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CBM of America, Inc. “Independent, Intelligent Integrators”… - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CBM of America, Inc. “Independent, Intelligent Integrators”… Network Mediation, Migration, Integration & Creation. Prepared for BellSouth NTM/ BTAS Meeting Charleston, SC January 24, 2006. Michael Stephens, President & CEO Bob Braun, Vice-President EF&I Services South

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Presentation Transcript

CBM of America, Inc.

“Independent, Intelligent Integrators”…

Network Mediation, Migration, Integration & Creation

Prepared for

BellSouth NTM/ BTAS Meeting

Charleston, SC

January 24, 2006

Michael Stephens, President & CEO

Bob Braun, Vice-President EF&I Services South

Tom Stilwell, Regional Sales Manager

Chris Mount, Branch Manager GA

Carl Magnuson, Design Engineer

Adaptation : Protection : Skill : Survival

Do you know what today is?

According to Health magazine, January 24th is the most depressing day of the year.

“Health reports that it’s research looked at a variety of emotional, and stress factors, to proclaim Jan. 24, 2006 the years biggest downer day. Apparently, people feel as if there is a shadow over them; with low light levels creating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), holiday bills hitting the mailbox, and New Year’s resolutions already broken, depression is rampant.”. (Palm Beach Post Times 01/22/2006)

And you thought it was just because it was another NTM/BTAS meeting!

But I know for sure that it really is the margaritas!

Another cbm introduction what the heck are we going to talk about this time
“Another” CBM IntroductionWhat the heck are we going to talk about this time?

  • After 15 years of presentations, and three years of BTAS dinners/meetings, how can we make it more interesting? No sales pitch from Mike??? Not a chance, but…

  • We will try a work shop format this time, with less CBM marketing BS & history, and will do more information sharing.

Our agenda
Our Agenda

CBM/BellSouth Success Stories

COWAN Rack,Stack & Staging Services Update

CBM New Services

CBM New Product Offerings


2005 cbm bellsouth success stories
2005 CBM/BellSouth Success Stories

  • Emergency deployment of equipment/cables for Katrina Disaster Recovery

  • TRCU3 Modem Replacement

  • CSCANS Applications & CO Switch Connections Migration (Siemens, Nortel, 5ESS, Stromberg)

  • CBM SmartCare Support Contract for spare parts maintenance/management for the BellSouth Corporate ATM Network (CBX500/GX550/PSAX)

New Orleans… Nine months later!

Who could have imagined?

Cbm helped just a little
CBM helped just a little…

  • Delivered (3) pre-configured (4) shelf Datakit nodes/circuit packs within 2 weeks of the disaster (25 year old technology, delivered like new)

  • Shipped over (100) custom cables/patch panels in one week.

  • Provided on-going technical support to assist in the provisioning of new circuits for new nodes

  • Deployed (15) DT-9480’s for MLT back-up circuits

    (Thanks Randy Beech, Jan Sharpe, Frank Phillips, Jill Carter, Mike Boren, Melvin Tyler, & Barron Cain)

    It was our privilege to help.

Trcu3 modem replacement migration to cowan
TRCU3 Modem Replacement & Migration to COWAN


  • Aging & Failing technology needed to be replaced

    Solution requirements:

  • Seamless migration for legacy protocol was required

  • Need to Utilize COWAN infrastructure for transport

  • Must be cost effective and efficient

    Thanks Don Parker & Todd Castner

TRCU3 Modem Replacement

Back-To-Back modems allow for transport

of X.25 circuits to Applied Innovations switch

(Provided isolated ground plane protection)

COWAN Network




End User






DB25 RS-232 X.25 Link

*TRCU – Transmission Rate Converter Unit

TRCU3 Modem Replacement &

Migration to COWAN

DT-9480 configured for X.25 PAD service

Makes individual X.25 virtual circuits accessible

Via telnet to an IP address and TCP port number

Preserves integrity of the isolated ground plane

in the C/O by using an ethernet


COWAN Network


End User



DB25 RS-232 X.25 Link

CAT5 Ethernet link

*TRCU – Transmission Rate Converter Unit

It’s worth mentioning again…

CBM knows Cisco too!(Authorized Premier Reseller)

  • We have been applying the “Datakit Model” to Cisco and it works!

  • Remember AT&T/Lucent? It’s déjà vu all over again!!!

    • Combining new and refurbished for the best of all worlds ($$)

    • Customized Patch Panels & Cables for efficient installations

    • 24X7X365 Inventory Availability (We ship anytime)

    • 5 Year CBM Advance/ Exchange warranty (new & refurb)

    • Pre-provisioning, Rack, Stack & Staging Services are growing

    • (Deployed over 1200 switches/700 routers in 2005)

    • As BellSouth’s COWAN network matures, CBM will be there!

  • (Just like with Datakit, when BellSouth is ready, so will CBM)

Cscans ip migration project
CSCANS IP Migration Project

  • CBM has been modifying the CSCANS host software to allow for the eventual migration of facility connected switch applications. This migration will allow switch traffic to ride the BS IP-Based COWAN infrastructure.

  • In 2005, the DT-4180 16 Port Multi-Protocol Access Device was also enhanced by Datatek to support the Siemens EWSD FTAM Protocol. As a result, of our joint efforts, DT4180’s were deployed in over (60) BellSouth CO’s.

  • Deployment of DT-4180’s allows for the concentration of

    diverse switch connectivity (BX25, X25, LTCN, SLM)

  • The criticality and reliability of the COWAN network is magnified more, now, than ever.

Cbm smartcare support services bellsouth atm corporate network
CBM SmartCare Support Services BellSouth ATM Corporate Network


  • BellSouth was not satisfied with their current supplier of maintenance sparing and parts management for ATM equipment (Lucent CBX500/GX550/PSAX)

    Solution requirements:

  • Supplier must have a successful track record of support with BellSouth

  • Supplier must provide on-line access to parts history and inventory

  • Supplier must provide on-line trouble call reporting system 24X7X365

  • Supplier must provide warehouse space to house BellSouth inventory

  • Supplier must have services contract with BellSouth

  • Must be cost effective and efficient

    Thanks to Michael Vance & Rose Barksdale.

Additional services from www cbmusa com
Additional Services from www.cbmusa.com

Our web based products are growing.

  • BellSouth Online ATM Parts Inventory Tracking System

  • BellSouth Online COWAN Order Tracking System

  • CBM SmartCare Trouble Call Reporting and Tracking (Used for BellSouth BNS/VCS Datakit and ATM Support Contracts)

  • Online “Search & Quote” Request System

    (just released)

Cowan rs s update bob braun carl magnuson
COWAN RS&S Update(Bob Braun & Carl Magnuson)

Rack, Stack & Staging the Cisco 4503/06/09

New patch panel products
New Patch Panel Products

You asked for it, you got it!

New product offerings
New Product Offerings

Authorized “Gold Level” reseller for MRV products

  • MRV Carrier Class products are Central Office NEBS Certified

  • In 2004, MRV purchased Luminent Corporation which made it one of the most prominent fiber optic solutions providers in the world

  • The Fiber Driver Family, has a modular design, has redundant power, and is extremely cost effective.

  • This device was evaluated, during the CSCANS deployment, for Central Offices where the distance from the DT-4180 to the COWAN 2950 switch connection exceeded the 300’ limitation for ethernet cables.

  • Unfortunately, this product was not selected because a similar device (Canoga Perkins) was already in use within BellSouth. The MRV Fiber Driver family is more cost effective than the incumbent product.

  • This is just a sample of the many products that MRV manufactures, IE Terminal Servers, optical transport devices, etc.

Fiber driver t1 e1 fe with remote management
Fiber Driver T1/E1 & FE with Remote Management

  • Combines E1/T1 with Ethernet/Fast Ethernet over one Full Duplex fiber optic link - optimizes use of existing fiber plant while extending reach of E1/T1 services

  • 802.3ah remote provisioning and management - eliminates expensive truck rolls

  • SFP trunk port interface - change optics as needed quickly and easily

  • 10/100Base-TX (RJ-45) port with Auto-Negotiation of speed and MDI / MDI-X - plug-n-play connectivity with any standards compliant Ethernet device

  • Standard T1 (RJ-48) or E1 (BNC) interface - interoperable with standard E1/T1

  • Link distance of up to 120+ km over Single Mode fiber - cost effective service deployment over extended distances

Fiber driver 2 channel tdms
Fiber Driver 2-Channel TDMs

  • Transports two Gigabit-speed data channels (GbE or FC) over one bidirectional trunk using a single wavelength – optimizes the utilization of existing fiber plant and available wavelengths

  • Network transparent operation – does not alter data or packet framing

  • SFP interfaces – add/change optics as needed, create a WDM wavelength-specific trunk

  • Trunk link redundancy with <100 ns switchover – eliminates loss of service in the event of primary link failure, essential for mission-critical applications

  • Applications: Fiber limited installations, Mission-critical services requiring maximum up time, Sub-wavelength aggregation for WDM transport

Fiber driver xfp to xfp
Fiber Driver XFP-to-XFP

  • Provides XFP-to-XFP interface connectivity

    • Media conversion

    • Lambda conversion

    • WDM

  • Supports data rates from 9.95 to 11.08 Gbps

    • SONET OC-192, 10 Gig Ethernet, 10 Gig Fiber Channel, SONET OC-192 over FEC, and G.709.

  • Delivers Greater flexibility and scalability

    • Add/Change optics and adjust data rates as needed

    • Maintain single item inventory

  • Supports Link Integrity Notification (LIN)

  • Includes support for XFP specific features:

    • Digital Diagnostics

    • XFP loopback and line loopback

    • Analog hardware monitoring


  • For over 15 years, CBM has been customer driven and BellSouth has played a major role in our success. Thanks for all of the opportunities.

  • Our continued success is dependent on the ideas that you provide us, and are measured by how quickly we can respond with cost effective and high quality solutions.

  • We hope that BellSouth will continue to leverage CBM, and all of our resources, so that we can help you address all of your technology challenges.