Approve/Deny training request
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Approve/Deny training request. Dernière mise à jour : 31/07/2014 Support RH : PeopleLink 2525 email : Manager Self Services Training guide My Learning Link. When denying a training request, the system will require you to comment.

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This guide will show you how to

Approve/Deny training request

Dernière mise à jour : 31/07/2014

Support RH : PeopleLink 2525 email :

Manager Self Services Training guide

My Learning Link

When denying a training request, the system will require you to comment.

BEWARE DIF 100% It is mandatory to comment why you denied a DIF 100% training requested by your employee (Legal compliance).

To find where you can approve/ deny training requests from your subordinates, go to Reports > Standard reports.

Register an external employee

In My Learning Link you can register your any of team member.

If you wish to provide training to an external employee (Person not paid by Schneider Electric), the manager has to fill in the following template:

Connect to the following link :

This guidewill show you how to ...

Assign a session

Select “Pending requests”.

  • Assign curriculum or material

Approve/Deny training request

Register an external employee (not paid directly by Schneider Electric)

  • In this screen you can see:

  • The name of your subordinate requesting for a training approval

  • Your training approval as an employee will have your name

  • Training name

  • The date of the request

  • The purpose of the request (Typology)

Create a new user password

Warning: You will need to contact by email PASS training to inform them about the profile creation and provide them with the title and the reference of the training that you want to register this employee to.

  • Should help be required on Training Plan, please contact Peoplelink:

  • By email:


  • By phone:

  • Dialing 25 25

  • Or external call +33 (0)1 70 48 88 88.

  • A counselor will answer you from Monday

  • to Friday from 8:30 5:30 p.m.

Enter the password of your choice in the appropriate space and tab confirmation password. Click submit to send the request to create a profile.

The account will be ready for use after being approved by PASS Training.

To accept click on the approve icon

To deny click on the deny icon


Warning: Once you have accepted or denied the training assignment, you will not be able to come back to this choice again by your own in My Learning Link. To do so, please contact PASS training administrator.

BEWARE DIF 100% : As a manager, you have 30 days to respond to a DIF 100% training request. Passed that time, the training will be automatically approved.

This guide will show you how to

Assign a curriculum/ material

Assign a training






1. “Non French contract” is a specific typology available for managers having in their team non French contract employees for whom the selection of typology is not mandatory.


2. By default all typologies are affected to regular request budget.

To assign a training part of a GPEC program, you must select the typology:

- “GPEC - Company Program”

Search for a curriculum / material by selecting the Learning Object in the search tab.

To access this screen : Welcome page> Search for training

When searching for a session to be assigned : for the training

2.Scroll down the page to find the Sessions tab

3.Select the session “Course waitlist”

4.Click on Request and then “Assign”

Please, do not use the button “Assign” at the event level.

In direct reports, select the employees of your choice to whom you want to assign the training.



When assigning a “Course waitlist” session for more than one employee with different typologies, the assignment must to be done by group of typology.

e.g.: Assigning 2 employees, 1 with adaptation to job & 1 with skill development, two assignments must be done.


In order to assign a training with typologies including the use of DIF hours (Skill development & DIF 100%), the system will require the employee to approve. In the mean time the status will be Pending Approval.

When assigning training with typologies excluding DIF hours (Adaptation to job, company program, Non French contracts), the system will automatically approve the training. Therefore the status will be registered.

  • To assign a curriculum / material :

  • Click on “Assign”

  • Select the training purpose

  • Click on “Submit ”

  • In direct reports, select the employees to assign the training.

  • Click on “Submit”

1.Select the Training Purposeof the session.

Purpose are training typologieswhich conditions the funding and DIF hours investment.

2.In direct reports, select the employees to assign the training.

3.Click on Submit

After submitting, you will see the different status of the training assignment.