Our purpose today
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Our Purpose today…. Learn how to earn my HS diploma Review Graduation requirements Become acquainted with the 4 Year Plan Resource the Course Catalog Choose courses for next year Learn how to register for classes next year. Graduation Requirements.

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Our purpose today

Our Purpose today…

Learn how to earn my HS diploma

Review Graduation requirements

Become acquainted with the 4 Year Plan

Resource the Course Catalog

Choose courses for next year

Learn how to register for classes next year

Graduation requirements
Graduation Requirements

  • Earn 22.5 credits (various subject areas)

  • Pass HSPE/EOC (Reading, Writing, Biology, Algebra or Geometry)

  • Complete Culminating Project (Portfolio)

Graduation credit requirements
Graduation Credit Requirements

4 credits Language Arts (English)

2.5 credits Social Studies (US Hist, World Studies, Glob Iss, Civics; + .5 more for college)

3 credits Mathematics (College: Algebra, Geometry, Advanced Algebra min.)

2 credits PE/Health

2 credits Science (1 Lab Science, 1 Non Lab Science; College 2 lab sciences)

1 credit Occupational (CTE courses)

1 credit Fine Arts

7 credits Electives

22.5 credits Total


2 Credits World Language (Colleges require this in addition to above)

Remember: 1 year = 1 credit; 1 semester = .5 credit

Course catalog
Course Catalog

  • Course catalog available on school web site

  • Index of courses in back of catalog

  • Description of courses in detail (alphabetically)

    Course codes, prerequisites, teacher permission

  • An example of a course description

Course description example
Course Description Example

LAN220 & 221: LANGUAGE ARTS - 10

OPEN TO: 10 One Year Course


 Language Arts 10 is an integrated study of literature and writing with a focus on preparation for the writing WASL. As they read short stories, plays, poetry, novels, and essays, students will increase reading skills. Students will review and expand their knowledge and use of punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, spelling, vocabulary building, multi-paragraph expository and persuasive writing, and test taking strategies.



PREREQUISITE: A or B grade in previous English class

Teacher/Counselor signature

The skills taught in this class will prepare students for AP Language and AP Literature. Students will work with literature and writing through the higher level thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Literature will be drawn from the classics. In addition to novels studied as a class, students will participate in extensive outside reading. Writing as an on going process will be studied. Vocabulary building for SAT and life will be emphasized. SUMMER READING IS REQUIRED.


OPEN TO: 9, 10, 11, 12 One Semester or Full Year Course.* *May fulfill one semester only of 11, 12 grade high school English requirement except for staff photographers and graphic artists who will receive elective credit. Course does not satisfy four year college or NCAA entrance requirement.

PREREQUISITE: A or B grade in journalistic writing (exception: photographers) and application. Instructor’s signature.

4 year plan
4 Year Plan

  • 4 Year planning form helps us plan our courses

  • Need this form filled out to register for classes

  • Course codes must be included on this form

  • Parents must sign this form before registering for classes

  • Courses that require teacher permission must be initialed on form

  • This 4 Year Plan form available on school web site

  • Let’s take a look at this form and how it appears filled out

Grade 9 example
Grade 9 Example

Grade 10 Example

10 th grade example completed
10th Grade Example Completed


  • What classes need a teacher’s signature? (catalog, posted list)

  • What classes count as an Occupational Education? (CTE coded)

  • What is a non lab science class? (catalog description)

  • How am I placed in a math class? (levels, placement test)

  • How many years of world language should I take? (College, 2 yrs)

  • If I want to play college sports, what do I need to know about the NCAA requirements? (check out requirements in the Course Catalog)

  • What is a transcript, why is it important, and what does one look like?

  • Any Questions?????