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Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

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  1. Good Morning, Mrs. Biondi’s Shining Stars.” I am excited that you are in my class.  Today will be a day filled with greeting to know you activities.  Please find your seat, put your backpack next to your seat and work on the page on your desk. We will begin morning procedures once everyone is here.

  2. Our school motto is “Be respectful, responsible and ready to learn.” What does that look like to you? Write or sketch what respectful, responsible, and ready to learn means to you and bring it with you to Morning meeting. We will be sharing them during the greeting. Place them on the chart.

  3. Good Morning! Back to School Night is soon. Please think of three reasons why your family is special to you and write them on the card that is on your desk. We will be sharing them at Morning Meeting and giving them to your parents. Please be neat. Bring them to Morning Meeting with you. • After you finished doing that, please read the chart and complete the activity. Every day you do a heroic act, whether it is trying your hardest to do a math problem or helping someone in the class. Who is your hero? Write their name on the note card and explain why you chose this person. Please bring it to Morning Meeting

  4. Good Morning! Today is September 12. Today is one of my favorite days because you are in my class. What was the nicest thing that someone did for you? Please write it on the Post It. Bring it to Morning Meeting with you.

  5. Can you believe that we have been in school for one week already! Write down one fact that you learned this week and bring it to Morning Meeting.