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홈페이지 구성안 PowerPoint Presentation
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홈페이지 구성안

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홈페이지 구성안 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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홈페이지 구성안. 29 th May 2013. Concept. Concept of Gridwiz Website. Gridwiz Wizard of Smart Grid & Internet Main Purpose Online Promotion Product Service Contact information Recruit Future of Gridwiz Best Places to Work Recruit information Keywords

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홈페이지 구성안

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concept of gridwiz website
Concept of Gridwiz Website
  • Gridwiz

Wizard of Smart Grid & Internet

  • Main Purpose
    • Online Promotion
      • Product
      • Service
      • Contact information
    • Recruit
      • Future of Gridwiz
      • Best Places to Work
      • Recruit information
  • Keywords

Smart Grid, Smart Energy, Green IT, Energy Network, Energy Internet

Smart Energy Protocol 2.0 Protocol Stack, OpenADR 2.0 Protocol Stack, ISO/IEC15118, USNAP module, WiFi Communication Module, Ethernet Communication Module, Energy Gateway, Device and Chip, EV/EVSE PLC Modem, Smart Energy AMI System, Smart Energy Protocol Test Tool, EVSE Test Equipment, EV/EVSE International Standardization, Smart Energy Consulting Service and Education Service

site map
Site Map



SEP2.0 Protocol Stack

SEP2.0 Protocol Test Tool

OpenADR2.0 Protocol Stack

OpenADR2.0 Protocol Test Tool

EVSE Test Equipment

Smart Energy Gateway


Smart Energy Plug


USNAP Module


WIZnet Ethernet/WiFi Solutions

Smart Energy Application R&D


Smart Energy Consulting

Smart Energy Education/Conference

Standardization Activity

<- 삭제


Case Studies




White papers


About Gridwiz

About us

회사 소개, 채용공고


Contact us

약도, 연락처



- Products

sep2 0 protocol stack
SEP2.0 Protocol Stack

The G2H-SE2™ Software

In any emerging technology market, multiple standards and product platforms arise in parallel and the challenge of interoperability presents itself. Grid2Home is dedicated to enabling open standards-based Smart Energy products that work seamlessly together producing the highest consumer satisfaction and the biggest return on investment for companies developing those products..

The G2H-SE2 Software has been architected from the ground up to support interoperability across the Smart Grid ecosystem. Operating over wired and wireless networks, the G2H-SE2 Software enables communication across the Smart Grid. Grid2Home delivers complete software solutions that offer ease of integration and hardware architecture flexibility. The open standards-compliant G2H-SE2 Software is portable across all major HAN semiconductor platforms and operates over multiple physical layers including 802.15.4, 802.15.4g, 802.11 and PLC. Our open and flexible licensing model supports the needs of all of our customers including semiconductor manufacturers, smart device manufacturers and automotive companies.

Platform Components

The G2H-SE2 Software has 3 components, the protocol stack, application layer and tools & support. Each component adds unique value to the Smart Grid ecosystem..

The G2H-SE2 Protocol Stack

The G2H protocol stack is the foundation of the G2H-SE2 Software. Because the G2H-SE2 network protocol layers are designed not only to work flawlessly, but also to allow for maximum flexibility and customization, the product is unique in the Smart Grid market. The protocol stack is proven across multiple hardware platforms and works over all standards-based physical layers including 802.15.4, 802.15.4g, 802.11 and PLC..

Tools & Support

Robust tools and support help customers achieve fastest time to market for their Smart Grid devices.

G2H-SE2 tools facilitate product integration, application development and system test, giving Grid2Home customers superior level of support..

Reference Applications

The G2H-SE2 suite of reference applications provide customers a starting point for developing their end product applications, reducing the application integration burden and improving time to market.

Contact us for more information

Gridwiz is official Distributor of Grid2Home

sep2 0 protocol test tool
SEP2.0 Protocol Test Tool

Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Test System


  • Ad Hoc Tester allows user configurable DRLC, Pricing and Messaging test event scenarios on the fly
    • Generate, Perform and Test Load Shedding Event scenarios
    • User-specified Multi-Tier/Consumption Block based Price Events
    • User-specified Text Messaging events
  • Functional Conformance Test to SEP 2.0 PICS requirements plus additional rigorous tests
  • Windows-based application supporting Wi-Fi/Ethernet, IPv4, and IPv6
  • Ideal for testing devices like Smart Thermostats, Energy Service Interfaces, IHDs, Load Control devices, Smart Appliances and others


  • Validates conformance of SEP 2.0 Client and Server devices through testing of DRLC, Messaging, Pricing and core function sets
  • Quick and convenient method of creating SEP 2.0 traffic on the fly to test your devices
  • Thorough analysis of SEP 2.0 messages including conformance rules and key validations
  • Excellent test platform to prepare SEP 2.0 devices for interoperability in the field
  • Reference SEP 2.0 client and server implementations ideal for SEP 2.0 technology training and experimentation

Smart Energy Profile is the leading standard for interoperable products that monitor, control and automate the delivery and use of energy, gas, and water. The Smart Energy Profile standard supports the diverse needs of a global ecosystem of utilities, product manufacturers and government groups, and it gives consumers the information and automation needed to reduce their consumption and save money.

To ensure interoperability of products, the members of the Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability are working to develop common testing documents and processes for certifying SEP 2 interoperability. The members of the Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability (CSEP) are industry alliances including the ZigBee Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance and HomePlug Alliance.

Download the Brochure

Contact us for more information

Gridwiz is official Smart Grid Test Solution Distributor of QualityLogic

Ref URL:

openadr2 0 protocol stack
OpenADR2.0 Protocol Stack


Open Automated Demand Response (openADR) is a research and standards development effort for energy management led by North American research labs and companies. The typical use is to send information and signals to cause electrical power-using devices to be turned off during periods of high demand.

Demand Response (DR) is a set of actions taken to reduce load when electric grid contingencies threaten supply-demand balance or market conditions occur that raise electricity costs. Automated demand response consists of fully automated signaling from a utility, ISO/RTO or other appropriate entity to provide automated connectivity to customer end-use control systems and strategies. OpenADR provides a foundation for interoperable information exchange to facilitate automated demand response.

The OpenADR Alliance is composed of industry stakeholders that are interested in fostering the deployment of low-cost price- and reliability-based demand response communication protocol by facilitating and accelerating the development and adoption of OpenADR standards and compliance with those standards. These include de facto standards based on specifications published by LBNL in April 2009, as well as Smart Grid-related standards emerging from OASIS, UCA and NAESB.


The GW-OADR2 Software

The GW-OADR2 Software is OpenADR2.0 protocol stack for Energy devices. The protocol stack is proven across multiple low-end embedded platform and works over IP based communication technology including Ethernet, PLS and Wireless LAN. And Also support test tool and design guide. The GW-OADR2 testing on various types of energy device platform. Smart Meter, Smart Energy Gateway, Smart Plug and Smart Home Appliances.

Contact us for more information

Gridwiz is Member of OpenADR Alliance.

openadr2 0 protocol test tool
OpenADR2.0 Protocol Test Tool

OpenADR 2.0 Certification Test Harness

NEW! 'b' profile tests now shipping!

The OpenADR Alliance uses the OpenADR 2.0 Certification Test Harness developed by QualityLogic to certify OpenADR 2.0 devices. The same development and test tool is available to implementers of OpenADR so you can validate conformance to the specification prior to submitting your device for certification.

Test Suite Architecture

All OpenADR 2.0 interactions are between a Virtual End Node (VEN) and a Virtual Top Node (VTN). When a test is run, the test harness plays the role opposite that of the device under test. For instance, when testing a VEN Push implementation, the test harness will play the role of a VTN Push implementation.

The OpenADR 2.0 Certification Test Harness development and test tool contains four separate test suites:

  • VEN Push Test Suite
  • VEN Pull Test Suite
  • VTN Push Test Suite
  • VTN Pull Test Suite

Each test case has a defined a set of prerequisites, a test scenario consisting of a sequence of VEN/VTN message exchanges, and an expected result. Execution of a test scenario will result in payload exchanges between the DUT and the Test Harness.

Several forms of analysis are performed on this payload exchange:

  • Message interaction patterns are as expected, including correct response and request payloads
  • Properly formed XML
  • Conformance to OpenADR 2.0 schema
  • Specific conformance rules defined in the OpenADR Profile Specification are followed. For instance, an OpenADR 2.0a conformance rule states that the payload element signalType must contain the string "simple". This is not validated by the schema, so it is done as a separate conformance rule analysis step.
  • The intent of the test case is met. The test case may expect the VEN to send an optType of “optOut”, and if this is not received, the test case will fail.

Download the Brochure

Contact us for more information

Gridwiz is official Smart Grid Test Solution Distributor of QualityLogic

Ref URL:

evse test equipment
EVSE Test Equipment

Gridtest EV Charger Test System

  • Protocol tester for EV Charger
  • Automated and easy-to-use
  • Characterizes EVSE
  • Provides Pass/Fail results
  • Works with any EVSE
  • Customizable software
  • Traceability
  • Reporting


• Tests to SAE J1772™ and IEC 62196/61851-1 standards

• Automatic test suites for SAE J1772™ Level 1 Level 2 chargers

• Automatic test suites for IEC 61851-1 Mode 2 and Mode 3 chargers

• Unit can be used in Lab or transported - Portable and rugged

• One-button functionality testing

• Test report data is stored on SD card

• Operates on internal rechargeable battery or AC Power

• Software upgradeable


• Verification for R&D that EV charger meets SAE/IEC standards

• Quality and reliability testing for laboratories

• End of Line production testing

• Interoperability testing

• Tests smart grid EVSE integration

EVE-100S EV Charger Test System (Laboratory Test and Measurement)

The EVE-100S is a laboratory test and measurement tool for extended testing of EV Charging Stations. It runs automated and manual tests to confirm the operation and conformance of any SAE J1772™ / IEC 61851 compatible EVSE.

The EVE-100S provides detailed compliance testing of SAE J1772™ , a core a requirement for SAE J2953 Interoperability (currently being drafted).

The EVE-100S contains a powerful analyzer designed specifically for automated testing of EV Chargers. This provides high accuracy measurements of State Changes, Pilot PWM and GFI/RCD trip timing. The EVE-100S runs a sequence of test cases and analyses if each measured value is within the tolerance

specified by the SAE/ IEC standards.

Download the EVE-100S Datasheet

EVE-100J EV Charger Test System (Portable Test and Measurement)

The EVE-100J is a portable test and measurement tool for installation and field testing and maintenance of EV Charging Stations. It runs automated tests to confirm the electrical communication and safety features of SAE J1772™ / IEC 61851 compatible charging stations.

The EVE-100J incorporates an analysis of each measured value to validate that it is within the tolerance specified by the SAE/ IEC standards.

Download the EVE-100J Datasheet

Gridwiz is official Distributor of Gridtest

wiznet ethernet wifi solutions
WIZnet Ethernet/WiFi Solutions

WIZnet core technology, ‘TCP/IP Offload Platform’ is ASSP and silicon-proven IP for custom ASIC, which best fits OS-less device and is compatible with any Embedded OS. Also, its fully hardwired TCP/IP algorithm guarantees line speed by on-the-fly processing architecture that is independent of main processor.



- Services

smart energy education conference
Smart Energy Education/Conference
  • SEP2.0 Training program
  • OpenADR 2.0 workshop program
  • Technical Conference for Smart Energy


- resources

case studies tbd
Case Studies (TBD)
  • G3 PLC EV/EVSE SEP2 Application Reference System
  • ISO12139-1 EVSE SEP2 Application Reference System
  • OpenADR 2.0a Smart Plug
  • OpenADR 2.0a Smart Energy Gateway

뉴스 게시판.

Gridwiz소식 / Smart Grid News 구분

  • G2H 라이선스 계약
  • Loenk서브라이선스
  • Quality Logic 계약
  • Gridtest계약
  • OpenADR member
  • KSGA member

PDF 문서 등의 다운로드 링크

  • Company Overview (KR)
  • Company Overview (EN)
  • SEP2.0 stack
  • SEP2.0 test tool
  • OpenADR2.0 test tool
  • EVSE test equip


- About us

about gridwiz
About Gridwiz

Gridwiz Inc.

“Wizard of Smart Grid & Internet”

GRIDWIZ is a leading smart grid networking company providing SEP2.0, OpenADR2.0, USNAP, and ISO/IEC15118 stacks. The core technology of GRIDWIZ is based on over 15 years of Internet stack chip designing and manufacturing, and expanded it to smart energy standard stacks of SEP2.0, OpenADR2.0, and EV/EVSE. GRIDWIZ is currently involved in several Korean government R&D projects including demand response for appliances, EV-EVSE communication, and micro grid. Main products of GRIDWIZ are PLC modules, Energy Gateways, USNAP modules, Communication modules for smart meters and EVSEs, and software stacks of SEP2/OpenADR2/ISO15118. GRIDWIZ is also providing consulting services to R&D institutes, appliance makers, automakers, and device manufacturers in Korea.

Gridwiz Business Area

1. Standardization Activities & Consulting

  • Rep of KERI(Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute)
  • Rep of KATS(Korean Agency for Technology & Standards)
  • Covering Area
    • SEP2, OpenADR2.0, USNAP, ISO15118, ISO12139-1
  • Consulting for Appliance, Auto and PLC Makers

2. Government Smart Energy Project

  • “Development of Energy Demand Response System for Smart Home”
  • “KS-PLC Modem for EV/EVSE”
  • “Nano Grid Project”

3. Smart Energy Stack & Product

  • SEP2.0 Stack
  • OpenADR2.0 Stack
  • Smart Energy Gateway
  • Smart Plug & Smart Appliance
  • Smart Energy SoC




  • SEP2.0 Stack Licensee and Distributor


  • Smart Energy Test Tool Distributor

Gridtest systems

  • Infrastructure Test Equipment


OpenADR Alliance

  • OpenADR Alliance Member & Partner


  • Korea Smart Grid Association Member



  • Smart Energy Solution Partner


  • More???
contact us
Contact us
  • Gridwiz Inc. 9F, 115 Unjung-ro, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-Si, Gyeonggi, 463-440, Korea
  • Tel. +82-31-698-3380
  • Fax. +82-31-624-3380
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Gridwiz는 에너지의 효율적인 사용을 위한 통신기술을

창의적인 생각과 열린 마음으로 개발하고 제공한다.

CI의 가장 앞에 선 G는 에너지의 Power button을 상징

CI의 I 위에는 leaf가 환경을 상징

Green color는 환경을 위한 기술

Navy color는 신뢰를 중시하는 기업정신

Blue color는 창의적인 생각

Light Green은 열린 마인드