled in the courses associated with the exam
    • At the time the exam is administered
    • Suggested course numbers are in the guide
  • Students with disabilities may participate
  • English Language Learners –
    • in English or in Spanish
  • Students with 504 Accommodation Plans
  • Students who Opt Out
  • Students with severe disabilities may consider the NMAPA as the alternate as PED has not provided an alternative EoC
    • Students with severe disabilities who are enrolled in a content course for socialization or for goals other than the content use NMAPA
  • Students who have completed the course the first semester
administration and times for testing
Administration and Times for Testing
  • EoCs are designed for about 90 minutes.
  • Extra time rule of thumb from PARCC ½ again as much time as estimated 90 + 45 BUT NOT TIMED.
  • Students may not have unsupervised breaks while they are completing a test.
  • Students may take tests via Data Director on line or paper/pencil.
  • Do not start students with extra time accommodations in the afternoon if there are not 2.5 hours after lunch.
split tests
Split Tests
  • Any split tests may be administered as one complete test in one sitting
  • If the exam in one content is split
    • Both parts must be completed in order to attempt a passing score.
    • If a student completes one part and fails to complete the other, and their answer document is scored All unanswered items will be counted wrong
      • The student must make up the missing part or you must consider this an invalid attempt and not submit for scoring
  • Most common ones are
    • Read aloud,
    • More time,
    • scribe, and/or assistive devices
  • Students with IEPs or 504s are afforded the same accommodations as they have for the same content in SBA (math, science, writing)
  • IEPs do not address social studies
    • Legal opinion is that student should be provided same accommodations as other content areas (e.g. math or science)
  • ELL students may use word-word dictionaries or translators (headphones)
  • Other students for whom you provide accommodations may have them as this EoC was developed as a class final,
  • Class sets of 40 will be provided to each teacher
    • for each course they teach that is on the list
  • Counts are being run from SchooloMax
  • Counts to the School Test Coordinator who will review with principal
  • Additional booklets can be ordered through Testing Services Center
  • Answer documents are printed at Testing Services Center
opt out participants scoring
Opt Out (Participants, Scoring)
  • Parents may opt out their students from any or all of the EoCs
    • Must provide the signed form
    • Mark the EoCs on the reverse side that their student will not take
  • Provide the student with reasonable educational activities
  • Must not adversely affect student’s grade or any other activities
    • Can’t remove student from a pizza party or field trip for participants
    • Exception: if the student fails to do their assigned work
  • If teachers give a participation grade for students taking the EoC, then students who opt out earn that grade if they participate in the assigned work.
passing and grades
Passing and Grades
  • Passing scores for new fall EoCs will be available in April.
  • Data Director will score to the key but will not provide a pass/fail until we have the scores from PED.
  • Do not use the EoC as a class final exam grade.
    • May use PARTICIPATION in the EoC or alternative assignment as a homework. Participation or class assignment grade ONLY
true or false cite evidence from the text
True or False: Cite Evidence from the Text
  • A student may go back to Part 1 after starting Part 2.(only if the two parts are being administered as one test (see page 24
  • Students who completed NM History 1st semester should take the EoC now.
  • Students with accommodations of read aloud for math may not have the same accommodation for social studies.
  • The NM History exam is written to 9-12 grade standards and still may be administered to middle schoolers.
  • All of the PED developed EoCs are applicable to APS middle school students.
  • Class sets of tests are provided to encourage on-line testing.
  • A student may enter 9th grade having already met the SS requirement.
true or false continued
True or False - continued
  • Student who are not special education or ELL or have a 504 Plan may have accommodations. If true, why?
  • As soon as you scan the EoCs you will be able to report pass/fail status to each student.
  • Students who opt out may be given work that is graded for a classwork or assignment grade.
  • After passing scores are obtained from PED the EoC may be used as a class final grade.
  • Students passing the EoC who are enrolled in summer school may drop their summer school course and consider the course passed.