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Restaurants: Development

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    1. Restaurants Development & Classification

    2. Restaurants: Development & Classification Overview In order to design menu, the restaurant must first define its customer profile and menu type. Goal To define menu and restaurant type and comprehend their role in menu management

    3. Objectives At the end of this lesson students will be able to: Describe food service organizations Define customer behavior trends Comprehend what aspects to consider when designing a menu Distinguish menu types Understand the role of menu and restaurant type in menu design

    4. Describing Foodservice Organizations Operating philosophy philosophy of owner/operator expression of ethics, morals and values Mission goals and objectives http://www.olivegarden.com/vision.html

    6. Who Is the Customer? 42 % report that they are cooking fewer meals at home than they were two years ago. 53 % report that their favorite restaurant foods provide flavor and taste sensations that cannot easily be duplicated in a home kitchen. 78 % make at least one carryout or delivery purchase in a typical month.

    7. Who Is the Customer? 68 % agree that going out to a restaurant with family and/or friends is a better way to make use of their leisure time 56 % report that they are not entertaining at home as often as they were two years ago.

    8. Trends in Consumer Behavior How often does the Average American eat out? Americans eat out 200 times a year What % of customers go out on their Birthday? 50% of customers visit a restaurant on their birthday What is the most popular meal period? Most popular meal period is lunch

    9. Trends in Consumer Behavior What is the most popular day? Mothers Day most popular day What National organization supports the Restaurant Industry? National Restaurant Association http://www.restaurant.org

    10. Concept Element Created with customer in mind Location Theme and design - ambiance

    11. Considerations for Menu Design Needs and desires of guests Capabilities of cooks Equipment capacity and layout Consistency Pricing Nutritional analysis Accuracy in menu Menu analysis Menu design and layout

    12. Major Types of Menus A la carte Table dhote Du jour Tourist menus California menus Cyclical menus

    13. Restaurant Classification Full-Service Luxury Restaurants Spago http://www.kerrymenu.com/Spago.htm Specialty Restaurants Quick Service - Fast Food $111 billion annual sales Themed Restaurants Steakhouses, Family Restaurants Ethnic Restaurants

    14. Trends in Restaurant Development Demographics Branding Alternative outlets Globalization

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