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School Council Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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School Council Meeting

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School Council Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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School Council Meeting. 2012 – 2013 Meeting 2 Friday 30 th November. Student Leadership Group. School Council – Taliesin. Amy Davies. Nikki Deneen. Jack Johnson. Year 10 Jack Rees. Year 11 Bethan Burrows. Year 9 Molly Gasson. Taliesin Agenda .

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Presentation Transcript
school council meeting
School Council Meeting

2012 – 2013

Meeting 2

Friday 30th November

school council taliesin
School Council – Taliesin

Amy Davies

Nikki Deneen

Jack Johnson

Year 10



Year 11

Bethan Burrows

Year 9



taliesin agenda
Taliesin Agenda

1. Bins hooked on the tables in the canteen

2. Keep students updated on number of merits.

3. Outside - Astroturf, concrete or

fake grass instead of the grass and mud.

4. GCSE options

1 bins on the tables
1. Bins on the tables
  • KS4 students said that the bins in the middle of the table can be quite off putting when eating your food and requested that they are moved to the ends of the tables.
  • Mrs Keane said this is something that can be looked into. Will price hooks for ends of table and also speak to Technology about maybe designing one.
2 updates on merits
2.Updates on merits
  • Must speak to your TFL’s, this information is available for them to discuss with you. Speak to HOH.
3 outside seating grass
3. Outside – seating / grass
  • Desire to have the gates opened and to have more seating space.
  • Mrs Keane agreed that there is limited space behind the canteen, however if we open the gates it will disturb those students in classes having lessons.
  • Mrs Keane said she has already looked into moving the gates back and bringing the ‘seating mushrooms’ closer to the canteen, still looking at prices.
  • Grass area a problem, due to bad weather, mud etc. Mrs Keane has looked at laying tarmac and other materials – very costly. Now considering imitation grass being laid. Practical but also look attractive. A local primary school is having this laid in the new year, some reps will be able to join Mrs Keane in going to see this ‘fake grass’.
4 gcse options
4. GCSE options
  • Students requested GCSE options which can prepare your for A Level choices.
  • Mrs Keane explained that each year students are asked which choices they would like to see available. Mrs Keane said that she will go back and look at all of the collaboration options and again look into courses that are wanted.
  • Mrs Keane said that the curriculum in Wales is changing and we have to change options to remain in line with it.

Feedback from last meeting

  • Blazers – Previously discussed and shown to the School Council


  • £819.28 raised for Children in Need. Mrs Keane said this is the most that we have ever raised in one event and on one day. Congratulations!
  • Next opportunity – Cluster Carol Concert – buckets for St Anne’s Hospice.


  • Jordan Fletcher spoke about Eco.
  • Recruiting for the Eco committee (advert).


  • Kayleigh Barry will be setting up SNAG committee before Xmas.

Cluster Council Meeting

  • 14th December - 11am. Year 7 and Year 8 School Council reps invited to talk to Year 5 and Year 6 students about Transition.
diolch taliesin
  • This year represent your house, use your voice and remember …

‘make your words speak louder’.