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The Path to Victory

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The Path to Victory - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Path to Victory. Seeking Loyalist Support, The British Invaded the South—But ultimately lost the war there. Key Terms : Guerillas Pacifist Battle of Yorktown. Key People : Lord Cornwallis. Key Vocabulary and Key People. Southern Home Cooking.

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the path to victory

The Path to Victory

Seeking Loyalist Support, The British Invaded the South—But ultimately lost the war there

key vocabulary and key people
Key Terms:



Battle of Yorktown

Key People:

Lord Cornwallis

Key Vocabulary and Key People
southern home cooking
Southern Home Cooking
  • The British Turned to the south to gain support from the loyalists in hopes of winning the war
  • The British also Gained support of the Slaves who wanted their freedom
  • They also wanted easier transportation between the West Indies and the South
  • Great Britain, led by Henry Clinton would capture Georgia, South Carolina, and Charlestown, defeating the 5000 troop southern army
the fabulous mr fox
The Fabulous Mr. Fox
  • Horatio gates and Baron de Kalb led a new Southern Army to South Carolina to fight General Lord Cornwallis
  • The Patriots used the help of a group of South Carolina Patriots to Gather information about the land
  • They would also be used to destroy British Communication Ships.
magilla gurrilla
Magilla Gurrilla**
  • Gates and his troops would encounter the British at Camden and retreat, leading to de Kalb’s Death and the end of Gates as a leader
  • The Defeat at Camden also sent Morale to new low
  • Francis Marion would capture British troops transporting American Prisoners and cut off the British Supply Line to Charlestown
  • Marion would use Guerilla Raids to weaken the British Army with surprise attacks and vicious raids
slaughterhouse five
Slaughterhouse Five
  • During the Battle of Kings Mountain American Soldiers Slaughtered the Loyalist Armies and Hung the Survivors
  • Nathanial Greene Became the new general in the south and the former Quaker left his Pacifist Ways to help defeat the British
  • Greene would Avoid BIG battles and defeat the British by tiring them out and then fighting them
  • As the War neared six years, some British began to think about granting America their Independence
the beginning of the end
The Beginning of the End
  • General Cornwallis set up his military base in Virginia at Chesapeake Bay
  • Washington had the French Navy Blockade Chesapeake Bay to prevent supplies from reaching Yorktown
  • Unable to escape, Washington would send troops from the north to Trap Cornwallis on the Peninsula
  • With the help of French General Jean Rochambeau, Washington's Plan Worked
the end of the beginning of the end
The End of the Beginning of the End
  • As British supply ships tried to reach the colonies they were held off by French troops
  • The British would be bombarded by French and American Troops at the Battle of Yorktown and would surrender on October 19th 1781
  • After the British Loss Lord North and his Generals would resign and the New Leaders would write a Peace treaty to end the war