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New Mexico FFA

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New Mexico FFA. Agricultural Mechanics Career Development Event Welding and Metal Working. Abrasive Cut-Off Saw. Abrasive saw blade material is used to cut metal. Acetylene Regulator.

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new mexico ffa

New Mexico FFA

Agricultural Mechanics

Career Development Event

Welding and Metal Working

abrasive cut off saw
Abrasive Cut-Off Saw
  • Abrasive saw blade material is used to cut metal.
acetylene regulator
Acetylene Regulator
  • Used to reduce the high acetylene cylinder pressure to a workable constant prssure. Hose and cylinder connections are left handed threads.
brazing rod
Brazing Rod
  • Used as a filler rod when braze welding. May or may not be flux coated.
copper coated mild steel welding rod
Copper Coated Mild Steel Welding Rod
  • Used as a filler rod for mild steel oxy-fuel welding. The copper coating prevents rusting
cutting torch tip
Cutting Torch Tip
  • Used with a cutting torch handle when oxy-fuel cutting. The tip size is determined by the thickness of the metal.
cutting torch
Cutting Torch
  • Used with the cutting tip when oxy fuel cutting steel.


  • A coated metal wire used for shielded metal-arc welding a variety of metals.

Electrode Holder

  • Used to mechanically hold the electrode while conducting current from the electrode lead.
flashback arrestor
Flashback Arrestor
  • Used to limit damage from a flashback by allowing the gases to flow in only one direction, preventing the flame from burning back into the equipment.
friction lighter
Friction Lighter
  • Used to light torch’s for cutting and welding. Safer than using matches or a lighter.

Ground Clamp

  • Used to connect the ground lead (cable) to the work. This provides a completed electrical circuit.
inert gas regulator
Inert Gas Regulator
  • Regulates shielding gases such as argon, helium and carbon dioxide. Used for MIG and TIG welding.

Leather Gloves

  • Used to protect the hands from the ultraviolet rays and spatter of hot metal.
mig tips
MIG Tips
  • MIG tips guide the welding wire through the gun nozzle.
mig welding gun
MIG Welding Gun
  • Used to deliver the wire and shielding gas to the weld surface.
mig wire
MIG Wire
  • Used as filler wire for the MIG welding process. May be bare wire or flux cored.
mig nozzle gel
MIG Nozzle Gel
  • Coating applied to lubricate the welding wire and tip for smoother wire flow during the welding process and cut down on splatter.

Oxygen Regulator

  • Used to reduce the high oxygen cylinder pressure to a workable constant pressure. Hose and cylinder connections are right-handed threads.
pipe cutting guide
Pipe Cutting Guide
  • A variety of different types of guides that clamp around pipe to aid in cutting angles etc. Pipe cutting guides are available in a variety of sizes.
porcelain gas cup
Porcelain Gas Cup
  • Non-metallic cup that directs the flow of shielding gases when TIG welding.
protective leather sleeves apron or coat
Protective Leather, sleeves, apron or coat
  • Used to protect the body from harmful ultraviolet rays and hot molten spatter while welding.

Slag or Chipping Hammer

  • Used for slag removal from shielded electrode weld.

Tip Cleaner

  • Used to clean and partially recondition both welding and cutting tips.
torch handle
Torch Handle
  • Used to mix fuel gasses and oxygen in the correct proportions.
tungsten electrode
Tungsten Electrode
  • Non-consumable electrode that generates the arc when TIG welding. Can be purchased in a variety of sizes.
vise grip welding clamp
Vise Grip Welding Clamp
  • With its flat and “U” shaped jaws, it is used to clamp metals quickly.

Welding/Cutting Goggles

  • Used to protect eyes from damaging light rays and heat rays that may prove destructive to eye tissue. Should not be used for arc welding.

Welding Helmet

  • Used to protect the eyes and face from the harmful arc rays and molten spatter produced when arc welding.

Welding Tip

  • Used for all types of oxy-fuel brazing and welding.

Wire Brush

  • Used to prepare metal for welding or cutting. Removes slag or rust . May be used to clean parts of machinery.