Presentation of our school
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Presentation of our school. Borcev za severno mejo. primary school. About school.

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Presentation of our school

Borcev za severno mejo

primary school

Presentation of our school

About school

You can find our school in Maribor, which is the second biggest city in Slovenia. It’s in the north-eastern part of Slovenia only 20 km from Austrian border. It was built by the Municipality of Maribor in 1979, so this year we celebrate the 30th anniversary of our school.

Presentation of our school

There are approximately 400 pupils at our school, 28 of them are Romanis (Gypsy) pupils. Over45 teachers are employed here.We have 26 classrooms and 2 gyms. We also have five grounds for PE in the back of our school.Our school is named after the soldiers for the northern line. The leader of the soldiers was a marshal and a poet, Rudolf Maister.

Presentation of our school

SCHOOL SYSTEM are Romanis (Gypsy) pupils.

Children in Slovenia start going to school when they are 6 years old and stay there for nine years. After nine years of primary education they go to secondary school. In our country primary school is compulsory but the secondary school is optional. The students stay in secondary school for three or four years. Secondary schools are usually in bigger towns, so children have to take a bus or a train, if they live far away from these towns. We also have dormitories, where students can stay if they live far away from their home. After secondary school most students go to university. Some students continue with their study abroad. In secondary school and university you can get a scholarship if you're a talented pupil or a student.

Presentation of our school

Activities at school are Romanis (Gypsy) pupils.

We have lots of different activities at our school:


- art club

-singing choir

-computer science

Presentation of our school

Art club is for everyone. In this club we learn different art techniques.

Gymnastics is usually for girls. They are from 6 to 11 years old.

Choirs: We have 3 singing choirs. One is for kids from 1st class. The second choir is for the kids from 2-4th class, and the third choir is for kids from 5th-9th class.

Computer science is for kids in the 4th, 5th and 6th class.

Presentation of our school

During our school year we have the following holidays. art techniques.

We have autumn or what we call “potato holidays”. They are in the last week of October.

For Easter we’ve got only Easter Monday off.

We have got winter holidays in February.

We’ve got Christmas holiday from 25th December to 2nd January.


Every year we have got special days at school.

We have got sports days, cultural days, technical days and science days.

Summer holidays start on 25th June and we’re free till the end of August.

We’ve got a week’s holiday in May.

Presentation of our school

Timetable in Slovene art techniques.

Class 9a

Presentation of our school

Timetable in English art techniques.

Class 9a

° -> it means that the subject is elective. Students can choose two to three subjects they want to attend.

* -> it means that the subject is going to appear or disappear after the start of the 2nd semester.

All other subject are compulsory and pupils have to attend them.

Presentation of our school

A day at school art techniques.

Normally lessons begin at 8.15. Sometimes they begin early – at 7.25, but only if you have an elective subject or help at selected subjects. From 1st -5th grade they have class lessons-all lessons are in the same classroom and they have breakfast during the first break. From 6th -9th grade students have subject lessons- lessons are in different classrooms and they have different teachers. Their long break (and breakfast) is at 9.55-10.15. Lunch is after you have finished with all the lessons. After school there are afternoon activities. Breaks usually last for five minutes, except the first break for 10 minutes and the main break for 20 min.

Every day one pupil from 7th to 9th grade is on turn to sit close to the entrance. This pupil has to do things like putting breakfast on tables, helping teachers, delivering announcements and lunch tickets.

Presentation of our school

Thursday,class 9a : art techniques.

A day at school

On Thursdays, for example, nine graders are having elective subjects at 7.25- German or Chemistry.

Next lesson is Slovene. A and B class are mixed up together in 3 different leveled groups, but only at Slovene, Maths and English. 1st, 2nd and 3rd group. 3rd is the best- there are students who have grades 4 or 5. We have 5 different grades- 1,2,3,4 and 5. 1 is the worst (negative grade), and student often have to remake it. 5 is the best grade.

2nd hour is History.

Then it’s the main break for breakfast. Breakfast is not for free - our parents have to pay for it.

Presentation of our school

3rd lesson is Maths. Next hour is Biology and this is the last hour for 9a class for the 1st semester.

9.B class has double period of arts –until 13.30. Then they go to lunch- if they want to- and go home. In 2nd semester they “exchange” this subject with the class 9a.

Presentation of our school

Menthors : last hour for 9a class for the 1st semester.

Mateja Barbarič

Metka Kozar


Ina Kidrič

Manja Tement

Manja Grace

Špela Mihelin

Miha Mihaljčič

Lucija Snežič

Powerpoint made by:Ina Kidrič

October 2009