water desalination and purification device n.
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Water Desalination and Purification Device

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Water Desalination and Purification Device - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Water Desalination and Purification Device. Rosa Mitsumasu Rebecca Wagner Jonathan Steffens Kevin Harvey. Problem Statement.

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water desalination and purification device

Water Desalination and Purification Device

Rosa Mitsumasu

Rebecca Wagner

Jonathan Steffens

Kevin Harvey

problem statement
Problem Statement
  • Clean drinkable water, the main source of life, is becoming a scarce resource. Currently, 50% of communities in the developing world are exposed to polluted water sources.
  • Coastal communities have an abundant source ofwater in the ocean. However, this great source is not commonly utilized for the production clean, consumable water.
project description
Project Description
  • Low cost, easy to reproduce device that uses solar energy to desalinate and purify water using the ocean as the primary source.
  • Target Market: Coastal communities in Peru.

Needs Assessment

Water Quality and Output

Energy Source

Materials Quality


Needs Assessment

Availability & Cost

User friendliness

Safety & Robustness

concept description
Concept Description

Availability and Low Cost in Product Lifecycle

Desalination / Purification






design concept
Design Concept
  • Housing
  • Wick Hanging Mechanism
  • Upward Wicking
  • Top Feed
  • Output Collection Rails
  • Reflectors (optional)
system architecture
System Architecture

Contaminated Salt Water



Salts and Contaminants



Faster Evaporation

Clean Drinkable Water


high risk assessment
High Risk Assessment
  • Output: The expected output is 19 liters of clean, drinkable water per day.
  • Evaporation on wick is difficult to model
  • Unit size based on ideal heat transfer scenario and materials to optimize performance.
current design state
Current Design State
  • Current design meets all the customer needs
  • Engineering Analysis is still being completed
  • One week behind schedule
    • Engineering Analysis is not complete
    • Bill of Materials is not finished
timeline progress
Timeline - Progress

Phase 0: Planning

Phase 1: Concept Development

Phase 2: System Level Design



Phase 3: Detailed Design



Current State of Development

msd ii project schedule milestones
MSD II Project Schedule Milestones
  • March 17th (week 2):
    • Design finalized and all parts on order.
  • April 18th (week 6) :
    • Functional alpha prototype (full featured)
    • Design verification testing complete, initiate design, revisions
  • May 9th (week 9):
    • Design Verification Testing Results Complete
    • Documentation Finalized: DHF, Formal Paper, Poster
  • May 16th (week 10):
    • Project Review - Phase 4 Completion
testing plan
Testing Plan
  • Wick Materials – For absorptivity
  • Housing – Assembly improvement
  • Output – Contaminants concentration