The essential jesus
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The Essential Jesus. The Infancy Narratives & the Baptism of Jesus. Assignments. (due Mon., 4/11) Print out PPt notes (3/pg w/ lines for notes; Read pp. 82-87 > “…our ordinariness”; RQs 1-7, p. 91 ( due Weds., 4/27) Read pp. 87-90; RQs 8-12, p. 91

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The essential jesus

The Essential Jesus

The Infancy Narratives & the Baptism of Jesus


  • (due Mon., 4/11) Print out PPt notes (3/pg w/ lines for notes; Read pp. 82-87 > “…our ordinariness”; RQs 1-7, p. 91

  • (due Weds., 4/27) Read pp. 87-90; RQs 8-12, p. 91

  • (due Thurs., 4/28) Read pp. 91-97; RQs 1-5, p. 97

  • (due Fri., 4/29) Read JPII quotes, choose a favorite, and write 1 pgph. reflection


  • (due Weds., 5/4) Read pp. 97-100; do “Miracles” exercise on pp. 100-101.

  • (due Fri., 5/6) Read pp. 101-103; RQs on p. 103


  • (due ., 4/12) Parent Interview:

    • Why is Xmas celebrated on Dec. 25th?

    • What is the most important meaning of Christmas?

    • Written summary of parents’ response/reaction


  • (due ., /) / Activity 2, p. 127 (Add: Has your Confirmation been a real, mature “owning” of your faith? Why or why not?)

  • (Tues., 5/10) TEST on Ch. 3

    • Review Questions

    • Notes (Netclassroom)

    • Ppt notes


  • (due ) All preps complete for classes on Gospels

  • (due ) Mark

  • (due ) Matthew

  • (due ) Luke

  • (due ) John

Infancy narratives
“Infancy Narratives”

  • In Matthew & Luke only… why?

    • Early Christians’ preaching (kerygma) about the Risen Christ focused on

      • Death and resurrection

      • Life, teachings & deeds/miracles

    • Only later are Christians interested in birth/childhood of Jesus

    • Mark: earliest Gospel; pre-dates this interest

Matthew luke

Ancestry of Jesus

Conception of Jesus

Born in Bethlehem

Visit of the Magi

Escape into Egypt

Slaughter of Innocents

Return to Nazareth in Galilee

Jesus’ & John’s births foretold



Birth/circmcsn of John


J the B’s “hidden life”

Birth of Jesus

Visit of Shepherds

Presentation in Temple

Jesus’ “hidden life”

Jesus at 12: lost in Temple

Matthew Luke

Infancy narratives1
“Infancy Narratives”

  • Matthew: Jewish audience

    • Joseph’s perspective (descendant of David)

    • Features Joseph, Herod, Magi & flight into Egypt: Why?

  • Luke: Outcast Gentile audience

    • Mary’s perspective (lowly/woman, etc.)

    • Features Mary, Shepherds, Simeon: Why?

The betrothal mt 1 18 25
The Betrothal (Mt. 1:18-25)

  • Jewish betrothal

    • A blessing of the relationship

    • Official commitment as binding as marriage

    • Lasted one year

    • Broken only by a divorce

The annunciation lk 1 26 38
The Annunciation (Lk. 1:26-38)

  • Angel Gabriel announces to Mary that she is to conceive and bear a Son

    • “angel” from Gk. = Messenger/ bringer of news

    • Pictured as ray of light: why?

  • NOT the “Immaculate Conception”

The annunciation
The Annunciation

  • Mary

    • Probably young teenager

    • Completely surrenders to God: “Behold, the handmaid of the Lord; let it be done to me as you say.”

Coming of the messiah
Coming of the Messiah

  • Means “the Anointed One”

    • Ie. The King (“King of kings”)

  • Hebrew= mesch’iah

  • Greek= christos

  • Jesus the Christ… the Anointed One of Israel

The visitation lk 1 39 80
The Visitation (Lk.1:39-80)

  • Mary visits Elizabeth

  • Shows Mary’s love/ unselfishness

  • Parallels between Elizabeth/John the Baptist and Mary/Jesus

Joseph s dream
Joseph’s Dream

  • In Matthew, Joseph is visited by an “angel” in dream

  • He, the faithful Jew, takes care of everything “according to the Law”

Why bethlehem
Why Bethlehem?

  • Roman Census

  • Tension between Herod & Roman emissaries: census unpopular (“We should have no ruler except the Lord!”)

Why bethlehem1
Why Bethlehem?

  • Joseph of David’s line

  • Bethlehem= David’s city

  • Prophecy: “For you, Bethlehem, are in no way the least among the cities of Judah, for from you shall come forth a shepherd of my people Israel.” (Micah 5:2)

The birth of jesus
The Birth of Jesus

  • “Nativity” from Latin nativitas=birth

  • “Christmas” from Old English Christes Maesse = the Mass of Christ

  • Not originally a feast

The birth of jesus1
The Birth of Jesus

  • Date unknown

  • Dec. 25 may be end of “Saturnalia”, Roman feast of the “birth of the Sun”

  • For more:

The presentation
The Presentation

  • Circumcision: initiated child into community

  • Presentation: consecration (making holy/ setting apart/ making special) of firstborn unto God

  • Purification: of mother, after birth

Visit of magi
Visit of Magi

  • Midrash?

  • Gifts symbolize Christ as:

    • Priest (incense)

    • King (gold)

    • Prophet who will suffer for message (myrrh)

Baptism of jesus
Baptism of Jesus

  • John the Baptist

    • Link between Old & New Testament

    • Last of OT Prophets

    • Prepared People for coming of the Messiah

Baptism of jesus1
Baptism of Jesus

  • Baptism for repentant sinners

  • Jesus is baptized for our sins

  • Jesus “like us in all things, except sin.”

Baptism of jesus2
Baptism of Jesus

  • “Confirmation” of Jesus… “This is My Beloved Son in Whom I am well pleased.”

  • Shows presence of the Trinity (Father, Son & Holy Spirit)

Temptation of jesus
Temptation of Jesus

  • Immediately after Baptism

  • Desert = Trial/struggle

  • Tempted away from:

    • Suffering

    • Serving

    • Submission only to the Father

Beginning of ministry
Beginning of Ministry

  • “Inauguration” in synagogue (a “bringing together”/ gathering)

  • Clear prophecy of Messiah

  • Why so hard to believe?

Jesus the teacher
Jesus the Teacher

  • Teacher= rabbi (sometimes “Master” in film)

  • Core teaching= the coming of the “Kingdom of God” or “Rule of God”

Jesus the teacher1
Jesus the Teacher

  • Teacher= rabbi (sometimes “Master” in film)

  • Core teaching= the coming of the “Kingdom of God” or “Rule of God”

Miracles as signs
Miracles as “Signs”

What are the miracles?

  • Teras = “marvel”

  • Dynamis = “power”

  • Semion = “sign”

    What is the most important part of the miracles? Of what are the miracles powerful signs?

Miracles as proclamation
Miracles as Proclamation

  • Jesus proclaimed God’s rule over

    • Sin (forgiveness of sinners)

    • Sickness (cures of illnesses)

    • Death (raising the dead)

  • Jesus proclaimed Himself as promised Messiah

Miracles as invitations
Miracles as Invitations

  • Miracles open us…

    • to see… to hear… to experience…

      …the deeper, long-term meaning of Jesus

  • What is that meaning for you?

Responding to jesus miracles
Responding to Jesus’ Miracles

  • Acceptance/ Faith

  • Rejection/ Disbelief

  • Impressed/ Apathy

  • What is your response? What do you “make” of Jesus’ miracles?