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Keith Scott (AD) Dai Stanton (DAD)

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Keith Scott (AD) Dai Stanton (DAD) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SPACE INTERNETWORKING SERVICES (SIS) AREA REPORT. Keith Scott (AD) Dai Stanton (DAD). SIS Area Report Meeting Demographics. 2. SIS Area Report. Motion Imagery Applications (MIA) WG. Goals: WG review of ‘ Digital Motion Imagery’ Red 1 CESG changes

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Keith Scott (AD)

Dai Stanton (DAD)


SIS Area Report

Motion Imagery Applications (MIA) WG

  • Goals:
    • WG review of ‘Digital Motion Imagery’ Red 1 CESG changes
    • Review Green Book published 11/10 for accuracy
    • Discuss future projects
    • Review Interoperability Test Plan
  • Working Group Status:
    • Red 1 released for Agency Review first week of April
    • Ready to perform first prototype / interoperability test by early Summer 2013
  • Remarks
    • Productive meetings but less participation than in previous meetings
    • Ready to begin reviewing RIDS
    • Red 1 Agency Review began four months later than originally expected--schedule updated in CWE
  • Plans
      • Considering 2 future projects– 1) Motion Imagery Device Control Service with SM&C & possibly 2) joint project with DTN for video application with bundle streaming service
      • Modified ESA/NASA Columbus HD video test plan to cover all required elements in the MIA Digital Motion Imagery xxx book – will serve as interoperability test report (will request waivers for commercial standards)
      • Slight update to Green Book published November 2010
  • Working Group Summary Situation:



SIS Area Report

Voice WG

  • Goals:
    • Review and agreement on the all new chapter 3 material of the Blue Book
      • Proximity Operations and Docking Voice added and reviewed
      • Search and Rescue Voice added and reviewed, more information is needed.
      • EVA and Vehicle to Vehicle voice has been added.
      • New crew IP voice conference, IP phone calls from Space and Audio file handling and voice/text conversion standards added
      • Audio File Formats added and reviewed.
    • Review and update of the security annex of the Blue Book
    • Proposal to update the Green book postponed until after finishing the Blue Book
    • Establish plan and schedule for Blue Book completion (schedule in framework updated
  • Working Group Status:
    • Tasks assigned for final update of Blue Book for review by Spring meeting (come out of Spring meeting to start Red-1 agency review)


    • Propose a joint meeting with DTN in the Fall (2013) to discuss streaming service over BP
    • Rework the book to add Blue-Book specific material
    • Section 3.5 (human outpost coms) will be moved to a future book
  • Working Group Summary Situation:

SIS Area Report

Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) Working Group

  • Goals:
    • Review Solar System Internetworking Architecture Green Book
    • Presentations on Erasure Coding under LTP and DTNPerf tool
    • Formulate BP-for-CCSDS test cases
    • Review future security work with SEA-Security WG
    • Update on NASA DTN Activities
    • Review progress on DTN interoperability and deployment / infusion efforts (JAXA, METERON)
  • Working Group Status:
    • LTP testing ready to begin (1 implementation ready, 1 nearly ready – need to identify developer)
    • Coordination of registries between IANA / SANA worked out and moving forward (need to poke dtnrg)
  • Joint / Cross-Area Meetings
    • Informal coordination between SIS-DTN and SEA-Security WGs to coordinate future security
  • Plans
  • Proceed with LTP Testing
  • Complete BP-for-CCSDS test plan and execute
  • Interim meeting with CSS-CSA WG to discuss the interrelationship among all the books dealing with SSI Architecture
  • Working Group Summary Situation:

SIS Area Report

CFDP 5-Year Refresh BoF

  • Goals:
    • Determine if there is enough agency interest to form a WG to update CFDP
      • Initial poll for agency resources to do the work (NASA, ESA)
    • Identify possible updates to CFDP (‘white book’)
      • In order to form a reasonable resource estimate (~50 work weeks, including all documents and interoperability testing)
    • Identify potential WG chair
  • BoF Status:
    • There does seem to be agency interest and a body of work that would be worth doing to update CFDP
  • Joint / Cross-Area Meetings
    • No
  • Plans
  • Move forward with WG formation
  • BoF Summary Situation:
Need to spin up WGs for Book Renewals:


  • SIS Area Report: Other

SIS Area Report: Summary

  • CFDP-over-Encapsulation Working Group
    • Submitted for RED-1 Agency review
  • Motion Imagery and Applications Working Group
    • Book out for Red 1 Agency Review
    • Opportunity for real-world interoperability test between NASA & ESA in early 2013
    • Beginning plans for future MIA books
  • Delay Tolerant Networking Working Group
    • About to start LTP interoperability testing
    • Reviewed BP for CCSDS book; started building interoperability test requirements and test cases
    • Good discussions of interoperability and deployment use cases
  • Voice Working Group
    • Revising Blue Book; general agreement on the content of the all new book
    • Target Red-1 agency review following Fall 2013 meeting
    • Proposal to update Green Book after finishing Blue Book
  • Other
    • CFDP Refresh BoF held; will propose WG formation
    • Joint JAXA / NASA DTN interoperability testing
    • Need to spin up SCPS-TP refresh WG
      • May be pro-forma
  • Current resource agreements and schedules reflected in CWE.
    • SIS-DTN Network Management projects have not started due to resource constraints; resources for these have not been identified yet
    • Prototyping resources for some prototypes have yet to be identified, but we don’t anticipate any issues
sis resolutions resulting from spring 2013 meeting
SIS Resolutions Resulting From Spring 2013 Meeting
  • Will propose formation of CFDP 5-year Refresh WG