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The Great Gatsby

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The Great Gatsby

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  1. The Great Gatsby

  2. Summary Chapter 7 – Tom, Daisy, Jordan and Nick all go out for lunch, stopping at Wilson’s on the way there for fuel. They have a drink in the hotel, but then Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy never loved him and only married him because Gatsby had no money at the time. Nick remembered after the argument that it was his thirtieth birthday. Daisy and Gatsby go back home in Gatsby’s car. Meanwhile, Myrtle and Wilson are having an argument and Myrtle runs out of the door and right in front of a car. When Tom drives round by the garage, he finds that there are lots of cars there and stops to see what has happened. He is shocked to find Myrtle’s body wrapped in a blanket on the table. At the end of the chapter Gatsby waits outside Daisy's house to make sure she gets to bed alright

  3. Characterisation Wilson • Wilson is protective over Myrtle • “ I’ve got my wife locked up in there.” • This shows him to be protective of her as he has her locked up in there as he wants nobody to get to her and he wants to keep her locked away from the world.

  4. Characterisation Gatsby • He is secretive • “an unfamiliar butler with a villainous face squinted at me suspiciously from the door.” • This shows him to be secretive as he gets all new staff so they do not gossip about him and talk about his private life.

  5. Characterisation • She is hysterical • “What’ll we do with ourselves this afternoon?” cried Daisy, “ and the day after that, and the next thirty years.” • This shows her to be hysterical as she gets upset about the slightest little thing. Daisy

  6. Characterisation • He is a show off • “ You two start on home, Daisy,” said Tom. “ In Mr Gatsby's car.” • This shows him to be a show off as he knows he has won Daisy and that Gatsby will never get her. So in a way this is like the final insult for Gatsby. Tom Buchannan

  7. Characterisation • Nick is selfless • “No… I just remembered that today's my birthday.” • This shows Nick to be selfless as he is not making a big deal about his birthday as he doesn’t bring it up till later in the afternoon. Nick

  8. Themes • Secrecy – Gatsby replaces all of his servants and maids in his house to stop rumours and gossip spreading • Love – Gatsby starts telling Tom that Daisy doesn’t love him and that she never loved him and that she only married Tom because he himself was poor.

  9. Key Incidents Argument about Daisy – Tom and Gatsby’s argument about Daisy is a key incident because this is when the truth about Gatsby’s feelings for her all comes out. • Crash in Which Myrtle Dies – When Daisy runs over it’s the start of everyone turning against Gatsby because everyone thinks its him and not Daisy, even Gatsby protects Daisy by saying that it was him driving the car not her. • Waiting for Daisy to Go to Bed – After the crash and when everyone is at going home, when Nick asks Gatsby if he was going home yet he says no and that he is waiting on Daisy to go to bed. This shows that Gatsby still cares about Daisy even with Tom knowing about him and her.

  10. Turning Point • The argument between Tom and Daisy • “ She never loved you, do you hear ?” he cried. “ She only married you because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me. It was a terrible mistake, but in her heart she never loved anyone except me.” • This quote is the key turning point as from this point on Tom turns against Gatsby and Daisy chooses Gatsby over Tom. This argument also results in them heading back and on the way the run over Myrtle which is the climax in the chapter.

  11. Climax • When they run over Myrtle • “Myrtle Wilson's body, wrapped in a blanket.” • The death of Myrtle is a turning point as from this point on everyone starts to turn against Gatsby and this is when Mr Wilson sets out for revenge.

  12. Symbolism Crash – The crash symbolises everyone turning against Gatsby and how everyone believes that he was the one who killed Myrtle • Gatsby Standing Outside House – Gatsby standing outside Daisy’s house at night tells the reader that he still cares about her even though she chooses Tom over him.

  13. Foreshadowing Myrtle’s death – When Myrtle dies Wilson is distraught and very upset as to what as happened. He too thinks it was Gatsby driving the car not Daisy and this chapter tells us that there maybe is revenge on the way.

  14. Climax • Crash – When Myrtle gets run over by Daisy after the argument, Gatsby takes the blame. This is the climax because even though people already though Gatsby was odd they now all think that he killed Myrtle and that everyone is now turning against him.

  15. Sy\mbolism Myrtle – The look on Myrtle’s face through the window when she is locked in her room and Nick and Co are going to the hotel shows of what is to come

  16. THE END !!!!!!!!!! • BY NaTaShA aNd RoSs