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Staňkov. Authors: Leoš Bárta and David Bozděch. General information.

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Sta kov

Authors: Leoš Bárta and David Bozděch

General information
General information

Stankov is a town situaded on the river Radbuza between Pilsen and Domazlice.It lies at an altitude of 387m above sea level, area of the municipality is 2049 hectares and the current population of the 3268.Stankov is divided with the river Radbuza into two parts-Stankov- town on the left bank of the river and Stankov village on the right bank.Parts of Stankov are these villages: Krchleby,Ohucov and Vranov.


Establishment of the name of the village
Establishment of the name of the village

Once a sovereign rode on the horseback and his horse lost a shoe, so he had to go to a blacksmith. When they arrived in the night the Lord said: "Stand up and hammer", In fact the name has got completely different origin. On the territory of today's Stankov previously was found a good "Stankov Court" and belonged to a certain stand. The adjective from the name of the farm became to the name of the village. In the town is the Radbuza River, it has got the feeder Zubřina.


The first historical mention of Stankov is from the year 1233, the first owners lived in the castle Lacembok. Then it belongs to the Premonstratensian monastery in Chotěšov. . During the Hussite wars the monastery financially supported the Emperor Sigismund

Stankov -the town and Stankov the Village existed separately until 1938. In 1938 the both parts were legally merged into a one municipality .The Town status of Stankov is from 1960.

Stankov Beer

In 1602 received Stankov peole brewing right. Beer is brewed home-and the first brewery in the room was probably the Old Town Hall (House No. 1). In 1873 was launched in the new township Stankov brewery brewery stock.

Culture and sport
Culture and Sport

Stankov has a theatre, puppet theatre, culture house, library, amateur theate and St. James Church. Stankov has a gym, a center of free time.Stankov has a tennis team, a hockey team,a football team.

Stankov offers many leisure activities.

Important personalities of stankov
Important personalities of Stankov

Vaclav FIŠER - Musician

* 1887 - Staňkov

† 1963 - Chicago

Joseph ZAK - cultural worker

* 17.11.1873 - Staňkov

† 2.9.1932 - Staňkov

Joseph Wenig - painter

* February 12, 1885 - Staňkov

† 08.09.1939 - Prague

Vaclav JAKL - journalist

* 09.03.1924 - Staňkov

† 6.6.1985 – Pilsen

Looking to sta kov
Looking to Staňkov

Church of St. James

Statue of John of Nepomuk

Memorial in the 2nd World War

Here we see our city.