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  1. Menspace Kit Cowey, Pierce O’Reilly, Jenny Smith and Laura McHugh

  2. Our Aims We want to create a feel good film about Menspace which will capture the essence of the group and show how it benefits the community and it’s individual members. The film is intended for use on the Menspace/Health for all website in order to give the public more of an awareness of the group and an insight to what it does for people.

  3. Things to consider • Making sure the members are comfortable with themselves and their children being filmed. We have combatted this by spending a couple of sessions just spending time with the group without cameras. • Communicating with the members in an appropriate way • Being selective when filming and editing and being sure to remember we only have 3 minutes.

  4. Challenges we have faced. We have come across a couple of problems during our filming process, for example one of the group organisers of The Bridge wasn’t happy with her group being filmed. We have also had an issue where a member who we spent time with and intended to be a central character in our film was absent during the filming sessions. Our only other problem has been where we were unable to film a session due to inability to book equipment out. It is a shame we have missed out on some good footage but we believe we have enough footage to create a good film without these problems.

  5. Here are some images and snaps from filming.

  6. We’ve really enjoyed working with Menspace and seeing the work they’re doing. During filming we have conducted several interviews with the members and through this we have been given a real insight into it’s importance and developed a real appreciation for the group. We think this understanding of the group will help us create a better and more insightful film and we are very optimistic about the outcome.