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HOW DO YOU K NOW WHAT YOU K NOW? Or at least what you think you know? PowerPoint Presentation
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HOW DO YOU K NOW WHAT YOU K NOW? Or at least what you think you know?

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HOW DO YOU K NOW WHAT YOU K NOW? Or at least what you think you know?

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HOW DO YOU K NOW WHAT YOU K NOW? Or at least what you think you know?

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  1. ? ? ? HOW DO YOUKNOW WHAT YOU KNOW? Or at least what youthinkyou know? ? ? ? 1-1

  2. Review of DVD • Questions • Answers • The 6 days of creation are really 6,000 years, right? • Did God use evolution to create anything? • It’s okay to say something happened millions of years ago, right? • WRONG! They are just Normal Days!!! • NO!!! • WRONG! And we should tell our kids that it’s not okay every chance we get

  3. WHAT MOST PEOPLE THINK: Evolution is science... Creation is religion. 1-2

  4. BOTH ARE RELIGION • Religion: “any specific system of belief, worship, conduct, etc., often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy.” & held with great devotion • Who or what started everything, why, and what does it all mean? BOTH

  5. Initial Complexity vs. Disorganization • Creation: Everything started complex and is slowly becoming worse • Evolution: Everything started disorganized and is slowly becoming better

  6. EVOLUTIONISTSNone are true atheists Claim they believe in no God but that everything happened by natural processes Their God is called “natural processes” Some “god” created the universe using evolution • “Atheistic” evolutionists - There are few of these left • Most are “Theistic” • Intelligent design • Aliens or “God”

  7. EVOLUTIONISTS Evolution happened very slowly Evolution occurs in jumps – like x-men • Some believe in Neo-Darwinism • Most believe in Punctuated Equilibrium

  8. Creationists Creation happened over millions of years through evolution Creation happened around 4,000 years ago • Day Age Theory • What we believe: Recent Rapid Creation: Day Age Theory is the same as – THEISTIC EVOLUTION

  9. Review of 1st Class Questions Answers Religion Worse - “Initial Complexity” Better - “Initial Disorganization” • Is Evolution science or religion? • Creation believes the world started perfect and is getting __________ • Evolution believes the world started disorganized and is getting _________

  10. WRONG!!! Yep. Nope! all believe in some “god” Natural Processes or random chance • The Bible says that one kind of animal can evolve into another kind, right? • Does evolution say that given enough “millions of years”, any animal can evolve into any other animal? • Most evolutionists are atheists (don’t believe in God), right? – think hard . . . • The “god” of atheists is called _____________

  11. Punctuated Equilibrium says evolutions happens in sp_rts (like in x-men) • Neo-Darwinism says evolution happens sl__ly • Genesis 1-3 happened about how many years ago? • Day Age Theory & Progressive Creation are the same as Th__st_c Evolution • Spurts • Slowly • Around 4,000 years ago • Theistic

  12. WHEN WILL THIS REVIEW BE OVER? Smile because we’re almost done

  13. Present + Repeatable + Observable = SCIENCE

  14. TRUE SCIENCE We’re on page 4

  15. = Science which is Testable • Are we currently conducting an experiment about a pen? PRESENT • Can someone else repeat our complicated experiment? + Repeatable • Are there people here doing and watching the experiment? + Eyewitnesses

  16. Who was the first President? Past + Non-Repeatable + Eyewitness Account = HISTORY

  17. = HISTORY which is NOT testable Page 5 • Is G.W. currently the president? PAST • Will the same G.W. ever be president again? Can we ever re-live the revolution? + Non-Repeatable • Were there reliable people who saw and wrote about what G.W. did in the past? + Eyewitnesses

  18. Page 6 History or Belief?

  19. = Belief which is NOT testable • Are the pieces currently being put inside? PAST • Will this fossil ever be made for the 1st time again? How can we be sure how this fossil was put together? + Non-Repeatable • Are there any eyewitness accounts of when it was made? + No Eyewitnesses

  20. Present + Repeatable + Observable = SCIENCE Past + Non-Repeatable + Eyewitness Account = HISTORY Past + Non-Repeatable + No Eyewitnesses = BELIEF 1-9


  22. Last Questions • Which two are Non-Repeatable: Science History Belief • Which two must have Eye Witnesses Science History Belief • Which is history and which is only belief? Evolution Creation = Only Belief!!! = History!!!

  23. Page 8 THE ORIGINS CONTROVERSY: Not Science vs. Religion, but Religion vs. Religion. CREATION EVOLUTION is a religion based on REVELATION. is a religion based on SPECULATION. 1-13

  24. IS IT LOGICAL TO BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION? IF man evolved from apes, Your brain evolved from an ape brain. IF your brain evolved from an ape brain, Your logic evolved from ape logic. How do you know it evolved right? Maybe you’re not even asking the right questions! Evolution is logical ONLY if you are a modified ape. 1-14

  25. HOW CAN YOU BE SURE YOU REALLY EXIST? (Could you be living in “The Matrix”?) Descartes: “I think, therefore I am.” If you didn’t exist, there would be no one to ask the question! Did you make yourself? Either (1) you have always existed, or (2) you made yourself and forgot about it, or (3) something out-side yourself -- your concept of God -- made you. Would God take the trouble to make you and then completely deceive you about reality? If not, maybe your senses are at least partially reliable. There really is a universe out there! 1-15

  26. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO “KNOW” SOMETHING? 1. Personal Experience through the five senses. I know a bee sting hurts; I know how to ride a bike. 2. Reliance on Authority. I know the sun is 93 million miles away; Jesus loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. 3. Logic. I know 2 million + 2 million = 4 million, even though I’ve never counted that high. I know I have a brain, even though I’ve never seen it. 4. Feeling or Intuition. I know she’s the one for me; I know God has called me to the ministry. 6. Bluffing (lying) - you try to persuade others for an ulterior motive. You should buy these tickets from me because I know this team is going to the Super Bowl this year; I know evolution is a fact! 5. Wishful Thinking (you really want it to be true) I just know I’m going to win the lottery! 1-16

  27. REASONS TO BELIEVE OTHERS WHO TRY TO PERSUADE US OF WHAT THEY “KNOW” IS IT BECAUSE: (1) They claim to havepersonal experience, OR (2) They appeal to an authority we trust, OR (3) We have checked out their logic and found it trustworthy? OR are we willing to trust their (4) intuition, (5)wishful thinking, or (6)bluffing? 1-17

  28. THE PREHISTORIC PAST: 1. No living person haspersonal experience. 2. There are no eyewitness accounts except theBible, which is unacceptable to skeptics. SO HOW DO WE “KNOW” ABOUT THE BEGINNING? ThroughLOGIC ONLY. 1-18

  29. CONVERSES IN LOGIC If I am at Mount Everest, then I am at the highest mountain in the world. TRUE. THE CONVERSE: If I am at the highest mountain in the world, then I am at Mount Everest. ALSO TRUE. A converse is reliable ONLY if there is an exact one-to-one match between the “If” and “Then” parts - a biconditional (“if and only if”). 1-19

  30. THE INVALID LOGIC OF EVOLUTION If I am at Victoria Falls, then I am at one of the largest waterfalls in the world. TRUE. THE CONVERSE: If I am at one of the largest waterfalls in the world, then I am at Victoria Falls. FALSE. (not reliable) A converse is NOT reliable if there is more than one possibility. 1-20


  32. THE INVALID LOGIC OF EVOLUTION If I am at Victoria Falls, then I am at one of the largest waterfalls in the world. TRUE. THE CONVERSE: If I am at one of the largest waterfalls in the world, then I am at Victoria Falls. FALSE. (not reliable) If evolution is true, then the universe and life would exist. TRUE. THE CONVERSE: If the universe and life exist, then evolution is true. FALSE. (not reliable) All teaching of “evolution only” in schools rests on the invalid use of a logical converse. 1-22


  34. EVEN WITH CORRECT LOGIC, FALSE PREMISES CAN LEAD TO FALSE CONCLUSIONS. All dogs bark. (Or, “If an animal is a dog, then it barks.”) Fido is a dog. Therefore, Fido barks. Not if Fido is a Basenji! Basenjis do not bark. If any oneof our premises is wrong, then our conclusion is unreliable. 1-24

  35. HOW TO TELL SCIENCE FROM STORYTELLING 4. HOWcould I test this to see if it’s true? 1. WHO said they saw it? Can I trust them? WHAT NOT? HOW? WHAT? GOD? 2. WHAT did they actually see? WHO? 5. What does GOD have to say about it? HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT? 3. WHAT are they NOTtelling me? 1-25